We are emotional beings. Showing emotions is a sign of being alive and being attentive to our surroundings. Emotion reveal how we feel about things. The way we feel about things often times determine how we react to them. I have heard of people who say they hardly feel any emotion. I was once like that.

There was a time in my life when I really felt no emotion whatsoever. It’s almost like I felt nothing that was going on around me. To give you an idea of what I mean, I remember walking into an accident scene on my way to school during my secondary school days (what we call high school in England). I was in my 2nd year at the time so I was pretty young. I remember seeing about 4 dead bodies and really I felt nothing. This was how far locked my emotions were. As I grew up and started reflecting on issues in my life, I realised that there was a root cause of my lack of emotions. Certain things I experienced in my young age, made me numb to things like that.

So if you are one of those who say you don’t feel emotion, I would advise you look deep inside you and probably go for counselling. You will be amazed at how a life incidence can steal such precious gift from us.

But then there is also another extreme to this – those who are overemotional. To be overemotional means to be easily affected by emotions. 3333

Signs to know you are overemotional.

  • When you are unable to control your emotions.
  • When you have outburst over minor issues. 
  • When you are frequently overpowered by your feelings
  • You always feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to make decisions as a result
  • You cry way tooooo much
  • You overact. You are very snappy
  • You find it difficult to handle criticism
  • You are very conscious of what other think about you

I don’t believe that this is a good way for us to live as Christians. I went from being void of emotions to being overemotional. I would cry over anything. I struggled to say no to people just because I didn’t want to let them down even when these decision were not good for me. Whenever I managed to say no, I would spend my entire day thinking about how that person is feeling and how are viewing me. I would beat myself up and really ruin my whole day by just thinking about something I can’t control.

The results of being overemotional are;

  • Time wastage – Less productivity
  • Guilt
  • Fear
  • Unable to make clear judgment
  • Controlling because you want everything to revolve around you

The life we are living is goes very fast. There is no time to spend milking emotions out of trivial issues. Life doesn’t revolve around you so you need to put those emotions in check. I had to do same to myself. If I say no to an invite, of course I feel bad but no way am I going to waste my entire day mourning over the fact I turned down an invite. Know that the devil will do all he can in order for us to waste the gift of time God has given us.

Self control is something we can’t do without if we truly want to live life to the fullest. Like I said at the beginning, emotions is very important for us to be able to relate with people. Jesus Christ showed love, compassion etc; all of which come from emotions. However, He didn’t spend his time for ministry trying to figure out why the Pharisees didn’t like Him, why His closest friend Peter denied Him when He needed him most.

I know there are other extremes to this where therapy is needed. This post isn’t about that. If you need help, please seek help.

Don’t be the type of person who shows no emotion or is overemotional. It’s hard being around people of both extremes. Pray for self control. Go will not ask us to do something He hasn’t given us the ability to do. As a Christian, we have the Holy Spirit living in us and He aids us to live better.

How can I overcome this habit?

  • Accept you are overemotional
  • Pray
  • Study and meditate on the word of God. Let it transform you from the inside out
  • Ask people who are spiritually mature to help you
  • Accept criticism and decide to do better
  • Have a daily plan on what you are doing. When you have a plan and a target to meet, you won’t spend the entire day thinking about something you can’t control.
  • Find someone you will be accountable to in this area. Someone you trust who can call you out if need. This person should also be able to ask you what you have done with you day

As someone who have been on both ends, I know it can be hard but really you can be free from this if you want to and you seek help. Own your emotion. Don’t let it own you.

I pray this helps someone.

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