31 Days of Gratitude Journal: Day 8

Today i’m thankful that i gained a sister this year. My immediate younger brother got married in October. His wedding was initially planned for Easter monday. However the wedding was postponed indefinitely 2 weeks before the date due to lockdown. This was sad because of all the wedding arrangements that had been done. After the lockdown, the wedding was rescheduled for October 3rd. The couple forgot that this date is my wedding anniversary. I’m so blessed to share such a special date with my immediate younger brother and his wife.

I’m thankful for my brother’s wife who is now my sister. I’m thankful that the wedding was a success and that God granted journey mercies to everyone who attended the wedding. God’s mercies has been abundant in my family and i can see His handprint in every aspect of our lives this year.

What are you thankful for today? Please share in the comment section.

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