Just as He said

I love it when i come across places in the bible where boastful declarations are made about my Jesus! It gives me a very good feeling and brings a huge smile to my face. During the Easter season I was meditating on the two activities that happened in Gethsemane and also the last line in Matthew 28:6.


Each time this verse comes to my mind, the last line always jumps out to me. “Just as He said”. I love how the angel didn’t just stop at telling the ladies who came to the tomb that morning that Jesus was no longer there. The angel saw it necessary to take their minds back to what He told them previously. When Jesus Christ died, His followers were engulfed by fear. As a result, they forgot what Jesus Christ already told them. Seeing that they have seen all the miracles Jesus performed and knowing His ability to perform should have made them believe that He will rise just as He said. But in this very moment, the devil stole their hope.

Has the devil succeeded in stealing your hope too? Is he feeding your mind with doubts and unbelief? Has the voice of ‘what ifs’ become louder than ‘God can!’? Are you doubting God’s ability to perform? Are you counting the number of those who failed? If this is you, then this post is for you.

God can fulfill every single promise He made to you. Has He said it? Will He not do it? He sure can and will. He isn’t a man that will lie neither the son of man that will repent.


For some weeks, i have been singing the song way maker. If you don’t know it, it’s a powerful worship song which reminds us of who God is.

God is the way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper and the light that shines in our darkness.

The ladies were looking for Jesus Christ in the place of the dead. Just like some of us are doing today. We are looking for life in a place of dead. Looking for hope in a place void of hope. Peace in a chaotic world. And finding faith in wrong places.

Jesus Christ is the way, just as He said!

He is the truth, just as He said!

He is the life, just as He said!

He will sustain you, just as He said!

He will lead you, just as He said!

He is with you, just as He said!

He has forgiven you, just as He said!

He will heal you, just as He said!

He will provide for you, just as He said!

Every single one of His promise concerning your life will come to pass. So please don’t give up on God because He has not and will not give up on you.



21 thoughts on “Just as He said

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  2. I love this post so much! It’s a beautiful confirmation of what Holy Spirit put on my heart to share on Easter morning with a church I was visiting in California. I never saw that angle of that particular verse, but it goes in such a cool way with the other things He was pointing out to me. Thank you for edifying my spirit, my sister!

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