31 Days of Gratitude Journal: Day 6

Today I’m thankful for protection. I mentioned before that my husband is a frontliner. Few months ago, during the peak of the pandemic, they were made to do a COVID antibody test and his came out positive; meaning he’s had it. I thank God that he didn’t become unwell and that none of us have been ill. My kids go to school and God has been keeping them. God has also kept all my extended family members from this virus. Some of them are considered high risk and i was really worried about them having this virus. But God has kept us under His covering.

It’s now your turn to share what God has done for you in the comment section.

5 thoughts on “31 Days of Gratitude Journal: Day 6

  1. March was what seems a long time ago, but it was actually only nine months. The information train about Covid was just starting, and we had planned a trip to MD to celebrate both of our granddaughters’ birthdays at the same time. One has a February birthday and her little sister was born in April, so since the trip is so long for us, we went in March to celebrate both. A few days after we got there, our son got very ill: extremely high fever, cough, stomach upset, etc. He stayed in the bedroom away from us except to come out for drinks or broth that we made him. We prayed for him and for our protection the rest of the five days that we were still there. He called the MD Dept. of Health and they told him that unless he was sick enough to be hospitalized, they weren’t able to do the Covid test on him. In fact, Steven just found out that he must have had it because his has antibodies. And although he was very ill, he improved by the end of a week and was all better in two weeks. The best news is that the rest of his family (his wife and two small children) didn’t get it and neither did we, who are in the highest risk group. We came home and quarantined for two weeks so that if we were carrying the germs we would not expose others, but we didn’t get sick at all. God took care of us and for that I am very grateful!

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    1. I just love how the goodness of God is being highlighted. God has done so much for us! You know I’ve been feeling a kind of way about doing this journal publicly for fear of being seen as insensitive because of how fragile this year has made us become. But today our pastor said that we should resist the urge to minimise the goodness of God in our lives. That sentence was very freeing. I think we have experienced more of God’s goodness than the losses we have suffered. May we not forget His benefits🙏🏾. Thanks for expressing what He has done for you sis. He is such a good God!

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