24 thoughts on “Celebrating And Supporting Our Fellow Authors

  1. Robert

    Well done on publishing your book Efua! Allow me to mention my book: Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates, available on Amazon (although I think its contents are available on my blog!). If I self publish another I’ll make it freely available 🙂

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      1. Robert

        Really! Maybe in current circumstances they’ve suspended deliveries to the UK or something! But in the past I’ve bought copies no problem. I should probably look into it, but I’m currently working on W.D.W.G.II 😀

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      2. Robert

        I’ve nearly finished the word document. In the past I’ve just stuck it up on createspace.com. My formatting isn’t the best, and with self editing there’s typos :/ Did you self publish yours?

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      3. Robert

        Yeah, at createspace.com. I did try and get someone to help me get published once, but was told I need to develop my “voice” more…

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