He helped me to stay fearless

At the beginning of this year, the word “fearless” was so strong in my heart. I entered the year not knowing all that was going to unravel. As I look back, I can see how God truly helped me walk through this year fearlessly as He gave me signs to help me know that He was with me all the way.

Things were lost. Things were birthed. Some of the birthings required painful processes but the sound of joy upon delivery overrode the tears that were shed. I learnt a lot! Oh a lot! To believe and trust God and also to believe in me. To hold dearly to what God has given me and to never doubt His hand and purpose concerning my life. Despite the darts that were thrown my way, given up was never an option. I knew I had come too far to give up. God’s grace and presence was so strong.

We were welcomed into the year with bad news. After that a worse news came. The sting of death took away my precious uncle. The pain was and is still a lot to bear. It was hard to see how good was going to come out from this year.

But viewing this year on a whole, I can say it’s been a good year. So many births. So many blessings. So many new beginnings. So many joys. As such I have chosen to count my blessings and not focus on the losses. After all, God is good still and His hand and presence has carried me through it all.

He helped me to stay fearless and to have full confidence in Him. At the end, a lesson was learnt that God never disappoints those who put their trust in Him.

This might be my last post for the year and I will like to seize the opportunity to thank every single one of you who have encouraged, taught and spoke godly wisdom into my life. Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing and following my blog. It is a privilege to serve the kingdom in this capacity.

If you feel that the year wasn’t great for you, remember that God carried you through and there is a reason why you are still alive. Celebrate His grace and mercies and continue to thank Him for what He is yet to do.

I hope you enjoy the celebration season with family and friends. Cheers to a new year! See you in 2020🥂

31 thoughts on “He helped me to stay fearless

  1. Efua, that was beautiful! I appreciate what you shared, and I enjoyed this year being a part of your life and getting to know you and to share with each other in the Lord. Blessings to you! Love you! Sue

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      1. Only by God’s grace, Efua. All glory to God! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I appreciate them much. And, I appreciate you and your love for God and our friendship in the Lord, too. ❤

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  2. Cheers to you also Efua. It is good to count our blessings and name them one by one. In doing this we will forget the bad. Thank God the bad does not last long. I pray that the Lord’s hand will continually be on your life, family and blog. Blessings

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  3. Melina Johnson

    Relying on God’s promises, knowing that he is faithful in coming through for us in the midst trials, testing and tribulations . It’s takes a Fearless person to do that. Thanks Efua 🙏

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  4. Heidi Honey

    Choosing Abba Father for 2019, I saw many amazing things happen even though I didn’t see any major changes. for 2020 I’ve chosen Immanuel/Emmanuel God with us. Expecting to see many prayers answered, I’m excited to Walk closely with the Lord and see many exploits as I grow in relationship with the Lord of all! I will miss your posts Sister, keep walking the narrow path and I’ll see you when this race is done. Shalom!

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  5. Maurice

    I can thank God for carrying me safely through 2019. I have faced so many challenges but God kept me. What were meant to destroy me had to bow to me. I thank God for all those who stand with me in prayer. What should drive fear in me only help me to know that the battle is real.
    Well I also learn many things about Social Media. I started blogging in August I started a YouTube channel in July. These were a kind of therapy to keep my mind occupied from the problems and allow God to work on my behalf. Many are the affliction of the righteous but the Lord deliver them out of them all. The battle is the Lord’s

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      1. Maurice

        The youtubr Channel name is Jesus Christ Is Lord
        You could type one of the video to get to it faster because sometimes it takes a while to show up. One of the video name is “Faith in Trying Times”
        Can you get on my blog site. On the menu area the home page is not working I was trying to make some adjustment and messed it up. You can click on Blog in the Menu area to see the things I wrote.

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  6. You are so right! The Lord carries us through the year. Praise the Lord for holding you through the sorrow and standing there in the good! I treasure you, sister! I thank the Lord for your boldness to speak to the community and to praise His name. ❤

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  8. God bless you this year, Efua. I’m so sorry for the loss of your Uncle. I pray God continues to comfort you. 2019 was an especially difficult year for me also and I’m ready to put it behind me. But through it all God has been and will be faithful. He is so good! Dee

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  9. Great blog post, Efua! 🙂 Life is definitely full of birth pangs but our God is there to help us through every pain! Praise Him for that! We are not alone. 🙂 However, trials sometimes come before blessings. God bless you. 🙂

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