Closed Gate

We are currently baby proofing our house because of our 8 months who thinks he could break the guinness book of record by climbing the stairs so many times in a day. After we’ve fixed the safety gates on the stairs, he went towards the stairs to climb it as usual. However this time, there … More Closed Gate


I was faced with a lot of bullying growing up. We had a family who were very close to us and their children always told me that i wasn’t pretty and that my voice sounded like that of a man and also they mocked me saying i had a hunchback (which i didn’t have by … More Bullying

When I Realised I Was Praying the Wrong Prayer

“God fix him”. “Change her”. “Soften their hearts towards me”. Bring her closer to you….” “Help him to exhibit fruits of the spirit”. I prayed these prayers fervently. I screamed at the top of my lungs because really “these people needed a change from God”. Oh dear that girl was very mean and that guy … More When I Realised I Was Praying the Wrong Prayer

Guard Your Faith

This is a personal testimony and i believe it will encourage someone. During our sunday service last week, the word “we walk by faith and not by sight” came forth twice from two different people. When i heard it the 2nd time, i decided to meditate on it. Little did i know that God sent … More Guard Your Faith

Where Are You?

There is a story of a man who was given authority over his domain. He had everything he needed for his upkeep. He was blessed with every good thing you can ever imagine in life. This man had the kind of life we all wished we had. The interesting thing also is the fact that … More Where Are You?