Don’t Write Me a Tribute When I am Gone

This past year, we have sadly had some close friends pass away and one thing that is very common in the funerals is the tributes given by people. Half of programme of events are filled with tributes from well meaning friends and family members. My thing with this is, the person in the coffin cannot read or hear it.

I am known for writing detailed messages to others when I have something to say about them. I have been mocked for it as people think no one has the time to read them. However I would rather do this and let you know how I feel about you now that you are alive. I love to publicly express how I feel about people.

One of my pet peeves is when people write “happy birthday” as a birthday wish to someone they know very well on a personal level. It always keeps me wondering “is that all you can say to that person?”. If it comes from a stranger or someone who doesn’t really know me well it’s ok. Otherwise it baffles me.

People don’t know how we feel about them if we never say anything to them. Why are we always too busy to appreciate people when they are alive but we can take time off work to attend their funerals? We can’t be bothered typing a message to them when they are here but we are willing to write 3 pages of tribute for their funeral.

Take your phone today and call that person. Don’t just say “thank you”. Say why you are saying “thank you”. Tell them why you love them. Why you like being around them. What you love about them. Don’t just tell them privately but also let them know publicly if an occasion for that comes. Don’t just tell them privately but also let them know publicly when occasion for that comes. You never know, the next time you have the opportunity to do this, it might be at their funeral.

15 thoughts on “Don’t Write Me a Tribute When I am Gone

  1. Such wonderful wisdom. The world needs more of this. We do need to heed what you say here. Let our words minister grace to those who hear them abd uplift their spirits.

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  2. Howdy Efua, I hope your doing good.

    Thanks for sharing, its so true. Its pretty sad that someone has to die before people have something nice said about them but it happens all the time as you have said. I like to think that I am pretty intentional about this stuff but your post has challenged me. So thanks!

    Peace to you

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  3. Thanks for the apropos message the day after I wrote a personal thank you note to a daughter-in-law, also thanked her for being such a good mother to my grandsons and such a good balance for my son who is her husband. They are a very busy family and don’t often get “real” mail so I like to send something once in a while as the Spirit moves me.
    You are definitely a blessing for me with your postings!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. What a beautiful thing to do to your daughter in law! I’m sure you made her heart glad by doing this. We need more people like you. God bless you always!


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