Jesus and the 12: A Guide to Successful Relationship Management | Book Review

This book is written by Wunmi Shitta. She is a chartered accountant and a director of an accounting firm; a prolific writer and a teacher of God’s word.

Most leadership books are thick and require a a good few hours to read and finish. This is the first leadership book i have read that is small and concise; despite having everything needed for successful relationship management. The principles shared in this book can be used by anyone in authority, regardless of the sphere.

The first two chapters of the book tells who the 12 disciples of Jesus are and goes in-depth into sharing the biography, strength, weakness and transformation of each disciple.

The last three chapters which i consider to be the second section of the book focuses on Jesus’ approach to leadership. The writer cleverly answered the silent question of “when should we let people go?” I love how her approach was based on how Jesus handled such instances instead of how she thinks they should be dealt with.

The first two chapters are great in that they lay a good foundation and exposes the personalities of the disciples. However the last three chapters are heavily loaded. The writer reinforces the fact that ministry is all about people; not buildings and activities. She mentioned that many leaders have misplaced their priorities by pursuing events whilst the flocks they are supposed to look after wander. The book also talks about how we can harness the strengths of the people we have around us and how to make them better.

The writer challenges leaders to be exemplary in their conduct; highlighting the need for them to be well nourished in the word in order to be able to feed God’s sheep. In feeding God’s sheep, she reminds leaders that the sheep have other needs in addition to spiritual needs. Drawing example from Jesus, she touches on the need for leaders to be loving and also for them to care about the general wellbeing of their flock.

This book reminds all leaders of the expectation for them to know and do better; as this is an expectation from God and men.

The writer talks about how to handle situations where leaders are hurt by people they trusted. She reminds us of the need to resist the urge to speak carelessly and unnecessarily expose such people in an attempt to gain sympathy from others. Using Elisha as an example, the writer highlights the need for leaders to be proactive and avoid the unnecessary blaming game which oftentimes can cause problems in relationships.

If you are looking for a leadership book which you can read and finish under 3 hours, then you definitely should get this book. The book is easy to read and have quotes which readers can ponder on along the way. I highly recommend it to everyone because you might be in a position in the future, where you will need to use the lessons shared in it.

You can purchase it from Amazon.

11 thoughts on “Jesus and the 12: A Guide to Successful Relationship Management | Book Review


    I love the SWOT analysis style of exposition into the lives of the each of the disciples and each of this symbolises various characters in the church and Christian fold. Jesus the best relationship manager transformed them all except for the one….
    Thanks to the Writer for this great exposition.

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  2. Collins EBIRINGA

    Going through the review it does reveal the book would be an interesting reading. More grace to Pst Wumi. Indeed The Lord gave the word and great is the company such as PST Wumi Shitta that published it Psalm 68:11

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