Take a Step

It takes a lot of patience to appreciate steps. To the young, the phrase “take one step at a time” sounds outdated. The gospel of faith and flying like eagles without little or no effort I’m afraid is aiding this ideology knowingly or unknowingly. Life is a process. Standing at the beginning of the stairway and shouting amen won’t take us to the peek of the stairs. Hope alone won’t cut it. Hoping to soar won’t make us soar if we don’t take steps.

The teaching of process is gradually disappearing. The message of “get it now” seems more applaudable to many including me. However if we ask those who did great things here on earth, they will remind us of the word “process”.

With every step comes the lesson of patience, self control, examination, and better judgement. Steps makes you more prepared.

So today I am writing to challenge you to do something. Take a step towards your purpose. Take a step towards that thing you have always wanted to do. Stop wishing and start doing. Standing still won’t take us to the top. Climbing the steps will.

You started the year with “I want to do …..”. End the year by saying “I have started the process of doing….”. It’s not too late. Begin now!

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