God Gave Me a Word | Please Read!

On Wednesday we had an amazing time during our youth meeting. It was very unusual and thank God we followed the Holy Spirit’s leading. Before the service started, I felt a huge heaviness in my heart but I couldn’t tell why. A desire to worship came in and we went with the flow. As we were worshipping, the Holy Spirit dropped this scripture in my heart which I shared with the youths. But few minutes ago this scripture and same interpretation came again in a different form and I felt the same heaviness I felt during the youth meeting. I feel the urge to share this message on a platform or platforms where more people can hear it. I deeply cherish moments like these because yes the Holy Spirit speaks to me often but not often do I have these tangible and powerful encounters. This is not an everyday experience for me so when it happens, I ensure I pay keen attention and obey whatever I am being led to do. The scripture the Holy Spirit gave me is;

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” John‬ ‭12:32‬ ‭KJV‬‬

The Holy Spirit explained this scripture to me in a way I have never heard or thought of. He said we need to lift Him up in our characters. The way we live, talk and relate with people. The brightness of our lives will attract others to us and they will want to know more about us. As this happens, the God shinning through us penetrates their hearts and softens it, making it fertile and ready for the seeds we will plant in them to grow. The light which is God is what does the “drawing”. We do not have the ability to draw people to God. Any attempt to do this will lead to arguments and frustration. We need to stop arguing and trying to force God on people. When we focus on living lives that pleases Him, that is what ignites the light that becomes difficult for darkness to overcome.

Prior to now He’s been telling me about being audacious about my faith. Friends, there is a lot of pain and confusion in this world. People need Christ but they don’t know they do. People want to hear the truth. The devil is putting fear into us and putting up barriers to intimidate us from winning souls for Christ. He is doing this because he knows there is a lot of harvest. We need to make our lives become so radiant that people will not be able to resist the brightness of them.

I pray this word challenges us to do better. Have a lovely day.

19 thoughts on “God Gave Me a Word | Please Read!

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  2. Introverted Evangelist

    Bless you for sharing this message! I wouldn’t have interpreted the passage that way myself. Thus I feel this message is telling me to do more, too. God bless you.

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  3. Nifemi A.

    Obedience to the Holyspirit leads to divine encounter and revelation. How amazing God is! We receive more grace not to be ashamed but to lift Him up in everything we do.

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  4. Amen!!!! I really feel connected to these posts I’ve read of yours today. It is where God has been drawing me too. We can’t shine this light if we are partaking in any form of wickedness, worldly things. It’s hard to encourage others with Christ if we are not a living testimony.

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    1. Amen sis! There is a pattern amongst many Christians that truly troubles me. It seems a lot of people tend to gravitate towards stories of how other Christians are struggling because these stories makes us feel better about ourselves. However if we are living for Christ, we’ve got to grow! If everything I post is about how I struggle with different kinds of sins, where is my growth and self denial? Where is my testimony? Am I promoting lukewarmness or holiness?

      Transparency is needed and it’s good. However I want to be challenged to do better.

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      1. ❤ Yes! I like sharing how God pricks my heart and then helps me change my ways. But I've noticed in my comments for my posts many people still struggle to admit their own failures, mistakes, and attachments to worldly things. I was just talking to God about this earlier. ❤

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      2. Yes sis. I absolutely love and encourage transparency. But I also love reading about growth and what Christ expects of us as believers. This is what challenges me to do better. Lack of transparency creates a barrier between us and new believers.

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      3. Very true!

        Kiinda speaking of that, I was reading the scripture of when Paul talks about not letting our freedom stumble weaker believers. He was referring to food eating in particular. But like you shared with John 12:32, I looked at this scripture in an entirely new light. He broke the veil for me when it came to a lot of YouTubers I used to watch very recently, this past week. He pushed me to give up a lot of worldly media things and I felt a weight lifted off of me as I unscribed from many channels, and I hadn’t expected that. I have freedom now because of that, but I know I can’t immediately press on people to do the same thing. Instead, I need to discuss why otherwise it may seem all too overwhelming and hopeless for a believer who is not at that step just yet.

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      4. Absolutely. Our convictions are different and like you said, all of these might seem overwhelming for new believers. We have to be patient after all, we didn’t get here overnight.

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      5. Amen!!! And God is teaching me it is okay to still share the truths of these convictions, just in a productive way. These are the things and reason why we give up stuff to the Lord so we can receive more of Him and see Him active in our life. For those who love Christ, who wouldn’t want that ❤

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