The Different Names of God | Jehovah El Roi

The circumstance in which this name of God was revealed, isn’t the type we naturally would expect.

God promised to give Abram and Sarai a child. He never told them when this was going to happen in order to manage their expectations. So the wait began. One year turned two and five and ten. At this point, this couple were frustrated like we all would. However, in this midst of this, stood an alternative.

Sometimes we get into the trick of thinking that the alternative is the promise. God told Abram and Sarai that they will have a child. He never said He was going to give them a child through someone else.

The alternative looked logical. It was a cultural practice. It was a norm. It looked as though they felt God was opening their eyes to an opportunity they never thought of.

This alternative was Hagai (Genesis 16). She was an Egyptian servant living with Abram and Sarai. Faced with the torture of not having the blessing within her time scale, Sarai pitched a speech for Abram and gave reasons as to why this was a good idea. Abram repeating the mistake of his forefather (Adam), didn’t challenge this idea and he cowardly accepted and impregnated Hagai.

As the ‘blessing’ began to evolve, it caused pain because it wasn’t the promise.

What alternative promise do you have in your life that you have used to replace the promise from God? Could it be the reason for your pain?

Fight broke out in the house because a seed that God has not ordained was planted. When we go ahead of God, we only create trouble for ourselves. Pregnant Hagai and boss Sarai could not longer dwell together in peace. Hagai knowing that she has been able to do something that her boss hasn’t been able to do for 10 years, changes her attitude from being a servant to soon “to be” boss. But why this attitude?

Lynn wrote a post on this and made me see this story from a different angle. In her post The Tyranny of “To Do“, she paints a visual picture of what life must have been like living as a pregnant servant. Hagai has been told to become a surrogate mother, no pay rise was discussed, her work load not reduced considering her circumstance, she had to wake up early and feed cattle as she was trying to cope with morning sickness, backpain and all the ‘not so good things’ that comes with being pregnant. This could have been the reason she behaved the way she did. Thanks to Lynn for this insight.

The end result of this drama was that Hagai fled from the house. In her run, she encounters God.  It interest me that God didn’t go to Abram or Sarai. Rather He went to the helpless servant who was running from the known to the unknown.

Despite the messy situation, God showed Hagai pity and comfort. He asked her where she came from and where she was going? God is concerned about our journey. No matter how messy our life journey has been, God is still interested because He uses the whole of it, to reveal something to us. After this event Hagai said, “You are the God who sees me.” (Verse 13)

Jehovah El Roi means The God who sees me.

In the midst of her pain, Hagai saw a side of God that she never knew before. Not only does God do amazing things when we are on the mountain, He also does great things when we are in the valley.

When we are in the valley of loneliness, and it looks as though everthing has been stripped away, He reveals Himself as our all-in-all.

When we are in the valley of lack, He reveals Himself as our provider.

When we are in the valley of sickness, He shows up as our healer.

When we are lacking direction, He steps in as our shephard.

In the valley, God exposed Hagai’s heart to her. God gave her specific instructions on what to do to help build her character (verse 9). I love the visual picture of her encounter. I see God comforting and reproofing her of her wrong at the same time. He didn’t just point out her flaws without giving her guidance on how to become better. He told her to go back to Sarai and submit to her authority. This is a big lesson to learn in the valley because it can rob us of our position when we get to the mountain.

How amazing is this? I think we can imbibe same principle in the way we deal with others. There are too many people pointing out what is wrong and very few giving guidance on how to do better.

God didn’t hide the consequences of this incidence from her either. In verse 12, He told her how hostile this child will be. But surprisingly, it isn’t mentioned that Hagai asked for God to show mercy and reverse this. Maybe she didn’t quite understand the bigger picture.

It’s very important we pay attention to prophesies that we receive. Hezekiah had a prophesy from a man of God that He was going to die but He didn’t accept it. He prayed and God showed mercy. I believe in the sovereignty of God and I also believe He is merciful. Who knows, if Hagai had asked for mercy, maybe the problem we are having with the Arab world won’t be happening today.

El Roi sees; and He sees you. He sees where you are coming from, where you are and where you are going. He sees the oppression you are facing. He sees the pain you are going through. He sees your faithfulness also. This give me a huge level of comfort. That nothing is hidden before Him. I continuously rest in this truth as I let Him control my life.

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34 thoughts on “The Different Names of God | Jehovah El Roi

  1. G’day Efua, I hope your week has been good.

    I really liked your question -“What alternative promise do you have in your life that you have used to replace the promise from God? Could it be the reason for your pain?” mainly because I have done this many times in Christian life, so the pain is real if you know what I mean. A really good question to pose my friend.

    “God is concerned about our journey. No matter how messy our life journey has been, God is still interested because He uses the whole of it, to reveal something to us” – Amen.

    Your writing is always getting better

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    1. Hi Evad! Thanks as always for your comment. I have opted for the alternative promise many times as well and i understand the depth of that kind of pain. Those moments taught me to always wait for God’s time.

      Thanks for your compliment. You are a very good writer so to hear this from you means a lot. Have a lovely day.

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  2. Good post, Efua! I have always enjoyed the story of Hagar because she was just doing what she was supposed to do, as a servant, and the Lord saw how she had been used and mistreated and blessed her. Unfortunately for us and the world, the nation that came from her loins is the Arab nation, a nation that is still at enmity with Israel even today. Abraham’s lack of total faith in God has had far-reaching consequences even for our world today.

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    1. Yes Sis. She was told from the onset what her fruit will look like but she didn’t intercede on his behalf. A lesson for us all. I pray we don’t give up waiting. God’s time and gift is always the best


  3. Alternatives are carnal but the promise of God is eternal.
    Abraham’s alternative through Hagai brought the issue of conceding to the flesh which brought about Ishmael.
    Your expressions are cool and your message was quite deep.
    Thanks for posting.

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  4. I loved this:
    “What alternative promise do you have in your life that you have used to replace the promise from God? Could it be the reason for your pain?”

    So thought provoking and powerful!! It truly made me sit up and take notice, and truly think about some different areas of my life right now. This was a great blog!!😊

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    1. Thanks so much! I have been thinking about it ok myself. Sometimes we suffer because of what we put ourselves into. Not everything that looks logical is good for us. It might be ok for others to do it but that doesn’t mean God has given me the go ahead to. I am glad that particular line has spoken to others too. It seems to be what everyone else in the comment section has taken away as well. I pray that as we ponder on it, the Holy Spirit will open our eyes to see the thorns disguised as blessings in our lives. As we do, I also pray we will be able to ask God for mercy and cleansing. Thanks again sis😊

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  5. ❤ I see how Lynn's post moved you. It was a powerful one, and your post is another powerful one as well!!!! The last paragraph spoke the loudest to me and was such a conclusion. I need to let Him take priority and hold His hand when I am unsure. I certainly want to work on not stepping ahead of Him. 🙂 Thanks, sis!

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    1. Lynn’s post was truly good!…. The last paragraph is a journey for me as well. Sometimes I rush ahead and realise I have messed things up. I am in the same process with you Sis. We thank God for the constant reminders.😊

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  7. Melina

    This is one of my favourite name of God. Anyone and everyone have the opportunity to experience God’s awesome presence of love peace comfort guidance the list goes on. All we need to do is CALL. ❤❤ thanks for sharing. 🙏

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  8. “I believe in the sovereignty of God and I also believe He is merciful. Who knows, if Hagai had asked for mercy, maybe the problem we are having with the Arab world won’t be happening today.”. Now that opens a whole other world of possibilities. The problem with not going with the plan we might miss God’s hidden mercies. Hezekiah certainly did. He lost his fear of God and made ungodly choices for his kingdom. Adding time only gave us time to reveal his true character and that was an ugly truth. Had he received God’s message as a kindness and not a curse he might have worked harder to strengthen his kingdom and leave a legacy of faith and provision in the time remaining.

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      1. It’s reactive and normal to cry out against losing our plans, unexpected changes, anything we are helpess to change that breaks us down with fear or torment but if we are always looking to Jesus we can overcome fear and expect His provision. We can rejoice that God always has our back and we are destined to win. Jesus cried out in the garden “please take this cup from me! Nevertheless not my will but yours be done.” He trusted His dad not to give Him what would end poorly though he pleaded so He banked on the will of His good Daddy. And aren’t we all so glad He did?!!!

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      2. Yes sis. Trust is the word. We must trust His way, wisdom, knowledge, time and sovereignty. Losing is hard but God can be using that same pain for our gain. Thanks for blessing me with your comment😊


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