Ambassadors for Reconciliation

“So we are Christ’s ambassadors, God making His appeal as it were through us. We [as Christ’s personal representatives] beg you for His sake to lay hold of the divine favor [now offered you] and be reconciled to God.” 2 Corinthians 5:20 AMPC

For the past few weeks the above bible scripture have been on my mind. And each time it comes, the word “reconciled” is amplified in my heart. Last week my 7 years old daughter came back from school and with excitement and she said “mum today in RE (Religious Education), we were taught about reconciliation……”. Again in all she said, reconciliation was amplified in my heart and it got me meditating on the above bible verse.

Reconciliation is the restoration of friendship. When God created the world, it was perfect. The worship and fellowship was pure until sin came in through Adam and Eve. All through old testament, many sacrifices were made to bridge this gap as the world waited for the arrival of Jesus Christ who was going to pay the huge price of making Himself the perfect and final sacrifice for us.

The world is broken and many people are far from God. John 3:16, tells us that Jesus Christ came to die for the world so we can be brought back to God. God initiated this reconciliation process by sending Jesus Christ to come and die for us. He took our place and carried our sins which led to Him being separated from God so He could die. He’s no longer in the grave because He rose from death and is now with God in Heaven.

Despite this truth, many are still living in condemnation and sin because they have not yet accepted the offer of reconciliation that Jesus Christ has given us. Until a job or admission offer is accepted by the person who that offer has been granted to, that offer isn’t complete. God has sent the offer of reconciliation to everyone but until acceptance is made, that offer is incomplete.

This is where our role as ambassadors is very important. An ambassador is an official representative of one country to another. As  believers, we are Christ’s representatives, sent with His message of reconciliation to the world. We have a very important and relevant role to play here on earth. Our role is not to be taken for granted. God has made reconciliation by Christ, and that ministry has been committed to us.

An ambassador is always fully equipped by the country he/she is representing. In the same way, we are fully equipped with power and authority from God to enable us accomplish this task. We are not here to make our own plans, rather we are here to carry out the plan of the One who sent us here. We are to proclaim this truth as laid out by Him.  This is done in the name of Jesus Christ. We are to do this the way Christ did it Himself – remember we are His representatives. When people see us, they should see Christ and the characteristics of Jesus Christ. We are to present this message to people in the manner Jesus did. This is the core of Christianity.

This message is not only preached in words but also in action. An ambassador always have the interest of the country he/she is representing at heart. The interest of heaven should be our priority!

How well are we fulfilling our commission as Christ’s ambassadors?

To the person who hasn’t yet accepted this offer of reconciliation, be reconciled to God! Accept this terms of mercy. God has done all that needs doing. You just need to drop the obstacles in your heart and accept this priceless offer of salvation. You need to open up your heart to receive the overwhelming love of God – the kind you have never felt before. A love that is pure and true. I beg you for His sake to lay hold of the divine favor [now offered you] and be reconciled to God.

22 thoughts on “Ambassadors for Reconciliation

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  2. Reblogged this on Truth in Palmyra and commented:
    Efua asked this in the post:”How well are we fulfilling our commission as Christ’s ambassadors?”The problem is never that we are not equipped or empowered for the mission Jesus has given us, but that we aren’t ready and willing. Great post, Efua, and a challenge to us all.

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  3. I like where you said, “it goes beyond words.” There’s a saying, “words are cheap.” It is how we live our lives along with those words that testify to His love. Good post.


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