Are you without roots?

***From the archives – 31/03/2017***

My girls love flowers. They love picking flowers on their way from school. Yesterday my 4 years old picked some flowers from the field and brought them home. She started putting water on them but they still withered. She said “mummy why did my flower not grow? The one i planted in school grew because i watered it”. I explained to her that the reason they died despite she watered them, they don’t have roots.

This made me start thinking about the number of times we try to apply water into our lives when we do not have any root whatsoever. We want our lives to be better, our marriages to succeed, our kids to excel, our careers and businesses to do well when we are not rooted in God. We do not bother with having a relationship with God so we can grow roots. We are not concerned about our foundation. All we are concerned about is the beautiful building. We love the pretty flowers but because the roots aren’t as beautiful as the flowers we ignore them. There are beautiful buildings resting on bad foundations. These buildings are unable to stand the test of time because when the wind hits and trials come, they collapse.

Do you have roots? Does your relationship, marriage, career, business, ministry etc have roots? Or like my little girl, have you just pulled them up without roots expecting them to do just as good as those with roots?

Funny how our expectations sometimes is just like that of my little girl. “That family live so peacefully. That person is doing so well. I know better than him/her. Why am i not growing at the pace he/she is growing at? Oh why don’t i have peace the way my friend does? She is always smiling despite the challenges she is facing.”

Could it be that that other person is deeply rooted in God and you are not? Could it be that you are just watering what you hear when you have no desire to spend time with God and to allow Him develop your roots? We now live in a ‘microwave world’. We want everything quick. People don’t want to labour for anything anymore. We see everything as stressful. How easy is it for us to catch a word on TV or social media and run with that word than to spend time with God?  God pierces into our heart when we spend time with Him just as the roots into the earth. When we spend time with God instead of using the short method, He develops us by helping us bear the fruits of the spirit. We become strong from the inside.  So when the storm of staying angry hits us, we have self control to help us stand. When that family member come with drama, we are able to handle the situation well because we are no longer controlled by our feelings but by the spirit of God. Remember the growth doesn’t come overnight. It comes as a result of our relationship with God. When there is no root, there is no fruit.

Are you without roots?

18 thoughts on “Are you without roots?

  1. “We love the pretty flowers but because the roots aren’t as beautiful as the flowers we ignore them.” The beautiful tulips in your picture are such a great example. There’s nothing pretty about a tulip bulb, but once you plant it and wait a bit …!

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  2. Powerful message exemplified through roots of a flower. This is just as Jesus spoke when He taught on the Parables of the Sower. We hear the word and receive it with gladness but when the storms of life rage we don’t withstand because of being stony ground (no roots). For the word to produce we must be good ground. I love the example you gave about family drama..yes, yes and yes…when they come with the foolishness we are able to handle it because we are walking in the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22).

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    1. Hi sis. Thanks for your comment. I love how you linked this with the parable of the sower. So true. Our roots determines how stable we will be when challenges comes


      1. Yes they do. I remember learning about them in my primary and high school. Interesting how we can use even such knowledge to understand scriptures in a greater depth😊

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  3. Yes, we need to be rooted in Christ and in his love. He needs to be the solid foundation of our lives from whom all else flows. Yes, we need to be rooted in His Word, too, and we do need to hear directly from him every day first and foremost, and then we can hear him speak through others, too, for then we will be able to better discern, too, what is from the Lord and what is not.

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Efua. These are good thoughts.

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