Is Christ still the star of our gatherings?

Who do we go to church see? What do you go to gatherings to experience. When i say gatherings, i mean christian gatherings. When we buy tickets to attend christian conferences, what is at the back of our minds? Do we go because we want to see or hear a certain preacher? Or do we go because we want to hear and experience Christ?

Why do we attend church services? Is it because we have an amazing band or choir? Is it because the pastor knows how to make us feel good?

Have we replaced God with our music bands, preachers and all the glamour that comes with the service.

Is Christ still the reason for our gatherings? Is Christ still the reason why we go to church? Is Christ still the star in our meetings? Have we relegated Him to the back sit whilst enthroning men? Have we pushed Him aside and placed music on the throne?

Can we truly worship without music band? I’m not by any means saying having a good music band is wrong. In fact i am a firm believer in us giving God our best and perfecting our craft to please Him. As such, i support the notion that our worship musicians should be skillful and know what they are doing because God deserves our best. On the other end of the pendulum, i am not saying that God will not accept worship from people who are not skilled. I hope you understand what i mean. But what happens if there is no band to stir us to worship. What happens when there is no instrument to play during worship. Will our hands still praise Him? Will our voices praise Him? Will our feet praise Him? Will our bodies praise Him?

The church which i describe as my first church growing up was a small church. We didn’t have musical equipments for a long time. But that never stopped our worship. Having experienced raw and authentic worship in that manner, it makes me wonder if most of what we do today is honest. Are we giving Him pure and honest worship or are we only responding to the sound of the instrument?

Who and why do you worship?

25 thoughts on “Is Christ still the star of our gatherings?

  1. I agree Efua. My Pastor planted a new church and purposely did not (initially) focus on the music ministry. He wanted the congregation to focus on prayer, praise, and worship to build the church. Two years later he built up the music ministry. His decision resulted in the focus being Christ, and not Sunday entertainment. The two work hand-in-hand, but it is clear—our time with God is about God and all else supports our conviction to follow Christ.

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  2. Robert

    Hi Efua, just to let you know I’ve created a tag and tagged you. It would be great to read your answers if you want to take part, it’s in my latest post 🙂

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  3. This is quite the appropriate question to pose for this time and generation. I feel that much of our worship is tainted by entertainment in these days. Worship is not entertainment. It is a state of heart.

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