Caution against drifting away

So we must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard, or we may drift away from it. Hebrews 2:1 

The bible does say that in the last days, the love of many will wax cold. Apart from the big names coming out to denounce their faith or those questioning the authenticity of the bible, there are many other people who find themselves in this situation. Sadly the very truth they once upheld has become untrue to them. This reality that is playing out before us truly grieves my heart and i am sure the heart of many believers. Watching our family members in the body denouncing The Rock who is our foundation should not excite our spirit.

Pondering on what has been going on, i have seen myself go through several emotions. I have been angry at what is going on and how hard the devil is working at getting many out of the safe boat. I have come to realise that it is very easy to drift away. People don’t backslide overnight. It is a process.

In the above scripture, we are urged to listen very carefully to the truth we have heard. It doesn’t just say listen. But it emphasises on the need for careful listening. One of the reasons why people are drifting away is as a result of not listening carefully. When we study scripture so we can teach others how to live right instead of us using that scripture as a compass for ourselves also, we are doing ourselves a great injustice. In this case, the students learn while the teacher learns nothing.

Another reason for careful listening is so we can filter ‘wheat from the chaff’. With so many interpretations of the word of God, it is very vital to listen and read everything from the lens of the bible. This is why i personally believe that when you get to the point where you no longer study the bible at all or you are comfortable not studying the bible, there is a red flag there. The word of God is the truth. How do we know the truth when we don’t like the place where it resides?

Paying careful attention is hard work. It entails discipline. I can read a book without paying careful attention to it. The result of this is that i will end up most likely not knowing what the book is truly about. But when i am paying careful attention, i am involving my mind, body and all my senses in that study. This isn’t easy to do. For me to use the whole of me it means that i have to push through the stage of reading and gathering information to actually doing; obeying the instructions of the bible. I am sure many of us have that one thing which we have heard again and again but we just don’t practice or not consistent in practicing. Some people know everything about how to save money. They have read every book on it, listened to every motivational speaker that talks about it, follow all social media handles of people who are gurus in this topic but they still don’t save a penny a month. Not because they can’t afford to (although some are in this category) but mostly because they have not cultivated the discipline of saving.

This same principle applies to studying the word of God. There are people who have heard and read so much about the important of studying the bible but have never picked up their bible once to study. We don’t lack information in our world. We lack the discipline to obey.

Therefore, let us offer through Jesus a continual sacrifice of praise to God, proclaiming our allegiance to his name. (9)

Every believer is in danger of drifting away. Hence the bible cautions us to watch and pray and also tells us that our adversary the devil is constantly seeking whom to devour. It tells us to take heed not to fall into temptation and also that we should not become complacent with our faith. If we think we are standing firm, we should be careful so we don’t fall.

Speaking of complacency, i think it is very easy for people raised in bible believing families and churches to become too familiar with the scriptures and loose being in awe of it. It is easy to become an intellectual christian and not be renewed. Mental assent to Christ’s leadership is not sufficient to be Christ’s disciple. Casual belief is not it. Careful listening, understanding and obeying the bible is. 

This post is more important now than ever. Let’s not loose our joy of salvation. This battle is spiritual. There is more to it than what we see with our physical eyes. The devil is out to get you and me. So we’ve got to stay vigilant as we walk in obedience. If you are questioning your faith, please speak to a fellow believer who is more spiritually matured so you can get the help you need. Also pray for God to restore the joy of your salvation.

If you are experiencing any kind of warfare against your spiritual walk, then my post on how to fight spiritual warfare will benefit you greatly.

I pray we all finish strong.

36 thoughts on “Caution against drifting away


    Great truth. We must also remember that we’re He victory over Satan has been won by Jesus and those who believe in him will not perish, but have everlasting life. He is our sure defense here and in eternity. The end is definitely near and we must be ready.

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  2. changeofheartjournal

    Thank you! I needed to read this. I have the faith and the belief and the love but I lack discipline and have neglected making time to stay in the Word and I believe that the devil has used this to get a toe hold in me and tried tempting me with old familiar and not so old sins.
    You have made me realise that this is a constant and daily battle and that we all need to keep our eyes on the prize.
    God bless!

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    1. It is a daily battle indeed. In my previous post (the one before this), I shared how I was struggling in terms of making out time to study and spend time with God. Thank God for convictions. I have started doing it again intentionally even when I don’t feel like. We can’t let the devil win.


  3. You are perfectly right, people do not backslide overnight, it is a process. It all begins when they stop praying and stop reading their bible. If yo do a survey in the church you will be shock to find out how many people find reading the bible boring. It is sad. Thank you for sharing this powerful message.

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    1. “It all begins when they stop praying and stop reading their bible.” Very true. Prayers and studying the word sharpens our spiritual antennal. Once that door is closed, we become desensitised to spiritual truths

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  4. Efua, This is good and so needed, too. I have witnessed that gradual spiritual decline in much of today’s church here in America. It was slow. It was gradual. For those who were not paying attention, they totally missed the transition, and they bought into the lies. The lies were subtle. They came in one trickle at a time. Satan is very patient, and very clever. He knew not to rush this or people would notice.

    But, those who used to preach on repentance and obedience and on holiness, so many of them slowly and gradually changed the message to not even include the word sin or repentance or obedience. They gradually softened the message to make it more acceptable to human flesh. And, so many bought into it, too.

    And, so they began to drift away because they were now being told that God is ok with them continuing in their sinful practices. He is ok with them not reading their Bibles or praying or living holy lives, they say. For, he is just happy that people “believe” in him, even if that doesn’t mean anything more than now they feel they have heaven secured them for eternity, no matter how they live from that point forward.

    And, so they are drifting away because they are being told God’s blessings are upon that, and their sin no longer matters to God. And, so there is no motivation for them to follow the Lord. For, they are being told that God smiles on them and that he is pleased with them no matter what they do. And, so it is barely distinguishable now between the church and the world. So, we need more messages like yours. For, people need to know that God is not ok with us drifting from him.

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    1. Sis thanks for your comment. I totally get what you mean and it saddens my heart. I always get uncomfortable when I hear people say “someone who believes in Jesus cannot go to hell”. I have heard it so many times where it’s been said that these people will still make it to heaven even if they died sinning as their ticket to heaven is their belief in Jesus Christ. I have always wondered what the need for holiness and sanctification was if this was true.

      Like you said sis, the devil is very wise and it’s a shame that many believers are falling. Let’s keep speaking the truth with our platforms and continue to pray that we will yield ourselves to holiness🙏🏾

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      1. changeofheartjournal

        I think we have to be careful around this and divide the Word correctly.
        It is only our faith that saves. If we could earn our way into heaven then it wouldn’t be grace and Jesus’ sacrifice would not have been necessary and as Gentiles we would be grafted in under the Mosaic law. The truth is that none of us can get in through works (less we boast) and that our “good works” is as filthy rags to God.
        Moses never saw the promised land and that was because he struck the rock instead of talking to it. He didn’t trust in faith but instead trusted in sight and action (and struck the rock which was a foreshadowing of Jesus).
        Sanctification is important as it builds on our faith and strengthens it and we grow spiritually and become better witnesses to the truth (Jesus)
        When we fail to act on our faith, then we can fall away from the truth and our hearts can harden unto apostasy.
        We need to make this distinction as many are falling for the deception that we can earn salvation through works. People who are promoting this heresy are also promoting Hebrew Roots, adherence to Mosaic Law and calling Jesus bizarre names.
        I’m not saying that this is being said here but as a baby Christian, I almost fell for the works Gospel of Torah observance and God’s voice became smaller and smaller.
        Without Jesus we literally have nothing.


      2. Hi, thanks for your comment. I agree with what you said. Please note that i am not in any way saying that our works is what will save us. If you have followed my blog for long, you will know that i have written about salvation and how this comes about. The bible is very balanced and it does encourage us living a life that pleases God. We don’t cut out the junk from our lives because we want to earn God’s love. We do this in response to our love for Him. There should be a clear difference between when we become saved and when we were in the world. I grew up not really understanding what grace was and trying to earn God’s love was frustrating because the more i tried, the more i failed. The turn around was when i began to embrace His love and try to live a life that pleases Him because of the love i have for Him. I do believe that we do have a part to play in our walk with God. We get to choose good or evil and that is the part where this post anchors on. If we don’t learn how to guard our gates, we are only leaving loopholes that will make us drift away. God bless:)


  5. At some point in our journey with God, we can find ourselves drifting away. As Believers we know this is not a good place to be. Because if you have drift away then that means you are no longer with God. I agree that drifting away didn’t happen overnight. It was a slow leak. We become distracted. Busyness crowds out our making our relationship with God a priority and then we begin to drift. Our hearts grow colder, wandering further away from Him–nothing convicts us anymore.

    The times I strayed away from God it didn’t happen suddenly. The deception about drifting is that we drift and don’t even know we are drifting. Drifting always occurs in the heart first. The failure to guard our heart manifest in our words, attitude and actions. The amazing thing is someone can be drifting while sitting right there in church or serving in ministry. The beautiful thing is no matter how far we drift off God always welcomes us back. He said return unto me and I will return unto you (Malachi 3:7).

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    1. Beautifully written sis. I agree that we can be serving and drifting away. We can by working for God and not walking with God. Being busy doesn’t equate being in fellowship. God hasn’t called us to be busy for Him. He has called us mostly to fellowship with Him. There are too many workers for God and very few walkers with God. May we align our priorities to His will🙏🏾

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  7. Agree! I know people who read multiple books on interpreting God, Jesus and/or scripture, but they didn’t have the right foundation on scripture because they also lacked in a walk with Christ. God will teach us His word and He will continue to teach us multiple things with the same scripture, but we need to always seek Him out. We need to grow in worship, prayer, and studying His word every day. ❤ It's not easy, our flesh wars against our spirit, but Christ is always worth it. Thanks for sharing, sister!

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    1. Yes sis. Many have head knowledge but very few have heart knowledge. The Pharisees had head knowledge but they rejected Jesus in their heart. May we know Him from within🙏🏾

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  10. I read this post via a link on the community Spot light by T.R Noble and I have been blessed. Am thinking of doing something like that next year, though am a young blogger.

    I have really been blessed by you and others in the community and this post was no different. These words really ministered to me, Let’s not loose our joy of salvation. This battle is spiritual.

    And Efua I believe you hit the nail write on the head, Satan will do everything possible to squeeze the joy out of our salvation but let’s not allow him, if he steals our joy, he steals our strength, for the joy of the Lord is our strength.

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