What is your anchor?

The world isn’t fun. Most of the news we hear are heartbreaking. There is so much uncertainty, fear and worry around us. We are constantly faced with the dilemma of what to choose – fear or faith. As believers, faith sounds like what we should naturally gravitate towards. Unfortunately sometimes, those whispers of fear and unknown future filters through our mind. We catch ourselves sometimes looking up at the ceiling at night wondering “what will become of it all?”

Each of us have what we believe. And that believe is our anchor. Some people’s anchor is in nature and others, technology. However as believers, our anchor is in God.

Just as the anchor of the ship prevents it from drifting due to wind or current, so also God helps us navigate through these troubled times. He helps us by speaking to us through His word.

Until an anchor is attached to the ship, it does nothing for the ship. The word of God in us is what keeps us steady and stable. The word of God is sure and certain but it can’t do anything for us if we don’t make use of it. It’s what enables us to be unmovable and smile even when everything around us is crumbling.

As we study and meditate on the word of God, our faith is being stirred up. Hope rises within us as our eyes are opened to God’s truth. God’s word helps us to shift our eyes  from facts of this world to the truth in The Word. Just as it says in Psalm 112:7,

“They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the LORD.” 

We stop living in fear of the future because our anchor and faith is in The One who controls the future. Our anchor is firm and secure. We do not walk about without hope. This is what makes us different from others. We have God on our side. We have the bible given to us as a gift from God. We are able to access God’s voice through His word as we draw strength to forge ahead.

My friend, are you trying to figure life out alone? Are you drowning? Many have been carried away by life’s current and are almost submerged in the sea of life. Many believers have pushed the bible to the back seat and are wondering why they just cannot find peace. Many have resolved to finding peace in other places where peace is not guaranteed. If you detach yourself from your anchor, you are determined to drown because you were not created to do life alone.

I would like to encourage you today, to pull out your bible. It is your anchor. Open up those pages and hear the voice of God speak to you. He has a word for those stormy days and the days you want to throw in the towel. He has a word for the day you are wondering where you got it all wrong. He has a word for those days of grieving and mourning. He has a word for the day when you just need to be carried. He has the right word to carry through every single day.



27 thoughts on “What is your anchor?

  1. FamMan8990

    Very nice! You know, the way you were talking about how without the anchor attached, it does nothing for the ship, reminds me of what Jesus told us about salt. Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. Matthew 5:13 KJV

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  3. Efua God bless you, your words are so simple yet there is a kind of peace in them when you read. Indeed the entrance of the word gives light and gives understanding unto the simple.
    Continue writing, yours is to write, God will speak in them. ❤️

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