It isn’t time to put on those shoes

Zachary has a new obsession of wearing his dad’s shoes. If you are wondering who Zachary is, you must be new to my blog; so hey! :).

Zachary is my 2 years old boy who has featured on my blog during his crawling days. My old followers will remember him. He will be turning 3 in January (i know. How time flies). Just like most 2 years old, he doesn’t really understand the concept of fear and he probably thinks he’s got springs in his legs. But we thank God for Zachary because God is using him to teach us again today :).

I was having dinner last night when i heard someone complaining and dragging his shoes on the floor. As i turned around, i saw my cute little son getting frustrated about his shoes. I mean his dad’s shoes. Prior to this time, i was believing God for what to write about and by afternoon, i had settled to expand on a sermon i heard in church that really ministered to me. However as i turned and saw my son, the sentence i said was “that is a blog post right there”. And this scripture dropped in my spirit.

Therefore, let us offer through Jesus a continual sacrifice of praise to God, proclaiming our allegiance to his name. (10)

There is no way Matthew’s shoes will fit Zachary. All he will get from his dad’s shoes is discomfort and frustration because it isn’t time for him to wear those shoes. It isn’t time because he hasn’t grown to that level yet.

Some of us are fed up with our current season and we envy the seasons other people are in. We see people who we describe as successful or those who have what we want and we covet those blessings and seasons. We become jealous and envious and we want those seasons so badly. So much so that like my 2 years old, we grab those big shoes without permission and put our tiny feet in them. Instead of growing in our seasons and growing roots where God has planted us, we uproot ourselves and we quit on what God has called us to do because we are tired of where we are. Some of us are overzealous and step into seasons unprepared.

As i watched Zachary struggling with those shoes and wondering why it doesn’t fit, i realised that some believers are in this situation. Some are struggling in ministries they were never called into. It is good doesn’t mean it is God’s. It is God’s doesn’t mean it is yours. Some are getting into numerous troubles in careers that is not for them but they don’t want to quit because they love the pay cheque. Some has quit their jobs and jumped into entrepreneurship when that isn’t what God want for them. Some have started ministries because it looked glamorous. Many people have gained platforms for all the wrong reasons.

This is Zachary wondering what he is doing wrong and why the shoe don’t fit lol.

It was taking him more attention, strength and focus to move a step wearing shoes not met for him. This is exactly what happens. Plowing a soil that isn’t ours results in time wastage. Jumping into seasons don’t we are unprepared for, results in us getting discouraged and that also affects the people around us. Just as destinies are positively impacted by our obedience; so also can destinies be impacted negatively by our disobedience.

It is good to admire the beauty of the next season. But it is foolish to get into the next season unprepared because every season has it’s highs and lows. The lessons we learn in our current season are needed to sustain, maintain and navigate the next season.

So God is using the words i told Zachary last night to encourage us today. “Enjoy your shoe size now because your feet will never be this small again.” Enjoy your current season. ‘Girl you have no idea what i am going through. There is nothing to enjoy here. I want a breakthrough right now.’ I get it. I want breakthroughs too in some areas. However i am learning that godliness and contentment is great gain. If we are not content in our current season, we won’t be in our next season. Paul said he learnt to be content. To learn requires a deliberate action.

How do we learn to be content? By focusing on our blessings and not our loses. I know you weren’t expecting the answer to be that short. But honestly that is all it is. Your blessing might just be the fact that you are alive. Focus on that, be thankful and watch how it transforms your life. When we outgrow our current shoes, God will get it new shoes to fill.

29 thoughts on “It isn’t time to put on those shoes

  1. God is never early and never late, but always on time. Our timing isn’t God’s timing. For us, often times God’s timing feels like a delay. But, God’s perfect timing does a few things for us, for one, it grows our faith because we are forced to wait on Him and it makes certain that He, and He alone gets the glory and praise. At the right time, we will be “fit” to wear those shoes.

    Thanks for sharing this Efua! This was confirmation from what my Pastor preached on this morning. My Apostle stated, “you will never go to the next level until you learn to master where you are.” I thought about Isiah 55:8. Knowing that my ways are not God’s ways means I have put all my trust in His ways, but God knows best!

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    1. Amen sis. I’m glad this ministered to you in this manner. Many believers will go to heaven because they are godly but will live a life full of frustration here on earth because of lack of contentment. May we learn to trust God at all times🙏🏾


  2. riverlifepsalms1

    What a powerful and timely message! I can identify with ALL of this, because during these past years, I’ve experienced ALL of it. But Oh for the joy of the Lord who helps to lead, guide and carry us through this time and these seasons, for they can truly be many. Whew Sis, as I read this message I felt and remembered every year tat’s passed, while having to see seasons come and go for others, while I had to stand still.

    Whew, boy was that painful, but looking back, it’s been worth it! Why? Because Abba taught me how to be content. Sure, He had to make me “lie down in green pastures at times,” but I also grew into embracing the seasons of Ecclesiastes 3, and the not yet’s of life, following the Lord..

    But here I am, after ALL that Abba’s brought and led me through, I’m enjoying my new shoes! They fit!!

    Thank You Lord for such a message as this, a vivid reminder, but also thank You for carrying and leading me through my wilderness!!

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    1. Bro this!!! As I read your comment, I could relate to everything you said. There is pain associated with waiting and oftentimes the pain is as a result of our flesh dying to God’s will and timing. It isn’t fun to wait and to learn to be content. This school of waiting and contentment involves tears sometimes. But they that wait upon the Lord bro shall renew their strength for current season and for the next. Praise God the shoes now fit!

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  3. Robert

    I’ve often been like Zachary spiritually, wanting to run before I can walk, wanting the stabilisers off before I can pedal! Thankfully, I’ve learned the secret of contentment in every circumstance. Maybe by the time Zachary grows out of this phase he’ll fit into his dad’s shoes! Although to be honest, rightly orientated zeal and enthusiasm should never be grown out of! 🙂

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    1. I don’t believe you are alone on this one. Many of us can relate with wanting to run ahead of God.
      Good to know that you have learnt to be content.
      And the key in your last sentence is ‘rightly’. When our zeal and enthusiasm are geared rightly, it can be rewarding. Blessings to you.


      1. Robert

        Thanks Efua. It’s not easy getting that balance between youthful zeal and elderly wisdom. We don’t want to rest on our laurels, but neither do we want to be dissatisfied. I’m still learning and growing spiritually I hope!

        God bless you and yours 🙂

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  4. Hey girl thanks for this post! I loved to read it and it was exactly what I needed to. I do have a blog and I was worry if I was doing it well not looking for partnerships. A time ago, God said to me that I was doing well and I don’t need to be bigger as the famous writers, and just write what is in His heart and that’s enough. And now it’s confirmed, I don’t need to be bigger to make my Dad proud of me. I just need keep going writing what He wants 🙂 thank you for all ☆

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    1. I know that feeling. I love how you said “I don’t need to be bigger tot make my Dad proud of me”. That brought a smile to my face. Continue to write as He leads. In due season you will reap if you faint not. Blessings to you😊

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  5. Ok, ummm you’re son is ADORABLE! And this is great advice, sister, thank you. It reminded me of what Ray Comfort says “success isn’t in the numbers, to be successful in Christianity is to simply be obedient.” I’m holding on to that!

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  6. Efua, I agree. We need to wear the shoes that God has for us to wear, and we need to not try to fit into other people’s shoes because we, in our flesh, decide we like their shoes better. For, the grass is never greener on the other side. We all have to be who God created us to be, and to live the lives he has for us, where he has us, and we need not waste time and effort hoping for something different, or in venturing out where we don’t belong, where we don’t fit.

    But, I had an additional thought to this as I was reading what you wrote here. I know that does not surprise you. But, I was thinking, too, how often we may, as Christians, be afraid of wearing other shoes other than the ones we are wearing now because we see them as too big, and we see that we don’t fit, because we are limiting God, and because we see from a human perspective and not from God’s point of view. So, we say “I can’t” just because we never could before. Or, we feel that is not for us, because we don’t have what it takes, etc.

    But, the thing of it is, God doesn’t always call us to do things that come naturally to us. In fact, a lot of times he calls us to do what doesn’t fit us in the natural, and in that way he gets all the glory for what he does through us. He can take our small feet, in other words, and he can make them fit those big shoes if that is what he wants us to do because he wants to create a miracle in our lives to show his glory.

    For, I can tell you that what I do now, by God’s grace, has really stretched me. The Lord sent me back to college when I was in my 50’s, in fact, just to teach me that I could learn what I never thought possible, because he had so much he wanted to teach me and for me to share that went way beyond my knowledge or experience or natural abilities. So, he put my feet in those big shoes and he made my feet grow so that they would fit. So, just saying that we can sometimes limit God, too, by not stepping out in faith and going beyond what we think possible. So, if God says “Do it,” then we need to do it, for he will make us fit the shoes he gives us to wear. Sue

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    1. Absolutely and I totally agree with all you said. We can become complacent to wear a bigger sized shoe because we have become very comfortable with the size we have on. Another reason could be fear as you rightly mentioned.
      This post was just a caution for us to learn contentment and not to run ahead of God.
      In all, we need to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and do as He leads. God bless you Sue😊

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