Desperation doesn’t mean our request will be granted

I heard my 3yrs old son screaming from the kitchen and as I enquired from my oldest what the problem was, she said he wants a scissors.

He came to meet me begging for me to give him the scissors. I didn’t like him being in tears but at the same time, there is no amount of tears that will make me give my 3yrs child old a scissors to play with. Because I know better, I understand that even if he thinks he needs it, it isn’t safe for him to have it.

As I consoled him, explaining the reason why he can’t have the scissors, I pictured our relationship with God. Sometimes we cry for Him to grant us a request that will destroy us. In our own little minds, we think that that particular blessing or open door will change the trajectory of our life for the better. However, in His wisdom, He knows that that very thing we are praying for’ will destroy our lives.

We want to play with the scissors because we assume we will be safe with it. God knows that we are not as smart as we think we are and as a result there is no amount of fasting and prayers that will make Him grant us certain requests.

So as we thank Him for the open doors and miracles, let’s also thank Him for the closed doors because if He didn’t shut those doors, we will be worse off.

44 thoughts on “Desperation doesn’t mean our request will be granted

    1. Melina Johnson

      I can just imagine the danger that could have come to your 3yr old son, if you didn’t know better and gave the scissors to him. We are blessed to have a father who knows what to give to us at the right time and stage in our lives. We just need to relax, be patient, let God
      Thanks for sharing Efua 🙏

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  1. Maurice

    All so true Efua, you see how you were even ministered to by the Holy Spirit through your son’s crying. There are so many things we desire that look right in our eyes but the Lord knows what is right for us and because of His love for us He will only want to give us what is good. I thank God for open doors blessing and protection.

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  2. Wonderful post Efua! Thank you for sharing this analogy. I’ve come back to reread it several times already today. Each time the verse from Isaiah 56:9 plays through my head ” As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

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  3. TheProdigalSonDiaries

    Amen, well said! I have numerous examples of scissors denied, and even worse scissors I went out on my own and grabbed inspite of knowing it wasn’t our, Father’s will. He knows best, and what’s best for us. I’m learning to trust Him in all things more and more each day. Perhaps I won’t get cut anymore by handling something I’m not supposed to ✝️

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  5. Amen! Many times in my life he has shut doors in my life because that is not where he wanted me, and then he opened other doors where he did want me. He closed a lot of doors in my life in order to get me on the internet blogging. I would not have chosen this course on my own. But he had a plan for my life I wasn’t aware of and so it took a lot of closed doors to get me here.

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    1. Yes. Sometimes when He is shutting these doors, we become the irritated and impatient. But in the end, we do see that His route is best. Thank God for closing those doors for you; as we won’t be beneficiaries of what He is doing through you otherwise

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  6. Exactly what i was explaining to my mum yesterday when she was singing a song. I told her the song was just unscriptural and that most of the times, we love to believe we can blackmail God by showing desperation. Which won’t work. She learnt after scriptural explanation though, Halleluyah.

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