7 Tips for Christian Bloggers

Last week, i got a notification that i now have over 1000 followers. Seeing the growth is challenging and motivating and i am sincerely grateful to every single one of you. Whilst i never started blogging with the intention of giving a lecture on blogging tips, i lie if i say i don’t get questions from other bloggers regarding this. So i thought it will be good if i can put everything regarding this in one post for easy reference.

Christian blogs oftentimes don’t necessarily get the growth speed that non religious blogs get. I know there are exceptional cases to this. But generally, society don’t gravitate towards anything that talks about Jesus, holiness and heaven. So with all of the challenges that you will face, what tips can be of help?

Tip number 1: Understand and always remember why you blog.

One of my favourite quotes is “if the purpose of a thing isn’t known, abuse becomes inevitable.”

It will interest many to know that this isn’t my first blog. I actually started blogging in 2010. I had a blog on blogspot where i wrote random thoughts and what i thought then was poetry (haha!). That blog died because i had no clear reason for blogging. As such, abuse such as laziness and lack of diligence became inevitable.

Understanding your whys will give you grounds to stand on. Do you blog to help you develop a good bible study habit? Do you blog because you want others to know about Jesus Christ? Do you blog because you want to teach others on biblical truths? Do you blog because you want to make money from blogging? Do you blog because you want fame? Do you blog because you want your voice to be heard? Why do you blog?

For me, i started blogging because i wanted to share my love for Jesus Christ with others and i wanted to teach on biblical truths. Remembering this gives me the drive to forge on.

Tip number 2: Be patient.

Growth takes time. Understand that you are writing against societal norms. Many people aren’t going to appreciate what you are writing about. You will appreciate your growth better if it doesn’t happen overnight. Understand that God is taking you on a journey as well. In this journey, He is also growing you. So there is a lot happening in you that will manifest on your blog.

Also not every friend and family member will read your post. It’s important that we understand the fact that everyone isn’t into reading. This doesn’t mean they are not rooting for us. Don’t develop resentment in your heart as a result of lack of visible supports from loved ones as that can hinder your growth.

Tip number 3: Avoid the comparison trap.

Easier said than done. I know. Writing a post with no person reading can be discouraging. However comparing your process with someone else’s will only result in frustration and you trying to go ahead of God by doing things He never told you to do.

Tip number 4: Use word count but don’t use word count.

I know many people advice on writing short blogs and i get it. A lot of people have short attention span. We are all busy and we really don’t have time to read 2000 words. Inasmuch as this is correct, i have read articles where i could sense the author holding back because of word count.  I have short posts that have done well and i have very long posts that have done well. The key is to write as the Holy Spirit leads you.

I am naturally a communicator who likes to explain until people understand. This reflects in the way i write. I hate for someone to read my blog and take nothing away from it. I hate for someone to read my bible study posts and don’t find any depth to it. As such i aim to write with clarity. Sometimes this is achieved with 400 words. Sometimes it is achieved with 2000 words. Avoid rambling and beating around the bush. Many people might not read your long post, but the ones who have the patience to, will always be glad they did. Who knows maybe that 2000 words was just for one reader. Once that is achieved, you have done a good job!

Tip number 5: Study your bible

I personally do not understand how you can claim to be a christian blogger when you don’t study the bible. I understand we all go through seasons where our bible study life takes a dip. I get it. I go through them as well. But if every time you write, you talk about how you are struggling with studying the word of God, it makes me begin to wonder if you are actually writing about a God you know or a God you hear of. There is no problem with people not writing about faith and Jesus Christ. But if you claim that He is the basis on which you write, then i would expect you to at least take out some time to study what He says. I’m afraid this is the harsh truth. Don’t let blogging become your idol. It’s God first before blog.

Tip number 6: Don’t study to blog. Study to grow your relationship with God

I have fallen into this trap and sometimes i still do. I remember a time when i had my laptop each time i was studying my bible. I wanted to use a stone to kill 2 birds. It doesn’t sound bad does it? But the danger is that distraction can easily come in. Instead of hearing the Holy Spirit, we end up spending time correcting grammatical errors and playing around sentences. It’s like going out for dinner with your spouse and spending the whole day sending text messages to your friend. Your spouse will find that disrespectful and half the time, you won’t even hear what he/she is saying because you are distracted.

When i study the bible for me, it creates a well that overflows when i am writing. There is nothing wrong in studying to blog. However don’t let this be the only reason why you study the bible.

To be honest, writing do not eat up my time. Studying the bible is what takes my time. After studying, the words flow easily. Spend time in His presence so you don’t waste time outside His presence.

Tip number 7: Connect. Connect. Connect.

If you only come on here to post your blogs and check your starts, your blog won’t grow. This is a community. Connect with others by visiting their blogs. Read and leave comments that shows you actually read the post. Don’t leave comments like “good one. Please check out my blog http://www.graceoverpain.com”. A comment like this really is about your blog and not about the post you have read.

I am a bit iffy with ‘follow for follow’ because i like to sieve through what i allow my eyes to read. Your blog might not lead me to stumble but if it isn’t something i am particularly interested in, i might not follow you because i know i won’t read it. So i tend to follow blogs that i can connect with. Be honest about what you like, comment on and who you follow. Engage with your followers in the comment session. Reply to your comments.

Bonus point: Practice what you preach.

We all will give account to God on how we managed our blog. Be cautious. Be wise. Handle the gift God has given you with care. Don’t be lazy. Your blog won’t write itself.  But at the same time, know how to take a break if/when needed. You will reap if you faint not.

I hope you find these tips helpful 🙂

If you have other tips, please leave them in the comment section below😊


198 thoughts on “7 Tips for Christian Bloggers

  1. thankful~by.lily

    Came upon your post, thank you so much for sharing. It’s very helpful. Like so many I am new at blogging. My inspiration is to share what I’ve learned, how the Lord is so wonderful like so many others who have commented. God bless!

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  2. As someone that started blogging about 2 years ago and gave up several times due to both discouragement and lack of discipline, I sincerely appreciate this post. Especially where you talk about not expecting family and friends to read your blog. It doesn’t hurt as much as it used to but in the beginning that was extremely difficult to swallow. I have now resolved to write as God leads me and, as you also advised, connect with others here on WordPress. Thank you for confirming that I’m headed in the right direction. Blessings to you!

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    1. Hi Tausha. You are certainly heading on the right track. I only know about 5 people who follow my blog. The other 1000+ are people I don’t know. So do your part and God will bring people who He wants you to reach to you. God bless you sis


  3. Hey there!
    I began UnBlemished this summer as a platform for Christian women to share their insecurities and struggles in the hopes that through immense vulnerability they will find lasting freedom. I truly believe that is project is something the Lord laid on my heart and gave me a vision for and I am trusting Him with the process of this project. However, I do want to continue to grow this website in the hopes that it can reach more people and truly touch the hearts and lives of many Christian women. I was curious if you had tips on how I could continue to expand my platform, or would even be open to sharing my website with your followers? I would even love to feature you on my website and share your story with my readers as well! Thank you for your time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! Beautiful project you have. Thanks for extending an invite to feature me on your website. As someone who have a heart for Christian women too, it is certainly something I am willing to do. Send me an email via my contact page so we can discuss collaboration😊


  4. Maurice

    Very great pointers they are encouraging. I wish to grow I read respond to some people blog and even follow them but they don’t follow back . Some even love my post but they still don’t follow. What I notice it that some of them have like near a hundred or over a hundred followers and they seem comfortable. My stats could be great with followers because I have committed people who respond well to my posting I do to theirs. I know I ca grow much better in time.
    I agree with you we must know the Bible and be led by the Holy Spirit because we are in this to glorify God. I have things in draft that I get from the Holy Spirit but if I don’t get another word or being led I wait.
    I also love the part that you are iffy with follow for follow. I too have to sieve through because not all inspirational stuff comes from the Holy Spirit or even Christian based. We must listen to the Holy Spirit promptings. Thank you very much Efua. The blessing of the Lord be with you, have a prosperous 2020

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  7. riverlifepsalms1

    Pt #6..Don’t study to blog. Study to grow your relationship with God..

    Several years ago the Lord took a huge load off of my shoulders, and spake unto me saying, “you study to live, and I’ll take care of your preaching and teaching.”

    Sis, it was these few words that He spoke that really changed my life and my approach to ministry. Whether writing, teaching, or preaching, it’ s still the same. Whether encountering someone, counseling, or engaging in the discipleship process, it’s still the same, the Lord gives me what I need whenever I need it!

    I’ve learned that it’s impossible for us to prepare for everything that we may face, and that can become a ministry fear in itself. But what we can be fully confident in is this, that whatever the Lord brings our way and leads us to, He’l gives us whatever we need in order to do it…

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  8. gabbibjournal

    I know this is an older post, so I hope this doesn’t seem weird I am commenting. I was looking for Christian blogs to follow and this post came up. I am a new Christian blogger and I am getting discouraged seeing my posts go nowhere and having so few followers.
    So, this post gave me some encouragement. I know I am supposed to be patient, but it so hard! But, if God wants me to blog, then I have to trust Him through it all.

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    1. Hello. Thanks for stopping by. I understand how you feel but one thing I have noticed straight away is that when I clicked on your blog, it says your blog is no longer available. If this isn’t the case, you need to look into fixing this problem so people can follow you.


      1. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention! I never would have known that. For some reason, my old web address is still attached to my profile. If you would like to check out my blog – gabbibjournal.home.blog/ – there is it. And I am trying to fix the problem.

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      2. Great. I have just checked it out. Really good. Be consistent and patient with what you are doing. My blog was 3 years last month. I said that to let you know that it has taken that long to get the number of followers I have today. I know it can be discouraging but if I had given up when I had 20 followers, I won’t be where I am today. I hope this encourages you

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  9. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this. I am a “baby blogger” and definitely have fallen for the comparison trap. I loved the point of studying to grow your relationship with God rather than to blog. Also felt like my missing part was connecting with other bloggers, which is definitely something I would love to be more intentional about this year. Thank you!! great read.

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  10. Thank you so much! This is super helpful. I always feel guilty when I haven’t posted in a while and I have to remember I only post when God has brought me through something and sometimes that takes time! I also tend to get fearful when I write something that seems radical and I have to remind myself that the bible is radical! Thank you!

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    1. I have been blogging for 3 years and there are areas i am still trying to figure out. It’s a journey and you get better as you remain consistent 🙂


    1. Glad this challenged you sis. It is very easy to fall into this trap. Since writing this post, I have fallen into this trap as well. But each time I realise, I pick myself up.


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  12. BomDiaFlorDoDia

    Thank you! This is exactly what I needed right now. Sometimes I get frustrated because I work so hard on a post and it gets 0 views. But I need to remember I don’t write for the views. If one day I only have 1 single view and that reader was influenced to grow closer to God in some way from my blog, then that 1 view is way more valuable than 100 readers who take nothing away from what I wrote.

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