The Search for Significance

Who am I? What am I here for? Two questions that comes across our minds as we journey through life. As believers we understand the concept of purpose and purposeful living but all of this can become clouded as we get into the rigorous rhythm of ticking off our to do list.

Nobody wants to be seen or treated as invaluable. We all somehow wants to be validated. Now i know i have talked about living for the like button, people bondage and how this can distort our view of who we are. However receiving validations isn’t all bad. One of the benefits of living in a communal relationship is encouragements which sometimes comes in form of validations. We are encouraged to pull out the strengths in others and lift people up by encouraging them.

In a quest to know and show our significance, we sometimes find ourselves living the performance life. This life looks like someone acting a movie. It is wrapped up in a character who the actor knows is not the real deal. But because of the reward that comes from acting this script, she’s got to keep up with it.

As believers we understand that our significance is in who we are. That we are created in the image of God as seen in Genesis 1:27.

Therefore, let us offer through Jesus a continual sacrifice of praise to God, proclaiming our allegiance to his name. (11)

I love the emphasis ‘His own’ image. There is nothing as beautiful as God. There is nothing that can ever be as beautiful as God. We are made in the image and likeness of The Most High God. How amazing is that! This is where we get our worth from. Not in our degrees, families, backgrounds, children, careers, businesses etc. But in how He made us.

Not knowing this truth exposes us to live our lives mastering the act of perfecting our script. And in order to perfect our scripts, we becomes enslaved to perfection. This isn’t about us trying to live lives that pleases God but lives that will make people see us as significant. We find ourselves living and doing things to prove a point. Not because God has told us to.

The search for significance if done outside Christ is a bottomless pit. It is an endless thirst that can never be quenched. A yearning of the heart that creates more void as it’s filled with stuff. Stuff that it was never meant to be filled with.

Perfectionism sometimes springs out from the search for significance. Wanting to do things faultlessly so praises can be lavished on us. Echoes of praises heard all over; which ultimately gratifies our flesh.

A perfectionist is broken when the height aimed at is not reached because his/her significance is wrapped around achievements. God isn’t as interested in our achievements as He is in our obedience. He wants us to have a go. He wants us to take those baby steps which will lead to adult steps. He is more interested in our process and what we are learning in the journey of life.

Our purpose can only be found in Him. Anything outside Him is a lie and it can never fill the void in us.

Yes there are people who are not in Christ and it seems like they are successful in doing what they do. Many see them as fulfilling their purpose. I personally don’t see skillfulness and gifts as same as purpose. Purpose ties in with the Kingdom. Remember this is our mandate. It is the reason why we are here. To go and make disciples for Christ. Our purpose ultimately should be in line with the kingdom. The end goal of whatever we call purpose should be to bring people into the Kingdom.

There is no answer to ‘who we are’ outside Him.

There is no answer to ‘why are we here’ outside Him.

There is no life worth living outside Him.

Our significance, our purpose, the fullness of our lives, are all embedded in Him.







28 thoughts on “The Search for Significance

  1. I just got a chance to read this post and I am re-blogging it because it is so important and often overlooked. Before I met the Lord, I went through life seeking affirmation from things, events, and other people. Never getting what I needed, I turned to perfectionism, thinking that if everything were perfect, I would be more acceptable to others. What I have found is that Jesus accepted me “Just As I Am” and loves me, oftentimes in spite of me. Thank you for this post that spoke so clearly to my heart!

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    1. Thank you for re-blogging sis. Glad it spoke to you. I’m sure a few of us can relate to it. Thank God for the revelation we now have that our significance is in Him alone. God bless you sis

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  2. ​I think this is an interesting perspective. I tend to get up in accomplishment because I want to achieve my purpose, and I worry that, if I am not consistently working towards a greater goal, then I am not doing enough. Connecting my daily decisions to align with my purpose roots from my desire to please God. Although I acknowledge that God accepts me as I am, I realize that I tend to overthink the process. Blessings! ​

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    1. The desire to achieve isn’t bad and I honestly will consider myself a goal getter. But if Christ is taken out of that process then it becomes idolatry. I know this isn’t your case because you have mentioned that your desire is to please God. Perfectionism makes us overthink the process. Overthinking can lead to unnecessary stress which can be avoided if we good back to the ole “take one day at a time” and “going according to the leading of the spirit”. Two simple but yet most difficult phrases to live out. Still learning here Sis. You are not alone.

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      1. Yes! I get what you are saying. In fact, you expressed my difficulties within this response which are overthinking and the domino effect being unnecessary stress. I resonate with this and, as you said, this process takes one day at time literally! 😉

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  4. True words my sister. Since God created us in His image and likeness then most naturally He created His purpose for our lives inside of us. Therefore, we need Him to complete us. Great post! Have a wonderful weekend.

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