The Parables of Jesus Series | Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

The second category of the parables Jesus gave, is the parables about services and obedience. For the next few weeks, we will be looking at the four parables under this category.

The first parable under this category is the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard which is found in Matthew 20:1-16.

Jesus clarified the membership rules of the Kingdom of Heaven. He made it clear that entrance is by God’s grace alone. In this parable, God is the landowner and believers are the workers. In this parable, the workers were hired at different times of the day. This shows that we all are not and won’t be saved at the same time. Some of us were saved years ago. Some will be saved one second before rapture. This doesn’t mean that those who were saved later are inferior to the ones saved before.

This parable is not about rewards but about salvation. It is a strong teaching about grace, God’s generosity. We shouldn’t begrudge those who turn to God in the last moments of life, because, in reality, no one deserves eternal life.

The parable also speak especially to those who feel superior because of heritage of position, to those who feel superior because they have spent so much time with Christ, and to new believers as reassurance of God’s grace.

Many people we don’t expect to see in the kingdom will be there. The criminal who repented as he was dying (Luke 23:40-43) will be there along with people who have believed and served God for many years. Do we resent God’s glorious acceptance of the despised, the outcast, and the sinners who have turned to him for forgiveness? Have we ever been jealous of what God has given another person? How do we feel when we see God blessing someone who recently just come to faith? How do we feel when we see a blessing we’ve been praying for been given to someone who recently came to Christ? Instead, let’s focus on God’s gracious benefits to us, and be thankful for what you have.

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28 thoughts on “The Parables of Jesus Series | Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

  1. Robert

    This isn’t really a specific comment to this post, but just to say I’m appreciating this series. I think it’s tempting for us all to just post whatever comes to mind (hopefully as guided by the Holy Spirit!). But I think the discipline of series, themes, and Bible reading plans is good because hopefully we’re then sharing the full counsel of God, and not just tickling itching ears!

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      1. Robert

        True. I just think that although we like to write about God’s love for example, we don’t like to write about His holiness as much for example…

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  2. Thanks for your insight; you’ve brought together several different angles on this parable and put them together with a good point. We’re constantly trying to compare ourselves to others when the Bible clearly teaches God deals with each of us individually. I’m friends with a young mother who’s younger than my youngest child. We spend a lot of time picking each other’s brains and asking questions of each other. My over 30 years of walking in the Spirit and her 10 or so do not equate in that time plane. She’s farther ahead in her faith and understanding than I am in some things; I’ve got a lot to share with her and she picks my brain and gives me great opportunities to let the Spirit work through me. It’s a great encouragement to both of us!

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    1. Yes sis. We are not competing against each other. We are the body of Christ and we compliment and help each other. Glad you have such a lady in your life. Thank you for being humble enough to receive from her too😊

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      1. Agapetos

        Yes, I am just hoping that I don’t get covid19 because that seems serious and my mom is diabetic with a weak immune system so she may not survive.

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      2. I understand that there is a level of fear that comes with a situation like this. However we have just keep praying and trusting in God’s ability to keep us and our loved ones whilst we take all the necessary action to keep stay safe. I will be praying for you and your favour. I encourage to read Psalm 91. It is helping me a lot to combat fear

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  4. Amen. This post remind me of Jonah who was angry because the Lord forgave Nineveh. We have to recognized that it is by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that we are saved and it is the gift of God. It has nothing to do with us.

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  5. It also reminds me of the Prodigal Son. The younger had to come back whereas the older was always there. I think definitely some Christians struggle with the temptation to resent those who accept Jesus later. I know it’s hard for those who are mature and have much knowledge that God has imparted to us to meet new believers where THEY are at, not where we are at. I just skimmed over this scripture looking for another yesterday. ❤

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