God does all things well

What do you say when the very thing you testified of is snatched away?

What do you do when the very medal of victory you used in referencing the power of God is taken away?

What do you do when your testimony is cut short?

You thought you’ve been healed. You gave testimony about it. It was a miracle. But when you went for your next check up, you will told that the sickness is back. Would you still call God a finisher?

Is He still a perfector when it seems your reason for your joy is taken too soon?

Do you really still see Him as loving and good?

Few weeks ago, we heard of the death of a gospel musician’s daughter. The morning that news came out, i was on my way to work and i felt pain. Deep pain. My mind went to all the videos where i saw him testifying of how God healed his daughter. I remembered how his testimony really stirred up my faith when we were trusting God for my dad.  It was a case of ‘if God could do that, He can sure do mine’. 

As all of these thoughts flooded my mind, i also couldn’t help but think about how this somewhat dead end holds up to that testimony.

Have you ever heard people say if God is good why did i experience loss so early? Why did i have to go through a traumatic experience?

Indeed life throws stones at us and sometimes we will have to go through fire and flood. What carries us through these moments is our knowledge of Him.

That He is still good even in grief.

That He is still kind even when tears roll down our cheeks.

That our testimony about Him and what He did and does is sure, even if it looks as though that miracle has gone too soon.

That He is still faithful even when our minds cannot comprehend what is happening around us.

That He is still worthy of our praise even when our flesh don’t want to praise Him.

That He still deserves our adoration and as such we command our lips to speak well of Him.

This is faith.

Faith isn’t confined to when God gives only. It also needs to be shown when it looks like He has taken away.

Faith is when we can sing ‘He gives and takes away. My heart will CHOOSE to say, Lord blessed be thy name.’ This is faith.

Friends, the devil will always try to make us doubt what we already know about God. Our view of His greatness, kindness, love, faithfulness and all His attributes will be tested. We pass the test when we don’t allow what we see to thwart what we know about Him.

So today, i want us to remind ourselves, to rehearse what we know about Him so that when we are tried and tempted, we can say, “we serve a God who does all things well.”

Please just join me to pray this prayer for everyone who is hurting.

Sweet precious Jesus, we thank you because we know that you are good even when things around us don’t seem God. We thank you for everyone experiencing some level of pain right now. We pray for them, that they will remember that you are still good. That you are still kind. That you are still loving. That you are still faithful and that you do all things well. Wrap your comforting hands around every one who needs comfort and may they feel the warmth of your embrace. We speak peace to every storm In Jesus name. Amen.

23 thoughts on “God does all things well

  1. Robert

    If we only love God for what He does for us, our love for Him is conditional upon Him giving us what we want.

    If however we love God for who He is, we won’t mind if we don’t always get our own way, after all, He owes us nothing.

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  2. J.S Giles

    Sending up prayer tonight! I understand that pain very well. I have come to realize there is ALWAYS a reason for everything. God sometimes tells us the why but sometimes He doesn’t but tells us what we need to do next.

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  3. Very powerful point: “Faith isn’t confined to when God gives only. It also needs to be shown when it looks like He has taken away.” I think when that happens sometimes its God also working in us to have real faith in Him alone and not just faith in Him when circumstances are well. Thank you for this very heart felt post

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  4. Amen. This is thought provoking.
    Is God still good in bad times? Job said, “What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?” In all this Job did not sin with his lips. (Job 2:10). We will receive both good and bad, but God is still faithful.

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    1. Duh! Lies indeed. He is deceitful and sometimes we buy into his lies because the facts facing us affirms them. But the fact and the truth can be different. We know the truth and we stand by the truth!

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  5. Great reminder, that pain, disappointment, rejection are all red flags that should trigger us to immediately turn to God and seek first His kingdom. To drop everything, to not try to control outcomes of our circumstances, but turn to God for those sweet reminders that He alone is good, He is protector and provider. I think you are right, one of the things Satan is looking for as he prowls looking to devour, is moments of emotional weakness in our circumstances. This is why its so crucial for us to be in our Bible every day, so when we are caught off guard by lifes unfortunate turns, we will have created a habit of longing to be with Him in His Word. Great post, great reminder.

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