31 Days of Gratitude Journal: Day 9

I got a notification today that my blog is 4 years old. Although I didn’t start blogging until a few months after, I thank God for the courage He gave me to start. This blog has really helped my faith journey and helped me in embracing my gift of teaching. I thank God for entrusting the priceless opportunity to teach His word on me.

I haven’t done much on my blog this year in comparison to previous years. However I have tried to yield to the rhythm that the Holy Spirit is leading me to work with. Every time I had the feeling of being behind, the Holy Spirit would lead me to a comment someone has left to remind me that it wasn’t how fast that mattered but how impactful the blog is.

I thank God for helping me start and finish The Parables of Jesus’ series which He led me to start in January and I praise Him for the revelations that came out of that series.

I thank God for you reading this post. For this community. For your support and prayers.

I thank God for using this blog to bring me and others closer to Him. And I thank you for joining me here😁

It’s your time to share what you are thankful for today😊. The comment section is now yours😊

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