Don’t Go Back!

Don’t go back to the place God has picked you up from.

Don’t make despair and confusion your home.

Don’t go back to that friendship God saved you from.

Don’t allow the devil trick you to believe you were better off then.

Don’t be too fast to forget how badly you wanted to leave.

Continue to take steps forward. It might look tougher and longer than you thought it would but don’t give up.

You are stronger and tougher than you think you are.

The Almighty God is with you and for you.

You have come too far to quit.

Please don’t turn back!

13 thoughts on “Don’t Go Back!

      1. Thanks. I read more than I comment on and you always have good posts I enjoy reading, but I do miss reading everyone’s and connecting through comments. I’m trying to cut down on the time spent away from what I need to focus on, though. Unfortunately, I am easily distracted 😔

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      2. I understand Sis. We’ve got to keep our priorities right. I am easily distracted too. Reason why I try to stay on here too much otherwise I won’t get other things done.

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