The Idol on Your Hand

The first commandment i think it’s the most challenging commandment to follow in today’s world. Idols are no longer confined to graven images mounted at the back of people’s houses. It has been made portable, fancy and modernised.

I define idol as anything that takes the place of God in our life because that is exactly what it is. It is the thing we think about more than God. It is where we have placed our treasure. You might want to argue this and say no that isn’t where your treasure is. Well if it is where your heart is, then is certainly where your treasure is. The truth is this. If the thought of loosing your phone makes you scared more than the thought of missing heaven, then yes, your phone is your idol. If you always loose your temper and become uncontrollable whenever you lose your remote control, that little plastic thing has control over your life.

How about football and other games, music, celebrities, food? Yes food! If we cannot let go of a meal and we are unable to discipline ourselves in this area, food is an idol to us.

It’s scary how much celebrities are influencing our world today. People try to copy the life of their favourite celebrity. Fans are ready to fight over a celebrity that doesn’t even know about their existence.

There is a reason God told us to guard our heart. It’s very easy to drift away and start idolising things and ideas of this world.

If I may ask you, where is your treasure? When last did you think of eternity? When last did the thought of pleasing God warm your heart? When last have you been able to study the word without scrolling through social media to see what you are missing?

I challenge you today to put that phone down. Turn off the TV. Do something better with your time. We have missed a lot of treasured moments we would have had with our loved ones because our head is buried in our phones. Kids are calling and they want to be able to talk to us without us looking down on our phones. They want our full attention. They want to hear our voices and not the noise coming from a reality TV show playing in the background.

We tell them our kids off for staying long on their gadgets but we are hypocrites because we are guilty of same. We have opened doors for comparison and discontentment to come into our lives because we are always in tune with what is going on in other people’s lives. Some people have even forgotten to live their lives as they spend too much time watching others live. Many are suffering from migraines that could have been avoided if they limited time spent on gadgets.

Not only are we suffering the physical, emotional and psychological effects of idols. We are also suffering from the spiritual effects. Our minds are cluttered. Our visions are blurred. Our ears are not finetuned. This is not how God wants His children to be. Because we can’t hear Him clearly and we are unable to discern whether He is the one speaking or not, we cling to others and again idolise the people who we think can help us. We want others to interpret our dreams. We want pastor to pray over us. We want someone else to tell us what God is saying. We have become kingdom parasites who do not contribute anything to the body of Christ.

We know the latest celeb gossip, fashion trend, movie, phone, TV show. We all have become political experts and analysts overnight but some of us don’t know what God is saying about our lives. Yes God gave you that message 2 years ago but do you know if the instructions have changed. Life operates in times and seasons. Do you know what season you are in? Our ability to discern what God is saying in each season of our life, determines what we get out of it.

Our Father wants all of us. There is a battle to be fought. Some of us are fighting battles we could have avoided if we were attentive to what the Holy Spirit was telling us.

I pray that we will be able to lay off our idols so we can give God all of us.

10 thoughts on “The Idol on Your Hand

  1. Melina

    If the thought of loosing your phone makes you scared more than the thought of missing heaven, then yes, your phone is your idol.
    Great wisdom Efua.

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  2. Amen, my dear sister!!! This is exactly where Christ has been leading me as well. I’m so glad you covered this!!! I really feel like He is moving us to direct our eyes to Him now more than ever. There are so many distractions in this world. We must be willing to admit what we struggle with, and not point fingers.

    I wrote about this too in yesterday’s post. .

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    1. The distractions are real. It truly saddens my heart how we find time to stay on our phones but we claim we don’t have time to spend with Jesus Christ. Just before I came on here to reply something happened. It was time for my devotion and I started but about 2mins in, I came on here to reply to your previous comment. Immediately I picked my phone up and came here, my heart was pricked but I ignored it. As I was trying to type, my phone was acting up. Prior to now my phone was fine. I used it to reply you earlier on. As this was happening I knew there was nothing wrong with my phone and that God didn’t want to share my time with him with my phone – distractor. I finally obeyed and continued my devotion which turned out amazing. Now my phone is fine lol. The pressure from phones is very high and it can easily become an idol.

      I will certainly check out yesterday’s post.

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      1. Praise the Lord Jesus! I would NEVER want to come before Him. He deserves your attention so much more than I do. And I’m so glad He pricked your spirit (and your phone) for that reality check. Praise His name for speaking to you!!!!

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