When God speaks again

One of the most exciting things about our walk with God is that He speaks to us. And that happens in different forms. The way He speaks to me might not be the same way He speaks to you. But sometimes we find ourselves running with what He said yesterday and we forget about what He is saying now.

This topic has been in my draft since 6th May 2019 but for some reason, i struggled to put into words what i wanted to convey. And to be honest, i didn’t want to force it because i knew that the words will come when the time was right. 

This week’s sunday service, we had a guest speaker who preached on John 21 and how Peter went back to the familiar when it looked like Jesus was delaying. At the beginning of his message, he introduced us to the kind of person John was. He went on to speak on intimacy with God and why constant listening is very important in order for us to know what God is saying now.

A good example of this is the case of Abraham when God told him to sacrifice Isaac in Genesis 22. If Abraham wasn’t listening constantly to what God was saying, he wouldn’t have heard God telling him that a lamb has been provided for the sacrifice. He would have sacrificed Isaac thinking he was still acting on the will of God.

How many times have we ran off with a word from God without even realising that we only heard part of the sentence. Some believers don’t hear because their minds are clouded and some others don’t wait long enough to hear the full instruction because they are too excited.

Some of us are operating in seasons that God had us in years ago and we don’t even realise that He is now asking us to move on from there. Yes He took us from point A to point B but point B was never the final destination. It was a transition period. Probably He made you stop there so you could rest, or maybe to allow you learn the lessons you needed for point Z which is the final destination. Some of us have pitch permanent tents in relationships, friendships, jobs, businesses that God was using as a temporary stop for us so He could fix us and make us fit for where He was taking us.

Some believers find themselves forcing courtships to work when God has told them to move on.

Check to be sure that you are operating on His current instruction. It could be that what you are working on has expired and you now need to move on. Don’t sacrifice your Isaac out of overzealousness or lack of you ability of hear God now.

God help us all.

22 thoughts on “When God speaks again

  1. It is so important that we are in tune with God. He does not remain in the same position forever. He said His Spirit will not always strive with man. So if you do not have a relationship with God, you will be left behind and your season will pass. But, thank God, He is a God of second chance.

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  2. Thank you Efua. I needed this word today. As I read, the words “ordering steps” kept coming to mind. So I looked up the word “step” in my Bible’s concordance. It referred me to Galatians 5:25 “ . . . let us keep in step with the Spirit.” It fit right along with what you were saying. I must be actively listening to God in order to keep in step with the Spirit.

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  3. Maurice

    You are so right we as individuals are different and God knows how to effectively talk to us. Once we desire to hear from Him he will train us to know Him so our communication with Him can become easy.It is important for us to try create a quite zone where we can spend quality time in God’s presence without distractions so we can receive His instructions

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  4. Merry Mence

    I stumbled upon your post, and it left me with tears in my eyes. It hit me hard thinking that maybe I have been operating in a season that God may have asked me to move on from… thank you for using your words to speak truth. I know I needed it.

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    1. Wow! I pray that the Holy Spirit will give you clarity and help you understand your current season. I pray that you will get the wisdom on how to navigate through it. Sometimes it is hard to move because we get so comfortable with where we are. But oftentimes God needs us to move to the other side so we can operate from a different realm. I pray you obey as He leads you🙏🏾

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