He will not leave you in ruin

We all go through seasons of brokenness and we are sometimes tempted to believe that we are broken beyond repair. We see the remnant of us and the words ruin and condemned instantly comes to our minds. This feeling is even worse when it’s as a result of our choices especially when it’s something we were cautioned against. Someone who certainly know this feeling as well is Peter.

He was Jesus’ pal. He wasn’t just one of the twelve but also one of the three. We always read Peter, James and John … in the bible. He saw miracles that Jesus did first hand. Jesus used his boat to preach. He was with Jesus at the mountain of transfiguration. He saw Jesus confirmed as God’s son by God Himself in that moment. Jesus healed his mother-in-law. He witnessed the feeding of the five thousand. How Jesus turned water into wine and many other miracles. He wasn’t told about Jesus. He knew Him. He was very zealous also about his faith. He loved Jesus and was passionate about Him, so much so that when the soldiers came to arrest Him, he cut off one of their ears. He even followed Jesus at a distance when he was arrested. Even though he was at a distance, i think this is still commendable considering the other disciples were no where to be found.

He seemed like the next to take the mantle of leadership in Jesus’ absence. He looked qualified until things took a different turn in his life.

Anytime i hear people say ‘i can never do ….’, the story of Peter always comes to my mind.

Matthew 26:69-75 isn’t unfamiliar to me as i have read it a lot of times. However until now, i had never really put myself in Peter’s shoes. I would encourage you to look it up.

Prior to this text, Jesus had told Peter that he would deny Him 3 times. And Peter like most of us, was like “Nay, that can’t even happen. Jesus, you are my ride or die. You are my real pal. We’ve be through thick and thin together. I know you and you know me. After all we have done together, why would you even think i will deny you?” OK you won’t see it exactly like this in the bible but i think this is what was going through his mind. However the time came for his words to be put to test.

Jesus has been arrested and now being questioned. Peter is sitting outside the courtyard. A little girl comes to him and identifies him as one of Jesus’ followers. This happened 3 times and Peter’s responses were;

 “I don’t know what you’re talking about” 

“I don’t even know the man” 

“A curse on me if I’m lying—I don’t know the man!”

At this point, the rooster crowed and Jesus turned to look at Peter. This is the bit that got to me. Talk about feeling guilty. Can you imagine what would have crossed Peter’s mind when his eyes caught Jesus’? The harsh reality of what has just happened. Can you imagine him replaying those words of Jesus when He told him he will deny Him 3 times? Imagine the what ifs and if i had known moment. The pain that comes with a situation like this is heavy.

Peter thought his life was ruined. How has he gone from “i will never deny you” to “i don’t even know you?” Painful guilt indeed. His CV looked very promising. He has been faithful until now. Although shame fell on him, his life was not over because God had a plan!

Three days later, The God of second chances, gave Peter another opportunity to prove his love. You see God knows that we are frail and He knows the sins we are going to commit even before we do them. He had a restoration plan for Peter despite Peter not knowing.

You might be reading this today and feeling as though your life is ruined. You blew your chance. You were warned not to but you didn’t listen. Your disobedience landed you in a wrong marriage, unwanted pregnancy, loss of finance, loss of self worth etc. However the good news is that even before you were born, God has already prepared a restoration plan for you. It’s OK to be remorseful as that shows that we acknowledge our wrong doings. But after that, what next?

Embrace the opportunity to reaffirm your love for your God your Father. This opportunity is now. You don’t need to wait for a special moment. You don’t need to feel like doing it before you do.

Do it now.

Do it now because He is going to make something beautiful and special from that mess.

Do it now because that mess isn’t your identity neither is it the totality of your story.

God is saying to you today, that there is more. We have come too far to allow a mistake take us away from the destiny that God has prepared for us.

The same Peter who denied Jesus Christ, not just once but thrice was given an huge responsibility by Jesus to feed His sheep. Peter also gave a revelation on which the church is built. Jesus didn’t define Peter by his mistake and He doesn’t do that with us either. He sees the bigger picture which we don’t see.

Get up from your ruin and let God turn things around for you. You are still useful. You are still the vessel He wants to use because He will never leave you in ruin!




32 thoughts on “He will not leave you in ruin

  1. Amen! Efua, that is such a beautiful picture of God’s grace. But, what I love about it, is that his grace turned Peter’s life around. He didn’t just forgive Peter, but he restored him, and he gave him an assignment to prove his love for the Lord. For, love for God is not an emotion. Reaffirming our love for the Lord is also not an emotional expression. For, God’s Word says that to love God is to obey him. Jesus was telling Peter, “You say you love me? Feed my sheep.” Love is action. It is doing what our Lord says for us to do. In this way we show that we love him, not just say it.

    But, when we allow the Lord to turn our lives around, what he does in our hearts is absolutely amazing! I know this from personal experience. I failed my Lord big time some time ago now. I denied my Lord by my actions over and over again. But, when he turned me back around, and he forgave me, and he restored me, he gave me a new assignment, too, which is what I have been doing these past 13 years, i.e. writing what he teaches me from his Word and posting it on the internet. And, that to me is amazing that, after I failed so greatly, that he would choose to use me in this way. And, that is grace!! Amazing Grace!!

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    1. Yes Sue! Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sure we all have fallen short and have denied our Lord through our actions in some way. His grace is what has given us another chance. He is faithful indeed. May we not take his assignment trivially. Blessings to you sis❤️

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  2. Praise the Lord for using broken people and showing us, it is not our strength, but His!!! I love how Peter is a wonderful example of this, and Christ clearly knew how he would be used from the start. Amen!

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    1. Yes He did know. I can just picture Him looking at us like “it’s ok. I knew you were going to do that anyway and I won’t love you any less”. He understands that we are frail. What a loving God He is!

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