Obey your spiritual leaders

This most likely will be one of my least read posts and that is absolutely OK. I thought of using a catchy title but i decided against it because there is just no need for that. We leave in a world where there is so much attack against the church and spiritual leaders. Whenever the news of a spiritual leader stumbling comes out, it makes headlines. Sadly some even make a living off blogging and talking about news like these on YouTube and other social media platforms. As a result, the church no longer look attractive to people.

This post is not giving a pass for spiritual leaders to continue to live in sin, and i am by no means suggesting we cover up sins. However we need to be careful so we don’t put all spiritual leaders on the same boat. There are many who are still faithful.

There is a spirit of ‘no one can tell me what to do’ which is causing a lot of confusion in the body of Christ. Many believers are preaching and believing the idea that there is no need for a spiritual authority over their lives. Please note, i am not saying we can only access God through pastors or that we need to see them as God. I am also not saying that we need to enslave ourselves under their leadership. I have seen these happen and it isn’t what God wants us to do. No one should take the place of God in our lives. And we shouldn’t obey leaders who tell us to do things outside the boundaries of the bible. What i am saying is that the authority God has placed us under need to be respected.

There is a reason why we have spiritual leaders. In Hebrews 13:17, Paul said that the work of spiritual leaders is to watch over our souls.


Many believers are not leadable. Many are stubborn, rude and disobedient to authority. Many allow the spirit of rebellion to take over them. Many are just in church to cause confusion. Whenever i think about leadership and followership, i always think of Moses, Aaron and Hur in Exodus 17. Gosh! How much wins will we get if we have more Aarons and Hurs in the body of Christ! Those who are not waiting to watch leaders fail. Those who are ready to roll up their sleeves and hold up the hands of their leaders. Those who are supportive and not destructive.

The task of church leaders is to help people mature in Christ. Cooperative followers greatly ease the burden of leadership.

Does our conduct give our leaders reason to report joyfully about us?

When our spiritual leaders think of us, do they have a cause to rejoice? Or does our names bring them pain?

Are we making the job of our spiritual leaders easy? Or are we making it hell?

The above verse i believe is clear as day and very easy to understand. We need to check ourselves, put our pride away, ditch our ungodly attitude and submit ourselves to be led by those God has placed over us. Selah!


24 thoughts on “Obey your spiritual leaders

  1. Efua, I like how you handled this subject. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I appreciate that you gave many examples of ways we are not to submit to authority, too. That is most helpful. For, although I am certain that there are still existing among us men of God who are still following the scriptures and not someone’s marketing 101 business plan for how to grow their churches, there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing among us, too, and many who have bought into the lies of Satan and who are spreading those lies throughout their congregations. So, we need to be wise and discerning about these matters, too, so that we are not led astray from our pure devotion to Jesus Christ thinking we are doing right by submitting to authority within the church which may not be in submission to Jesus Christ at all, but which may be following the flesh of humans, instead.

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    1. Melina Johnson

      Thanks for reminding us sis. There great great responsibilities that comes with being a leader and those who are under their readership should help by showing them love and respect and appreciation.🙏

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  2. Tough post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts I think we have to know our role in different situations. There are some teams where I’m the leader. Other times, I’m on teams as a role player. In either case, I need to honor God by respecting those who are leading and by utilizing the skills and abilities He gave me. For me, I have to guard my heart and walk humbly with God. Blessings.

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