Your Seed

Today i was at my oldest daughter’s school assembly and the theme of their assembly was God’s gifts and talents. Despite the attempt of the devil to infiltrate our schools with his ideologies, we are privileged to have our kids in a school where they still teach about God. Everytime i attend school assemblies, i always leave with something to think about. Today’s was a confirmation of a topic i believe the Holy Spirit has laid on my heart for a few days now.

In today’s assembly, the kids reminded us all that we have gifts and talents from God that we shouldn’t overlook. They mentioned that although some may have more than others, none is more important or valuable than the other (Matthew 25:14–30).

In a world where highlights are quickly posted on social media, it can be easy to feel left out. You might be thinking that everyone is doing something except you. Yes others might, but you too have a gift that is equally as precious in the eyes of God.

Your gift is your seed. It is a good seed because it came from God and it needs to be planted on a good soil. The value you place on it determines where you choose to plant it and the way you carry and protect it.

Note that the planting needs to be done by us. The job of the Holy Spirit is to enable us identify our gifts and talents and to show us when and where to plant. The act of planting is done by us. Many are not growing because they are waiting on the Holy Spirit to do everything. It doesn’t work that way.

He has made you identify your love for music, writing, dancing or drawing. He has put a desire in your heart to use these gifts to help others. You now have to physically sing and write songs; write articles, blogs, books; dance and draw as inspired by Him. The doing is our response to His calling.

I think one of the reasons we don’t see growth with regards to gifts is the soil in which it’s being planted. Just as a seed can’t grow in a bad soil so also our gifts and talents cannot grow in bad environments. Some atmospheres are toxic and the toxicity of such environments stunts our growth. So before you plant, check the environment you are in to ensure it is a good place to plant.

Sometimes the toxicity is within. In us. As we are looking at our external environment, it is equally important that we look in our hearts. The reason why some gifts are not flourishing is not because the carriers are in a bad environment, it is because the vessels carrying those gifts are toxic. Examples of habits that can prevent gifts from growing are bitterness, lack of knowledge, lack of wisdom, talkativeness, unforgiveness, lack of discernment, jealousy amongst many others.

After planting, the gift needs cultivating. This is where many people fail or struggle.

When a farmer plants his seed, he waters, he weeds around the plant, he prunes UNTIL he starts to see the desired result/harvest.

Our gifts and talents needs cultivating. A writer who does not read books cannot be a good writer. A musician who does not listen to music and practice vocals cannot be a good musician. This applies to other gifts. I believe as believers we owe it to God to execute the gifts He has given us excellently. Listen! God does not like the barest minimum. I think we sometimes misinterpret the widow’s mite by thinking she gave little. Even if it was little, it was her all. The reason why her story is being shared today is as a result of her ‘give it all’ spirit.

Cultivation comes with patience. Stop uprooting your gift begin it even have a chance to germinate. It may take time, but if you play your part, God will play His part.

Also know that in rare conditions, you might need to uproot your gift and plant on a different soil. This has to be be the leading of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise it won’t end well.

We need to start paying great attention to the gifts that God has given us and we need to give our gifts our all. Excellence does not come overnight. Neither does it fall on laps. It comes from continuous practice. Continuous practice isn’t for the lazy ones. It is for those who understand and appreciates the seed they have in them.

If you don’t cultivate your ‘small’, you won’t have faith for more. It takes faith to cultivate your small. It takes faith to keep writing and perfecting your writing even when you have only 5 followers. It takes faith to keep at the project even when only 3 people attended the last time. It takes faith to stay encouraging even when the big harvest seems so far away.

Don’t despise your gift. Value it.

Plant it on a good soil.

Cultivate it.

Therefore, let us offer through Jesus a continual sacrifice of praise to God, proclaiming our allegiance to his name. (13)



17 thoughts on “Your Seed

  1. Nice post. I had just been thinking about this. There are aspects about myself that the younger me rejected that I am now putting to use in Gods service. Thanks for the affirmation.

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  2. thestronghappyartist

    I loved this post! It was a good reminder to keep learning and growing in our gifts, and to be faithful and persistent with the small stuff❤️

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      1. “The doing is our response to His calling.” This jumped out at me. It’s deep on so many levels: that God would call and gift us in the first place, that He gives us the privilege to serve, that He is our adequacy, that He will be glorified in spite of and because of our weaknesses.


  3. I came to learn that gifts and talents are not the same thing, talents can be developed and help you in your career, gifts are given to you by the Holy Spirit that accompany you in your call. Gifts and talents both come from the same source–God, but it is important to recognize the difference between the two.

    1 Corinthians 12 explains spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit gives Believers to enable them to fulfill their call and purpose. Ephesians 4:11 are gifts that God Himself place in the church for the equipping of the Saints. Romans 12 talks about grace gifts.

    Being a writer, dancer, singer etc.. these are natural talents, but when we are talking about “spiritual gifts”, spiritual gifts are given when we are “born again” and they help us to fulfill God’s purpose and plan for our lives (to edify the body and make disciples).

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    1. Thanks for this sis. I totally agree. The aim and focus of this post was to remind us to use whatever gift and talent God has given them. I intend to do a bible study post on gifts and talents in the future😊❤️


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