God isn’t mad at you

Happy new year to you! I haven’t been here much and it’s for a good reason. I hope you enjoyed the festive season?

I want to use my first blog post this year to encourage you. It is the beginning of the year and i understand that there could be some issues bothering your mind that you might want answers to, so you can have a clear mind this year. It could be that you have doubts about God but religion have helped you mask those doubts and you are just floating along even if you really and genuinely think differently.

One thing i have noticed especially with some people who grow up and have lived all their lives in church is that there is sometimes the fear of asking questions; i mean in-depth questions about God. Growing up i had this idea that i had to just accept everything i was told and that asking questions was actually a lack of faith because it was somehow seen as if i was doubting God or doubting the bible. This made Christianity a huge struggle for me. Even if i never left church, i was passive about a lot of things. I accepted them because i felt i had to; not because i believed all of it.

The more i grow in my relationship with God, the more i get to see and understand that God is not this big man with a rod in His hand waiting to strike us as soon as we err. God made me to be naturally inquisitive and i know that He wants to use all of me; including my inquisitiveness for His glory. My inquisitive nature helps me greatly in my bible study and it makes me go deeper instead of seeing things from the surface level.

God’s love has been so unraveled to me in a way that makes me question a lot of misconception we have about Him. The way God is sometimes painted actually prevents people from opening up to Him. One of the topics i personally battled with for a long time was the interpretation of faith. I struggled with the idea that asking God questions was a lack of faith. I didn’t understand how i just had to accept everything my father who i claim to have a good relationship with said without having the courage to ask him questions. It was almost like questioning God made God angry. This didn’t make any sense to me.

Well now i am glad it didn’t then because it truly makes no sense. God is big enough to handle our flaws. Christianity doesn’t make us robots neither does it stripe us off our humanity. God understands our frailness because He made us so.

As we go through life, we will have several situations that will make us ask God questions. I have learnt to ask Him those questions because whether i ask them verbally or not, He knows i have those doubts anyway because He sees my heart. He might not always answer them but He gives me the chance to ask them anyway; just as my earthly father won’t answer every question i ask. My ability to ask Him these questions has truly brought me closer and made me more intimate with Him.

Most times when we read Luke 7:18-28 we are quick to see John’s doubt which is evident. However, Jesus accommodated John’s doubt. John was confused because the reports he received about Jesus were unexpected and incomplete. John’s doubts were natural, and Jesus didn’t rebuke him for them. Instead He responded in a way that John would understand.

Luke 7:28 isn’t a by product of John’s question. Jesus only used that to explain the privilege we have that those who came before Him don’t.

Do you have questions about Christianity? Do you have questions about Jesus – about who He is, His love for you or what He expects of you? I would like to encourage you to admit those questions and ask them. As you face those doubts, only then can you honestly begin to resolve them. God can handle our doubts, and He welcomes our questions. He isn’t mad at you for having doubts.

I pray you are able to face your doubts and embrace God fully this year. He loves you like no one ever can.


18 thoughts on “God isn’t mad at you

  1. Great post, Efua. A faith journey where one truly seeks to understand God and runs into questions and doubts is more genuine than a stagnant faith that simply believes things and never questions them. It’s like this old saying–The more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know. In other words–The more you actually pursue God by reading scripture/praying/etc., the more you realize there is to discover and understand about God.

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    1. Well said Lily! I believe God wants us to be genuine and not fake our relationship with Him. Questions makes us realise our need to know more and our need for Him. I pray we are able to keep it real with Him always.

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  2. I believe that this year, God will clear lots of doubts by revealing Himself to us even more, the more we earnestly seek Him. I had a dream at the end of last year that points to this. The devil is busy out there, sowing fear and doubt in hearts, but the light of God’s truth will shine even brighter and dispell the darkness. Amen.
    Happy new year, sis. Have a super amazing year of intentional faith.

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  3. I tell my girls that all the time. Ask the Lordthe hard questions, tell Him how you feel about things. The beauty of it is… it will not take a Him by surprise. He already knows it anyway. That doesn’t mean, our questions will always be answered though

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      1. riverlifepsalms1

        Heyyyyyy there! It has been a while, but I’m back and glad to be back. When the Lord says shut it down, you know, we must shut it down. I’ve missed all of you tremendously. It’s amazing how God has used such a platform to connect His body, to do His will, and we’re not stepping on each others toes in the process. “from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love…Ephesians 4:16

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  4. When I started getting close to Christ this was something deeply on my heart. I would ask questions all the time and try to discuss. Being 13, I’m not sure if adults really understood me most of the time. But God provided a few who truly listened to me and were willing to engage me in deep discussion. I’m forever grateful for those men and women God used 🙂

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