He’s got your front and back

I was discussing the concept of revenge with someone few days ago and she mentioned something which inspired this post.

She said we often think God only has our front and not our back.

I know the phrase ‘God’s got your back’. We say it to encourage others. However it is mostly said with regards to God supporting us to accomplish something or to prevent us from failing/falling. This is correct and it’s amazing that He does.

In addition to Him sustaining us, i also began to see that ‘God’s got our back’ can also mean that He’s not only interested in how we have moved on from past hurts. One of the attributes of God that we don’t talk about enough is the fact that He is a God of justice. By this i’m not referring to the Him bringing justice by way of judgment on the last day. I mean justice in the sense that He doesn’t ignore the cause of our pain.

Someone reading this might have been maltreated and shown injustice. It might be that you know what you have gone through but because you do not have anything to prove it no one wants to believe you. You might have been overlooked and cheated on. God does not overlook what you went through just because you have moved on. He’s got you past hurt. He’s got you covered in the area of justice. ‘I will fight for you’ He says. This is the more reason why it’s safer to let Him handle it for you because He does it best. No need to seek revenge when the best judge anyone can ever think of is handling your case free. Don’t worry. He’s got your back. Breathe. Live.

19 thoughts on “He’s got your front and back

      1. Thank you. I just texted her a link!to your post. She is dealing with a very tough situation at work, and the resurfacing of a painful wound from the past. Thanks again for your post and your prayers!

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  1. Reblogged this on Truth in Palmyra and commented:
    Great lesson here, Efua. We have all been hurt or mistreated at one time or another. Do we really move in, or do we harbor thoughts about what those who hurt us “have coming to them,” and wonder when they will get it. If we are wondering, then have we really forgiven?

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    1. Thanks for sharing Wally. The answer to your last sentence in my opinion is no. Forgiveness is releasing that person to God. It isn’t when we constantly lurk on that person to see if/when they’ve had their fare share of doom as a result of what they did to us. This thought in itself is too heavy to carry. We can’t live freely when we have refused to release someone from the cage of unforgiveness.


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