We Need Relationships

God is our provider. He is the only One who is able to meet our every need. This is true and I believe and can testify to it. However He most often uses humans as vessels to bless us. He can choose to use other mediums but it’s often He uses people. So it isn’t out of place if I say, for us to receive from God, we need to have good relationship with people.

I know it can be difficult dealing with people. But if there is always an issue with every relationship we form, the problem might not be those people, it must likely will be the man who we stare at when we look in the mirror.

To be able to sustain and maintain good relationships, we need to have a heart of gratitude; not just towards God but also towards humans. We sometimes can adopt a mindset where we only care about the Source of our blessing and totally overlook the vessel the blessing came from. This mindset is embedded in pride and arrogance. God wants us to show gratitude not just to Him but also to those through whom He is blessing us. No matter how small a gift is, it’s important we know how to show appreciation. Never undermine any favour shown to you. God looks at the heart. He won’t give us another access when we are arrogant towards the vessels He is using to bless you.

I can be praying for God to meet a particular need. If the person God has enabled to meet that need is my neighbor who I barely talk to because he is all bad and I am all good, then I will be praying for that prayer point till Jesus comes.

I know we often say all we need is Jesus. But to be honest, if all we needed was Him, there wouldn’t have been any reason for us to be in this world. You need people. I need people. We need each other. He has created us to long for relationships with others too. Many will end up lonely because they have blocked everyone out of their lives. No man was created to walk through life alone.

Make an effort to sustain the relationships you have. Life is busy I know. But nothing good comes easy. Make out time to call, text, meet up, and meet up with others. Good relationships are medicines for the soul.

8 thoughts on “We Need Relationships

    1. Gosh my heart goes out to you. I can’t even begin to imagine what that feels like. However I know that God can heal your broken heart. So I’m praying that God will do this and bring people around you who will show you His perfect love.


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