The Pearls of Purity

Mission Statement: Encouraging girls to honour God with their bodies and letting them know that purity is achievable.

Anchor Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6:16-20

Sadly we live in a society where premarital sex is now being normalised. Everything from advertising to media shows are sexualised. Society is painting a picture to our young girls telling them that their bodies are just an object. As a christian i do not share in this belief.

Girls who decide to be different are often being stereotyped. This challenge could lead to them having low self esteem and most of them find themselves giving in to societal pressure as a result.

The Pearls of Purity is a group of girls who have decided to honour God with their bodies by saving sex till marriage. This group is free and it is opened to girls who are aged 13 and over. Although this group is strictly founded on christian values, girls from other faiths or no faith are also welcomed.

In our group meetings we discuss how we can achieve our goal – which is purity.

We are based in Manchester, UK. We will be glad to have you in our meetings.

Group meetings are held monthly. Our next meeting will be held on 26th of August. Please contact me for details of time and venue.

Follow our instagram page @thepearlsofpurity

God bless you!