Are you willing to relocate?

Inasmuch as we don’t like change, the truth is that we change daily. From physiological changes, to personal views, from marital status to employment status. Change is something synonymous with life. Whether we like it or not, we are changing in some way.

Despite this, there are certain changes that we naturally don’t gravitate towards. The more we live, the more we realise that we have made several changes in life. Maybe our friendship circle has changed, we have changed church, if you are like me, you have changed location. All of which comes with their own challenges.

Some times change is necessary for growth. In the bible, God told people to leave their location. Some others relocated as a result of situations orchestrated by God. Abram, Sarah, Jacob, Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Esther and many others left what they knew and moved into an environment where they became strangers.

Detachment from the known makes way for a new mindset. It helps unclog our minds from those things that has prevented it from thinking clearly. The air of a new environment brings new views and new perspective. Along with that also comes new challenges. Now you have to figure out where the corner shops are and you have to know where to catch the bus or train and how to befriend your new neighbors.

But how about if this is the sacrifice you have to make for that new opportunity that you’ve been looking for for years? How about if the new neighbor is the managing director of a firm in your industry and a reference from him can open a whole new world for you? How about if the new church brings you into a community of believers you never know existed – the type that pushes you to Christ. How about if the relocation brings you into a neighborhood of youths who you can pour eternal values into?

Perhaps God was done with you in that place and your next level of growth was dependent on the fact that you moved.

Oh wait a minute. Could it be that it is your mind i am referring to here?

What is the state of your mind? Are you still holding on to those destructive views that have hindered your peace for years? You might not have to change you home address maybe you have to change the state of your heart.

A relocation from fear to faith.

Unbelief to believe.

I can’t to i can.

No to yes.

Yes to God’s will and directions.

Yes to purpose and no to mediocrity.

Yes to love.

Yes to submissiveness and meekness.

Yes to humility and self control.

Perhaps a yes will unclog your heavy heart and remove that weight that unbelief has placed on you.

God wants us to relocate. I am saying yes. Will you?

18 thoughts on “Are you willing to relocate?

  1. riverlifepsalms1

    Great message! Immediately thought about Abraham in Genesis 12..”Now the Lord had said to Abram: “Get out of your country, from your family and from your father’s house, to a land that I will show you…

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  2. I absolutely LOVE this post, dear Efua! Your writing has such a beautiful cadence and you communicate encouragement with such power. This post helps me see change as simply a “relocation” of my mindset before God. I LOVE that! Thank you for this inspiring post! ❤ ❤

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    1. Thanks Lynn. Good to hear from you after a while. How are you doing? I assume you are back to blogging now. I have missed seeing your post and can’t wait to read❤️


  3. Seeing as how in the past 5 years my husband’s retired, we’ve moved an hour away, I’ve joined a new church due to the move and worked hard to meet new neighbors and gained a new circle of friends in the congregation and outside it, I’ve noticed I’m remembering former friends from the church life I left and wondering how they’re all doing. I am so accustomed to the changes that it’s strange going back to the old village where we’re still prepping the house to sell soon. With this move I’ve walked into a greater freedom and a deeper relationship with the Lord and new ministry opportunities I’ve been released into. This life following in the Holy Spirit is never boring; always changing if you’re truly following the plan God has for you! I just read Mitch Albom :”The Next Person You Meet In Heaven” and realizing again how our lives inter-connect for the Lord’s plans and purposes to be fulfilled.

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    1. I totally agree. Change is what makes life fun as it will be boring otherwise. Thanks for shedding light on this topic. I have never heard of that book you mentioned. Sounds like a good read


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