Christianity and Homosexuality

Once in a while i try to delve into issues that are not really talked about a lot in church. Naturally i like to confront issues instead of burying my head in the sand. I do feel that certain issues plaguing our society and to be honest and churches; are often not addressed maybe because of fear or because we don’t know what to say or how to go about dealing with them. However when we see young and old people in church doing these things, we can’t just close our eyes and keep moving.

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In my work place, there is someone who to be honest is one of the nicest person at work. A hard-worker, funny, witty, humble and someone who laughs a lot (just like me), knows the job and gets it done. We have a lot of conversations about how different our cultures are. This individual opens us to me about personal life, past struggles and victories. Despite us being similar in terms of values, there is one bit where we are very different. He is gay.

For the sake of anonymity i will address this individual as a guy and call him Smith.

When i joined my company few months ago, Smith was one of the people who made settling in very easy. Despite we aren’t in the same team, his wittiness made the day go really quick as his funny jokes kept me going. To be honest, i knew something was different about Smith. And quickly my guess was confirmed. The day this was confirmed, the ‘church’ in me instantly created a border between us. I started seeing him like someone who was already in hell. Although i didn’t say anything, my heart was different towards him.

Should i be feeling this way as someone who is Christlike?

Will Jesus Christ feel and see him this way?


Anyway, the more i spoke with Smith, the more i realized that apart from this area of his life, we were similar. Very similar.

One day i began to think about Smith and others like him and a thought came to my mind. If Smith was someone who tells ‘white lies’ (although i don’t believe in this term), someone who swears, someone who is living with a partner outside of marriage, proud, jealous, someone who isn’t gay but just a normal good guy who doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ, will i view him through the same lens? Will these sins be as weighty as homosexuality in my eyes?

If i can go for tea with someone who tells white lies, will i go for tea with Smith or someone like him?

As i thought about this, it became clearer to me how the church weighs some sins over others. A blind eyes is turned towards a guy and a girl cohabiting but we are quick to send someone like Smith to hell. We call out Smith and others like him, but we are kind of quiet about the wickedness, greediness and all other vices seen in churches daily.

We are quick sometimes to point out the fact that we are speaking for God. Oh well maybe. But Jesus spoke against SIN and SINNERS. And just for definition, i love the definition of sin i learnt as a child in Sunday school. It’s a simple and straight forward definition. It says a sin is anything that does not please God.

God does not categorize sin. The earthly consequences might be different but the eternal consequence is the same.

I have noticed personally that the church is good at shouting about bigger sins but very quiet about smaller ones. If we believe in eternal condemnation of sinners in general; not just homosexuals then our approach towards homosexuals will change.


God HATES sin but LOVES the sinner. This is something we are yet to grasp as a church.

If God shows us our hearts in open and plays it for the whole world to see, we will see that many of us are in no way better than homosexuals. We just have a different kind of sin we commit.

If we believe that the same hell a homosexual person is going to, is the same hell the person with unforgiveness (regardless of how badly you were hurt) is going to, then maybe we will start using a different approach.

Please i am not saying we should entertain and habor homosexuality in the church. What i am saying is that we should define sin as it is and see sin the way God sees it.

As i was searching for an image for this post, i came across a lot of images that totally wrecked me. My heart is very heavy about this issue and i honestly do not agree with the way both extremes of the church are dealing with it. I do not agree with the current approach and i also do not agree with those who are promoting gay weddings in church.

Homosexuality is a sin. Anybody who dies as a sinner regardless of the sin you commit, will go to hell. Don’t tell me not to judge. That is what the bible says. See Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9, 1 Timothy 1:10. If you don’t agree, it’s OK. Take your case to Jesus Christ and ask Him why He said so.

Smith isn’t different from me when i was living in sin. There is a spirit behind homosexuality. The spirit is what we should be mad about and pray against. Not the person. If your child tells a lie, will you cast out your child or you will pray against that spirit? I guess the latter will be your answer. There is a force behind this. The spirit of darkness is at war with the spirit of light. When we grasp this revelation, we will use a different approach.

My attitude towards Smith has changed. My heart is a lot freer towards him as a person (not his sin). Smith knows i love Jesus Christ. Yes if you meet me more than once, you will know i love and talk about Jesus, church, my husband and my kids (yes i am annoying like that but people still love me haha!).

I would love to talk about Jesus Christ with Smith. We have talked about a lot of life issues. Smith has told me that he used to be a christian. That makes it even more difficult to talk about because he already know most of the things i will be telling him. However i believe when the right time comes, the Holy Spirit will put the right words in my mouth and change his heart.

Praying for Smith and everyone living in sin. That they will have an encounter with Jesus Christ and embrace the love of God.

As a christian, do you agree or disagree?

As a non-christian, how do you view this topic?

How do you think things can be done differently in the church?

59 thoughts on “Christianity and Homosexuality

  1. Your story is not quite different from what others are experiencing.
    You’re right by saying we shouldn’t avoid them but creating the right time to still bring them back to the fold of Christ.
    In as much as you endeavour to make ‘Smith’ have a change of heart you should do it with wisdom.
    Love your preaching skills.
    Bless you.

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  2. “SIN IS SIN. God HATES sin but LOVES the sinner.” Totally agree, Efua! We are good about grading sins as one being worse than another, when really, in God’s eyes, it’s all sin, no matter what it is. But whatever the sin is, we should still love the sinner.
    We shouldn’t treat one sinner different from another based on the sin they’re committing, yet we, as sinful people, do. I think it makes us feel better about our own sins—“Well, I’m not as bad as them” or “At least I don’t do that.”
    I think our love for sinners, not acceptance of what they do, but for them as people, can speak volumes as we show people the love of Christ—not through talk, but through actions—and may even lead them to Christ without words.
    Continued blessings to you, Sis! ❤️ Keep preaching! 😉

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    1. I can’t agree more. I like what you said about how treating sins differently makes us feel better about our own sins. It is so true. I pray we understand this and start doing better. Blessings to you my sis and I miss your posts❤️

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  3. I am a Christian and I agree with you. It broke my heart as a high school teacher when I saw young boys and girls decide suddenly that they were gay. But it did not make me treat them differently it only brought them to mind more for prayer. I like what you said that God loves the sinner but hates the sin. So true! And God who is the God of justice and mercy will make the final decision. I hope that many of those being led into this lifestyle by the lies of Satan will find a relationship with Jesus, repent and turn to their Savior. He is their Savior, too!

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  4. This is such a GREAT post! I am glad someone is speaking about it and showing that sin is sin whether it is homosexuality, lying, cheating, or etc. God does not categorize it but He can save us from anything that may be hindering us. I also love the part when you wrote ” The spirit is what we should be mad about and pray against. Not the person. If your child tells a lie, will you cast out your child or you will pray against that spirit?” We should not go against the person but love them no matter what they are dealing with.

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    1. I am glad you liked it Sis. It wasn’t sure how this post was going to be received and to be honest I didn’t care either. I just want us as a church to go back to the drawing board and get it right. Thanks for visiting my blog🙂


  5. Melina

    Great Great post Efua I totally agree with you, and the comments from Mia, Angelica M, Vicklea, Evangelist Chilavert . And just to add let’s just treat everyone regardless of who they are with God’s love and kindness🙏

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    1. The movement behind sin is to kill, steal and destroy. It’s the same idea behind making swear words sound normal, making cohabiting before marriage sound not too bad, making nudity acceptable, calling lies white lies, the list is endless….


  6. Pst Shitta

    Beautiful piece of writing , Efua. So proud of you. You nailed it. Yes Jesus loves everyone but hates sin. And like u said; Sin is Sin. There is no big sin or small sin. While we show the love of Jesus to others , we also MUST point out to ourselves any nature of sin that can take one to hell.
    As per the main jist Homosexuality; believers should know it’s a spirit from d pit of hell . Rom 1:18-32 explains it further.
    The only solution is to pray that God would reveal himself to such victims. Also constant Evangelism is key and above all ; we who are chiristians should live a life worthy of emulation.

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  7. Great post Efua. I think sometimes as Christians we fail to remember that sin is not against us, but rather against a Holy God. He is the only one who can forgive sin. We are called as saints to be examples of Christ, to tell others there is a better way. That Christ died for their sin and not stand in judgement of others. But rather to be reminded that those who do not Christ as their Savior will do what their natural nature wants to do

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    1. Absolutely. I feel sometimes we feel we can do a better job than the Holy Spirit in terms of convictions. And like Mia said, we enjoy talking about how big other sins are sometimes to make us feel better about ours. I pray that God will forgive us all and save the hearts of those who don’t know Him yet

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  8. Busola

    Well done Efua, I agree about loving the sinner and hating the sin.I also agree that the church categorizes minor and major sins.May the Lord give us a deep understanding of His ways. I believe we need to arise as a church and pray against this spirit of homosexuality. We sometimes do this at my church especially when praying for the children and the youth. But I must add that I have heard testimonies of gay people who are no longer gay after surrendering to Jesus Christ. I pray that ‘Smith’ will one day fall into this category.

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    1. Amen! It is a spirit indeed. And yes prayers needs to go up against it. Older people are now embracing this idea too. Smith is a granddad. The reason behind doing this at such a mature age baffles me. Just as the reason behind someone taking a gun to kill. I strongly believe it’s a war we are facing against the kingdom of darkness. The spirit reflects in all other sexual vices. Praying for the hearts of men, women, boys and girls will be turned back to The Father. Thanks for stopping by sis🙂


  9. Viola

    It’s amazing how many of us including me are guilty of judging the obvious sin and responding to the individual involved unconsciously in a way that is totally opposite from what God has instructed. “LOVE your neighbour as yourself”. I have many times pondered on what makes an individual decide to be gay. Yes we know the devil is at work but I am speaking more about the individuals thought process. I strongly believe it is often born from a place of low self esteem and lack of love and affection…low self esteem has its roots in lack of acceptance. This makes them quick to accept love in any form just to know they are LOVED. I know that with the younger generation the message of “there is nothing wrong with being gay” is widely spreading so they might not need to go through a thought process.
    Where does the Church stand in this I guess is the big question. I like to use myself as an example when trying to relate with others. Not being perfect myself, I have certain habits I am partnering with the Holy Spirit to help me deal with and a big one is being impatient with people especially when it is about a task/project we are working on together. My passion for excellence comes with a downfall of not being very considerate of people who work slower and are laid back. As a Christian I believe I need to manage this better as it quickly leads to me becoming angry and making some unnecessary comments. Even if I acknowledge this is a sin, I don’t think I would be happy or accepting of just anyone coming to talk to me about it. My first reaction would be “Do you even know me” “how dare you”. This is me with all….. in Sister Efuas words the “church in me”. I therefore do not expect anything less from anyone I plan to speak to about a sin. You have to love me to speak to me.

    Even when we evangelize to a
    stranger, someone can tell if you are speaking from a place of judgement or a place of Love. The bible verses and examples you choose to use are easy give aways. When someone’s heart truly yearns for people to know God and experience His love and peace there is passion and love in their evangelism.

    Today I again make a conscious decision to love equally as God has commanded, I pray that God would heal individuals in the place of sin as a result of hurt, scars and just by mere decision and that He gives Christians the grace to relate with these individuals first in Love as we cannot preach His message without love.

    More grace Sister Efua.

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    1. Amen sis! Amen!!! It is natural for us to yield towards a place we find love and feel accepted. I equally think of the thought process as well that leads to homosexuality. In my opinion, I feel we need to have open honest conversations about this in our churches in order or know how to go about – not negating the place of prayer. Maybe it will be helpful if we get someone who used to be homosexual come to talk to us about it. It’s very easy to say “well they should just stop” when we are not in their shoes. My sis a lot needs to be done. In all we can never win anyone over without LOVE. Thanks for reading and commenting


  10. Don

    God has created man in His own image. He also has, since the beginning of time, given same sex attraction to 7 to 15% of humankind and continues to do so. Of course, we can condemn these people as deviants. Or we can feel pity and subtle superiority towards them (love the sinner! hate the sin!). We have condemned them, throughout history, to persecution, violence and suffering. And yet, God keeps making them, every day. Isn’t it reasonable to assume that God has a reason to do what he’s been doing? In my view, the obsession of modern Church with homosexuality is little different from the views in early Christianity that non-Jews can only find Christ if they circumcise, follow food laws and obey the Torah? Isn’t the obsession with homosexuality the Gentile problem for modern Church?


  11. Amen! It is ridiculous to me how it seems majority of Christians and church focus on the big sins like you said, but not the smaller stuff. We create more division with our noses in the law of the Bible, than openly showig the love of Christ, as He did. He came for the sick, not the well. He was with the sinners daily for a reason, and the believers of that time period struggled heavily because of it. As the book of James shares it is equal in God’s eyes, yet we mortals have weighed different sins. It makes me wonder how Christians today would feel about Jesus being among us. I think it would be very eye-opening and probably make many of us convicted and ashamed.

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    1. T. R it beats my imagination how people can be very comfortable trying to remove the little sand in someone’s eye when there is a rock in their own eye. Like you said a lot of division is being created in church as a result. I have seen it too often and it bothers me. I agree Jesus came for the sick. I just pray that we all understand that🙏🏾

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  12. Titi Samuel.

    God loves everyone of us but what God hates is sin. We just have to try our best to do away with sin. Homosexuality is not acceptable in the side of God. There is no small sin before God ,sin is sin let us run away from it as a children of God.

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  13. Adebisi Adetunji M.

    Efua God bless you for this… I call it speaking the truth in love. We need to talk more about these issues in church and to our children too.

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  14. Wow. You have convincingly put forth argument. Definitely Jesus Christ loves this person. His love doesn’t decrease. May God speak to this person. May God grant you appropriate words, wisdom and occasion to share the love of Jesus. Thanks for sharing. God bless you. Keep writing and posting.

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  15. We are called to be love. It is not our place to judge, or condemn. It is love that encourages the heart. It is love that conquers all. Darkness can’t drown out darkness, only light/love can do that. Often times, God places people in our path, so that we can be the change agent in their lives. I pray that your love towards this young man, encourages his heart, so the the Heavenly Father, of transformation, can transform him into a trophy of grace. Wonderful Post Efua

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  16. I’m not so sure that all sins are equal. Some are especi ally disgusting and called an Abomination!

    Read the last part of Romans Chapter One. Homosexuality is strongly condemned. Decisively! The Bible definitely Judges!

    Stop believing the pathetical!y LAX TV preachers. They won’t condemn, because it’s “Bad for business”. Their job is at stake. Not much money in the collection or offerings-plate if they Rebuke folks of sin. Joel Osteen is a classic example of this false phoniness.


  17. Couldn’t agree with you more and I love that this is straight from the Bible. I have some people that are really close to me that are gay and I have presented the truth to them but still they sin which is so sad to me but I still them so very much just like Jesus does. It just breaks my heart but I continue to pray

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    1. Praying for them continuously and allowing the love of Christ shine through us to them is really all we can do. The Holy Spirit does the conviction. God bless you for what you are doing.

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  18. Hi there Efua, interesting thoughts there – and I suppose pretty typical of a Christian too. I’m an ex-Christian myself, and a lesbian, so I have quite a differing perspective to you here. I talk a bit about my experiences leaving the church and coming out as gay on my own blog if you’re interested, but I’ll summarise my opinion here.

    Given your stance on homosexuality, I am interested into what you view homosexual behaviour/acts as – I’m assuming you see it as sinful, unnatural and immoral. Would that be accurate? Moreover, do you believe that people choose a homosexual lifestyle? If so, what do you think would motivate someone to “deviate” from heterosexuality? Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that I never chose to be attracted to women, and I fought hard against my feelings for a long time as a Christian. I was in denial, and I suffered through a lot of shame and guilt due to my Christian beliefs. I sought advice from mentors, I heard everything under the sun: “hate the sin, love the sinner” – i.e. it’s not okay to have homosexual sex but you should still be treated with love regardless. You may think this view is perfectly fine, but I wonder if you consider how dangerous this message is to vulnerable Christians struggling with their sexuality? No exaggeration, the sort of rhetoric that you are promoting is the sort of stuff that can drive people to suicide.

    Also, are you in support of gay conversion therapy? Do you believe it works? All evidence in this area shows zero effectiveness of this practice, and instead great psychological harm is associated with this practice.

    There is so much more I want to discuss, but I don’t want to make assumptions about what you do and do not believe. I love exploring this topic, so hit me up if you’re interested in discussing this further. Also, I’d be happy to link you to some relevant blog posts of mine if you want to know about my own story.

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    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. I appreciate we have different views on this topic and I totally respect yours. Like I said on this post, I do believe homosexuality is a sin just like every other sin in this world. I do believe is unnatural because God created us male and females. I have heard and listened to ex lesbians who are no longer living that way so my view of it is not the same as yours.

      I appreciate you might not accept my view but that is ok. I don’t believe in homosexuality. I do agree and stand by the phrase “hating the sin and loving the sinner”.


  19. john mwalwala

    Yea it’s true that they needs prayers. But when it comes to judgements, only God should have the final say. After all no one is perfect on earth. What churches should do is just guiding and counseling them. Not isolating and condemning .

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  20. There is a difference between procreating life and procreating darkness, Gen. the woman is the mother of all living, men with men cannot procreate life, simple as that as far as God is concerned He already spoke on that talk to him not me, check the word out. The woman is a part of the tree of Life.

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    1. Hi Ron. Thanks for stopping by. I agree that men with men, women with women cannot procreate life. I’m not quick clear on your other point. Please can you explain further?


  21. Your the help meet of the Lord, the mother of all living things, Gen. 2:18, Gen.3:20 , your part of the tree of life, and because of your nature you posses the fruits of the spirits that are not prevalent in men, you birth the sons and daughters of the Lord and give them life. I hope this clarifies things. Men with men or woman with woman cannot create life in the womb. To love God and love your neighbor; the neighbor is Christ within you, then it is easier to love others.

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  22. I agree! I’m always disliked how some Christians focus more on homosexuality when we all sin. That’s not justifying sin but just because someone sins differently than you doesn’t mean you should treat them as if they were below you. Christ came to die for ALL. I take issue when so-called Christians are so hateful towards the gay community. Sin isn’t ok but have we forgotten Jesus’ words? Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

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    1. This is exactly the point I hope I made in this post. We forget “white lies” are sins too and people who tell lies and mock others (something we think isn’t major) will find theirselves in hell with homosexuals if they don’t repent.

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