Thank You!

I have been quiet on here because of the busy season we are in. Knowing that i will be till after the new year celebration, i thought i should quickly seize this opportunity to say thank you for riding with me this year. We were 2 years old this month and we also crossed 700 followers mark. I find these milestones humbling. I have been going through some comments today and i feel overwhelmed by what God is doing.

Thank you for taking my blog just as it is. I am not a good writer and there are lots of writing etiquette i don’t know and follow. I literally pour things out the way God lays it on my heart and in the tone He leads me to use. Thank you for accepting me this way.

Your comments, likes, shares, emails and follows does encourage me to keep going. I’m hoping that no time you spent on my blog this year have been wasted. I appreciate your time and your love.

This year has been a year where i have seen a significant spiritual growth in my life and this growth opened up some opportunities i never saw coming. God is good indeed and i never want to take his goodness and the opportunities He gives me for granted. I want more of God and i want to go deeper in Him next year. This is the same desire i pray all my readers have.

I will see you in 2019 by God’s grace. Do have a lovely new year celebration with family and friends.

With love,

Efua xx

25 thoughts on “Thank You!

    1. Awww thank you so much. You are always very encouraging. I am indeed grateful for you too and I receive your prayers. I am praying God’s wisdom, blessings and clarity for you now and always. Thanks again!

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