7 Tips for Christian Bloggers

Last week, i got a notification that i now have over 1000 followers. Seeing the growth is challenging and motivating and i am sincerely grateful to every single one of you. Whilst i never started blogging with the intention of giving a lecture on blogging tips, i lie if i say i don’t get questions from other bloggers regarding this. So i thought it will be good if i can put everything regarding this in one post for easy reference.

Christian blogs oftentimes don’t necessarily get the growth speed that non religious blogs get. I know there are exceptional cases to this. But generally, society don’t gravitate towards anything that talks about Jesus, holiness and heaven. So with all of the challenges that you will face, what tips can be of help?

Tip number 1: Understand and always remember why you blog.

One of my favourite quotes is “if the purpose of a thing isn’t known, abuse becomes inevitable.”

It will interest many to know that this isn’t my first blog. I actually started blogging in 2010. I had a blog on blogspot where i wrote random thoughts and what i thought then was poetry (haha!). That blog died because i had no clear reason for blogging. As such, abuse such as laziness and lack of diligence became inevitable.

Understanding your whys will give you grounds to stand on. Do you blog to help you develop a good bible study habit? Do you blog because you want others to know about Jesus Christ? Do you blog because you want to teach others on biblical truths? Do you blog because you want to make money from blogging? Do you blog because you want fame? Do you blog because you want your voice to be heard? Why do you blog?

For me, i started blogging because i wanted to share my love for Jesus Christ with others and i wanted to teach on biblical truths. Remembering this gives me the drive to forge on.

Tip number 2: Be patient.

Growth takes time. Understand that you are writing against societal norms. Many people aren’t going to appreciate what you are writing about. You will appreciate your growth better if it doesn’t happen overnight. Understand that God is taking you on a journey as well. In this journey, He is also growing you. So there is a lot happening in you that will manifest on your blog.

Also not every friend and family member will read your post. It’s important that we understand the fact that everyone isn’t into reading. This doesn’t mean they are not rooting for us. Don’t develop resentment in your heart as a result of lack of visible supports from loved ones as that can hinder your growth.

Tip number 3: Avoid the comparison trap.

Easier said than done. I know. Writing a post with no person reading can be discouraging. However comparing your process with someone else’s will only result in frustration and you trying to go ahead of God by doing things He never told you to do.

Tip number 4: Use word count but don’t use word count.

I know many people advice on writing short blogs and i get it. A lot of people have short attention span. We are all busy and we really don’t have time to read 2000 words. Inasmuch as this is correct, i have read articles where i could sense the author holding back because of word count.  I have short posts that have done well and i have very long posts that have done well. The key is to write as the Holy Spirit leads you.

I am naturally a communicator who likes to explain until people understand. This reflects in the way i write. I hate for someone to read my blog and take nothing away from it. I hate for someone to read my bible study posts and don’t find any depth to it. As such i aim to write with clarity. Sometimes this is achieved with 400 words. Sometimes it is achieved with 2000 words. Avoid rambling and beating around the bush. Many people might not read your long post, but the ones who have the patience to, will always be glad they did. Who knows maybe that 2000 words was just for one reader. Once that is achieved, you have done a good job!

Tip number 5: Study your bible

I personally do not understand how you can claim to be a christian blogger when you don’t study the bible. I understand we all go through seasons where our bible study life takes a dip. I get it. I go through them as well. But if every time you write, you talk about how you are struggling with studying the word of God, it makes me begin to wonder if you are actually writing about a God you know or a God you hear of. There is no problem with people not writing about faith and Jesus Christ. But if you claim that He is the basis on which you write, then i would expect you to at least take out some time to study what He says. I’m afraid this is the harsh truth. Don’t let blogging become your idol. It’s God first before blog.

Tip number 6: Don’t study to blog. Study to grow your relationship with God

I have fallen into this trap and sometimes i still do. I remember a time when i had my laptop each time i was studying my bible. I wanted to use a stone to kill 2 birds. It doesn’t sound bad does it? But the danger is that distraction can easily come in. Instead of hearing the Holy Spirit, we end up spending time correcting grammatical errors and playing around sentences. It’s like going out for dinner with your spouse and spending the whole day sending text messages to your friend. Your spouse will find that disrespectful and half the time, you won’t even hear what he/she is saying because you are distracted.

When i study the bible for me, it creates a well that overflows when i am writing. There is nothing wrong in studying to blog. However don’t let this be the only reason why you study the bible.

To be honest, writing do not eat up my time. Studying the bible is what takes my time. After studying, the words flow easily. Spend time in His presence so you don’t waste time outside His presence.

Tip number 7: Connect. Connect. Connect.

If you only come on here to post your blogs and check your starts, your blog won’t grow. This is a community. Connect with others by visiting their blogs. Read and leave comments that shows you actually read the post. Don’t leave comments like “good one. Please check out my blog http://www.graceoverpain.com”. A comment like this really is about your blog and not about the post you have read.

I am a bit iffy with ‘follow for follow’ because i like to sieve through what i allow my eyes to read. Your blog might not lead me to stumble but if it isn’t something i am particularly interested in, i might not follow you because i know i won’t read it. So i tend to follow blogs that i can connect with. Be honest about what you like, comment on and who you follow. Engage with your followers in the comment session. Reply to your comments.

Bonus point: Practice what you preach.

We all will give account to God on how we managed our blog. Be cautious. Be wise. Handle the gift God has given you with care. Don’t be lazy. Your blog won’t write itself.  But at the same time, know how to take a break if/when needed. You will reap if you faint not.

I hope you find these tips helpful 🙂

If you have other tips, please leave them in the comment section below😊


198 thoughts on “7 Tips for Christian Bloggers

  1. Robert

    Very helpful. Interesting the thing about word count. My regular posts are very contrived and limited in word count- typically less than 300 words. But my more one off posts about stuff that more randomly come to mind aren’t so constrained- some are even shorter, many are probably longer.

    I think you might have suggested this but I think I would add one more- “be authentic”- it annoys me when people post click bait just for the sake of viewers.

    I know this will be a popular post, but I also think I know where it’s coming from- a heart desire to bless more than to be blessed.

    God bless you sister! 🙂

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      1. Robert

        It’s okay Efua, you and The Inside Cup were my inspiration along with those verses. Sorry about the lack of a click able link to your blog- I confess it’s laziness that means I didn’t do it! :/

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      1. 1, 5, 6, 7 and bonus were my favorites. Yes, we need to have purpose. If we are Christian bloggers, that purpose should be to give honor, glory and praise to God and not to our flesh. And, we should allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in what we write, and we should not counsel others to do what we are not doing ourselves. So, yes, we need to practice what we preach. Thanks, Efua! Good job!

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  2. Congratulations sis.
    These tips are really true and helpful.
    I love the fact that you emphasized that we read to grow our relationship with God and not just to blog. That is really important

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  3. I love this:
    “Spend time in His presence so you don’t waste time outside His presence.” So true!
    Also, I love your advice to be honest in our likes and comments.
    And I agree on the follows; if someone follows my blog, I do check out their blog, but I try too discern if God wants me to follow back.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Wow, I was going to say the same things – I even had the same line copied and ready to “paste” and say it was my favorite line of the post! I guess great minds think alike – or a great concept (prioritizing our time with God) strikes a note with many of us. (And many of us need reminding. ;))

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  4. Oh Wow this is so powerful. These tips are so helpful, thank you so much. I’ll definitely refer to this as a reminder to never allow discouragement to overpower me, but to keep doing it for God’s glory. Staying humble and continue seeking first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. Worth reading. May our LORD GOD continue to use you mightily Sister.

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    1. Yes sis. If God has given you a gift to use for His kingdom, the devil isn’t going to give you an easy ride to enable you utilise that gift. He is going to go all the way to make you give up on your assignment. Don’t give up. There is someone waiting to read your post. That person may not read it the day the post goes live. They may stumble on it after months or years and it will be the post that will change that life for the better. Fight through discouragement. Keep watering the vineyard God has given you. You will reap if you don’t faint❤️

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  5. Hello Efua!
    I love your Christian blog!! I can feel your heart and love for JESUS! keep letting God use you! God has great things ahead for you, new doors to be open in JESUS name, get ready for your new season!

    Sister in Christ 🙂

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  6. These are great tips, Efua. I particular like number 6. Sometimes I am guilty of reading my Bible simply to find something to write about. Whenever I do this I find it even more difficult to write. I agree with you that blogging should be done because you enjoy it. If you are doing it for other reasons it will become tedious. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. These are all good tips. I love that there is a whole community of Christian writers/bloggers. That’s been one of the best things that I’ve gained from starting a blog. Not so much the followers but the blogs that I follow.

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  8. J.S Giles

    So true! Keep your eyes on Christ! I always have more readers than followers! It’s interesting. But that’s my aim is that people are reached even across the world. My followers tend to not be my actual readers. Most people follow me so I follow them back. And I don’t play that game. So that’s a good thing to remember when you have a big following and notice none to little engagement! Also people tend to not engage as much as they used to on the internet but they look and read. God bless you sister.

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  9. tkorede

    It’s sad I’m getting to know you today, Efua. God bless you a lot. The part of your write-up that ministered to me was the one on, “Patience.”

    It takes patience for a Christian blogger to be consistent while s/he doesn’t have huge followers. It takes the grace of God for one to keep writing.

    Although, my blog is also growing and I am growing through the process but I still need to be patient.

    Thank you so much ma’am. You can check out my blog ma’am.

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    1. I am very humbled and grateful for your nomination. God bless you indeed. My blog is award free but I am truly appreciative of the kindness you have shown me in this manner. God bless you


  10. I stumbled upon your article on my WP reader and am so grateful for your seasoned advice.  I’m new to the blogging adventure.  I’ve been sharing my writing on FB for the last 2 years but was looking for a means of sharing it with people who are not on that platform.  I made the shift this summer.  Your advice in tips 2 & 3 is very helpful as I’m making this transition and realizing people more readily comments on the FB forum than a blog forum.  I miss the  interaction with my readers but as you said in number 1 I need to remember why I blog.  May the Lord continue to bless you in your writing.

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  11. graffl. A

    Thank you ma’am. I just started my blog today and I’m excited.
    The next thing I did after setting up my blog and making my first post was to type in “Christian”. I’m conscious about the posts I’d be seeing. Your post popped up. I’m glad to meet you!

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  12. graffl. A

    Thank you so much ma’am. Thank you. I began my blog journey today.. So the nest thing I did after making my first post was to type and search “christian”😅. I’m careful too about my reads. Meanwhile, it’s really nice to meet you here.

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  13. God’s Daughter

    Your post was the first one I read when I searched Christian Bloggers. It’s such a blessing to have such a fire for Jesus Christ! I’m always ministering God’s word everywhere I go. There are so many things I want to share about Jesus and his ways etc. The more I study the Bible the more wisdom I get from it. I burn when it comes to sharing with others about Jesus!!! So I didn’t know anything about blogging and still don’t know much now lol. Thank you for all the great tips!! May God continue to bless you while you bless others!!

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  14. Proverbs 31 Girl

    “Don’t study to blog. Study to grow your relationship with God” – Amen to that! This post was really encouraging and helpful, thank you. God bless x

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  15. I’m a new blogger and this was very helpful. I actually did start out by reading how to blog articles, but soon gave it up. I just want to share with others what God is teaching me. Thank you for sharing this.

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    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Writing twice a year doesn’t make you a horrible blogger. Sometimes life gets busy and other times, we get distracted. That happens to us all😁. Have you considered having a blogging schedule? Although I personally don’t do this but I see how it might be helpful.

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  16. Excellent advice. It’s very easy to compare, but I agree with being patient and essentially trusting the process. I honestly don’t think the average person likes to read, but if he or she does, it may be more about pop culture and/or something controversial.

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  18. Paula Short

    I am so glad that I came across you. I am a new Christian blogger and am working on my site. I felt a pulling inside myself to reach out to others in Christ. At first I said to Jesus ” but I’m not a writer ” well turns out I was called on. And yes I’m finding the Holy Spirit does guide the way. Thank you so much for your tips, and sharing your journey in blogging. So very helpful and encouraging. Blessings to you.

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  19. Thank you for taking the time to write this post! Knowing why I blog is something I definitely need to keep in mind as I often get distracted by work and various activities.

    Congratulations on your followers 🙂

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    1. Yes, knowing your why helps a lot. Blogging takes a lot of time and it can be very challenging to keep at it when we have work and family to also look after or when you have other activities that are equally important.

      I believe the Holy Spirit leads us and when we are disciplined in following His leading, He helps us accomplish the tasks He has given us❤️

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  20. This was phenomenal! Exactly what I was looking for right now and just what I needed to hear. God has a good way of making it work out like that 😊 I’m currently in a slump with my Bible study and not-surprisingly I find myself searching for answers on how to expand my reach with my blog, instead of getting back in His word. Thank you so much for this post! This is perfect. You had several points in there that were definitely meant for me to read. God bless you!

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  21. I found this post extremely helpful. I have actually been struggling with this recently as I’ve dived back into the blogging community. A lot of my discouragement comes from the desire to connect. I have been going through blogs in my email and reading through ones that resonate with me but I feel like its going nowhere. On the other hand, the reason for my blog is to provide a personal reflective space in hopes that it will help, not only myself, but others, as well. Personally, I feel that blogging and studying God’s word correlate with each other and it tends to be a positive way for me to find understanding in my journey and further connect with God. Blessings!

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    1. So glad this is helpful to you. Like the name of your blog, we all are growing through something. The process of growth has highs and lows. Blogging is hard work. It’s challenging to write the and also connect with other bloggers. Do what you can do and stay honest and authentic with the blogs that connect to you. Write as you are led and continue to impact lives as you are already doing💕

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