The 3 Categories of People You Need in Your Life | A MUST READ!

Before you read this post, please get a pen and paper so you can do the tasks. You will find them very helpful in the end.

Yesterday I talked about how to know who your real friends are. If you haven’t yet seen that post, you can read it here.

Today I want to draw our attention to the people we have around us and hopefully at the end of this, we will be able to truly understand our circle and know where to place the people God has put in our lives.

I believe that there are 3 categories of friends we need in life.

1. The ones you look up to.

Some people refer to these people as mentors. Whatever you call them, it’s very important you have this category. The people in this category are those who are spiritually mature than you. These people are not afraid of you and can call you out anytime if you mess up. These are the ones who challenge and rebuke you. The ones who pour into you. Most often than not, these are not the “we hang out every weekend” people. We might not see them often but we hold them with high esteem. I am not talking about making people gods here. It’s a shame that these days, we have become overly confident and arrogant to the point where we now neglect the benefit of having this group in our lives. It looks as though we are in a generation of spiritual arrogance. Jesus Christ will not jump down from the sky to teach you. And yes I know and believe we can develop our own relationship with God. But He also needs us to drop our pride and “I know it all” attitude and look for others to learn from too. You remember Paul and Timothy? And where Paul instructed the older women to teach the younger ones? That is what I’m talking about.

Reason why we need this group.

  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Spiritual growth
  • Support

Task: Write down the names of the people in your life who fall into this category.

2. The ones who are in the same level with you.

These are your typical girlfriends and guy friends. The ones who are in the same spiritual level with. You all go through similar challenges. The ones you talk to all the time and have fun with. This group is very important as they are the people who form your typical small ‘run to’ community. These are the ones you laugh and have the usual girl chats and guy chats with.

Reason why we need this group.

  • Support
  • Leisure
  • Everyday accountability

Task: Write down the names of the people in your life who fall into this category.

3. The ones who look up to you.

These are the “timothys” in your lives. The ones who you pour into. The ones who you mentor. You necessarily might not call them for advise; although this can happen. But most times, it’s the other way around.

Reason why we need this group.

  • To give back
  • Legacy

Task: Write down the names of the people in your life who fall into this category.

Mismatching these categories can ruin friendships. In all categories, honour needs to be given accordingly.

Only having category 1 means you won’t have a balanced life. You need the ‘chill out, easy access and everyday conversation’ friends in category 2. You also need the people to pour into and give back to (category 3). Without giving back, we can’t be replenished.

Only having category 2 means we lack the benefits of categories 1 and 3. We tend to just end up with a shallow life this way.

Only having category 3 means we will ALWAYS be exhausted because we are always giving and never receiving.

How easy was it for you to easily do the tasks? Where you able to find the people to fill all 3 categories? If yes, well done and keep that circle alive. If no, you need to pray for God to bring these people into your life. Some of you have been hurt so bad by friends that you have decided to keep to yourself. This lifestyle not only locks bad people out but it also prevents the good ones from coming in. This ends up hurting in the long run because loneliness is no man’s friend. You might need to open your heart to new friendships. You might need to reach out to old ones if you ruined them and see how things can be amended. Prayer and following the Holy Spirit’s leading is key here.

I hope you found this post useful😊

12 thoughts on “The 3 Categories of People You Need in Your Life | A MUST READ!

    1. Great! Thank you. I have been pondering on why we don’t see that bible verse demonstrated in church as it used to be. I will be sharing my thoughts on my next post which hopefully should be up on monday😁


    1. Thanks for reading Sis. I am like you. This year it has been on my heart to proactively look for mentors and a particular lady has been on my heart. Recently she reached out to me to speak in one of her events and that brought us closer. Within the few months I have drawn closer to her I can see how that has benefited me a great deal. I thank God!

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