Something to Ponder on

I love this season because of what it represents. I love the busyness, the beauty, carols, food, everything. I love the fact that it brings families together. For some families, this is the only time they get to see most members of their family. I love the love shared in this season. Despite all of these, i also know that there are many who wishes there was no Christmas because it brings memories of those who they’ve lost.

There are homes where a minute of silence will be taken because of an empty seat. It’s going to be the first time that loved one isn’t sat around the table. For others, it brings memories of loneliness and pain. Some remember it with sadness because of the bad news they received around this period. Some dread going to family home now because of questions; the type they don’t want to answer. Questions that reminds them of what they lack. “Are you now in a relationship? Have you got a job? When are you moving back?”… and the list goes on and on.

For some, it’s a different kind of challenge. Their family members are not saved and they don’t respect their belief. The conversations that go on are not godly, the music filled with profanity. Others dread that awkward moment when they will have to speak with ‘that‘ family member. Yes we all have that one person who we would avoid if we could.

It can be very difficult to stay in the Christmas mood when there are these huddles to cross. So how do we conduct ourselves as Christians?

For the Person Grieving or Experiencing Loneliness.

When devastated by death or tragedy, we need not despair because we can always turn to God for help. The tears will still come but we don’t cry in vain because we know that we have our Comforter who is always there with and for us. When we are completely beaten down, we are tempted to turn from God, give up, and quit trusting Him. If we turn away from Him, where else will we get help anyway?

For the Person Who Will Have to Deal with those Awkward Family Moments.

Remember you were once like them. Yes we all were! There was a time we weren’t saved and those who were saved looked stupid to us. It was God’s grace and mercy that saved us. So let’s remember to extend that grace to others. The focus of Christmas is Christ. Pick your battles. Take every moment as an opportunity for them to see Christ. Remember they are your witness. Don’t ruin your witness!

No matter what we face in this season, let’s not take it on Christ. When others reject us or when we are hurt, we need God most. Let’s not turn away from our most faithful friend.

As you celebrate CHRISTmas, don’t be the barrier that hinders someone from meeting CHRIST.

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