The Power of Nudity | The Spirit of Lust

We went to do a bit of grocery shopping few days ago as a family when I saw something that has become somewhat normal in today’s society. I saw a lady in the supermarket with no underwear. You might be wondering how I knew. That is exactly my point. It was so obvious that there was no second guessing. As I watched her walking about with her friend, my heart ached. It ached because at her age, there is some girl somewhere looking up to her. That little cousin, niece, neighbour, friend’s daughter, is seeing her as an example of how to dress as an adult.

Of late I have been thinking about this topic a lot. The spirit of lust is eating deep into our society. Nudity has become the new way of celebrating beauty. Pregnancy announcements, engagement photos, wedding photos, normal outfits, everything to be honest seems to be leaning towards this direction. Makeup shades are being named erotic. Cleavages are flying around every where we turn our eyes. Don’t even get me started with TV and billboards.

There is a spirit behind this. It’s a spirit that blinds the judgement of those under her influence. It’s a spirit that gives a false interpretation of beauty. This spirit is powerful and it can be difficult to get out of without the help of the Holy Spirit. This spirit tells people that their bodies are commodities. This spirit tells people that their bodies should be appetizing to others.

We often refer to pornography as something we have to go search for. Well it used to be. Not now. The world has gone crazy. I see kids going to school looking almost naked. My heart aches with pain. Beauty has been narrowed down to how much of your body parts you are bold enough to reveal. I have heard people say it’s OK to show a bit of skin. And when they say this, you know what they mean.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for looking good. Yes, I am that mum who loves her jeans, high heels and red lip sticks. I love to look good. However looking good has nothing to do with looking naked. Of course people are free to do what they want to do. But those who know the right thing to do have to do better.

When growing up as a young boy or girl, you are taught to cover up your private parts. This is the general teaching regardless of your religion. Once puberty kicks in, as a girl, you are told and taught to put on a bra and cover up appropriately. There is a reason why these parts of our bodies are called private parts and not public parts. They are private because they are to be covered and protected.

Nature teaches us to hide these parts of our bodies and there is a level of shame that we feel even as a growing child when these parts of our bodies are revealed to outsiders. This is the fact of life. However the devil has blindfolded people to make them not realise the truth. Many I believe know the truth but because they have decided to no longer listen to their conscience, their hearts has gone cold.

Nakedness is associated with shame. Remember Adam and Eve in the garden? How they felt shame when they realised they were naked? Also see Revelation 3:17, Nahum 3:5Job 22:6; 1 Corinthians 4:11, Isaiah 47:1-3

To be naked also means to be void of truth. Ezek. 16:7.

This isn’t just for girls only. I feel whenever the topic of modesty comes up, our attention quickly shifts to girls only. Just as females shouldn’t be walking around naked, so also males. Guys aren’t the only ones that have eyes. Girls do too. And our eyes has a huge part to play in how we feel. Don’t be an agent of seduction. Yes you go to the gym, but please put some clothes on. Don’t wear an extra small sized shirt if you are a medium.

God didn’t make a mistake by making us the way He did. We are to honour Him with our bodies.

Please let’s not allow the spirit of lust control us. Wearing a fabric that has a colour that gives an illusion of nakedness when worn isn’t right. Why would anyone want others to think he/she is naked when clothed?

The challenge with this is that even if we are able to control what we wear, we can’t control what others wear. So how do we avoid drifting?

Job said in Job 31:1, “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman. We have to exercise self control. As Christians, we all have a mutual responsibility to guard our hearts. So also it is with our eyes. Don’t get comfortable with Delilah because you will soon find yourself lying on her laps. What do i mean by this? Don’t entertain lust and nudity. Look away. Control your thoughts. Stay accountable.

We are royalties (1 Peter 2:9). Royals don’t walk around naked because they don’t need that kind of attention. We are gods (Psalm 82:6). Let’s rise up to our position. Our identity isn’t in the amount of body parts we can reveal. Our identity is in Christ. Nakedness isn’t classy. It is trashy.

60 thoughts on “The Power of Nudity | The Spirit of Lust

  1. What a timely post… Just this morning I was having coffee with my dad and great aunt and uncle when a young woman walked in wearing skin tight, flesh-colored leggings. Her tummy was bare and I think she was wearing a sports bra. She had two little children with her. I was SO sad for her! My family members were shocked, staring out of disbelief, and shaking their heads. At first she appeared to be naked except for the sports bra. My goodness, I was embarrassed for her. You made so many good points, Efua. So many that I could quote your entire post back to you and say, “thank you.” We are royalties indeed, and I agree that it is a spirit that is leading others to dress opposite of our standing. It’s becoming so in-our-face obvious that we are in the end times…and so sad for those who don’t know Christ or understand that our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit. So sad indeed. Thank you for this post…so important and so needed. Blessings to you always, my dear Sister in Christ.

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    1. Joey I agree. My hearts aches whenever I see this people. The devil is fighting really hard now that the end is near. I pray that they will have encounters with God that will change their lives for good. Thanks for reading and commenting sis❤️

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    2. I appreciate that there are people who are still sober like you about this topic.
      I love this post so much, this week I was studying a Bible plan on how to overcome lust and how to escape it because there is so much immorality on social media and almost everywhere.

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      1. So I missed this comment sis. I totally agree with you. This is a topic that is very close to my heart and it is sad how much believers are gravitating towards it daily

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  2. jesusandgreentea

    Excellent post!!! I can’t agree more sis, I believe a lot of today’s generation has gotten it all confused because, there is more to our bodies than being eye candy or used as something to be exploited for social media likes. There is so much beauty in modesty and not only can we provide positive examples for the younger generation. But, we can continually glorify God in how we choose to dress our temples.

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    1. Thank you Sis. It’s something I am very passionate about. Inasmuch as I don’t think it’s going to get better, I do think the struggle to keep our hearts pure (especially those who are single) is going to get more difficult. As a result I feel it’s vital we bring the need to fight lust into our consciousness.

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  3. So many truths here, Efua! The world is so blinded to the devil’s perversions, as exemplified by the blatant sexuality and how easy it is to be exposed to nakedness everywhere. As Christians, we need to lead by example.

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  4. Remen really scares me, raising children in this generation. The devil seems to have infiltrated everything with nudity. From social media to music videos, to pregnancy photo shoots , to tv adverts and people call it art and beauty. If you say otherwise, you will called a “ holier than thou” which I don’t mind at all, but we continue to pray for our kids and children of this generation and also do our best as parents with God’s guidance.

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  5. Nudity is now celebrated almost everywhere in the world. It’s the emergence and operation of the spirit of the marine. The spirit of lust is a dangerous demon which is holding many to ransom. It’s a generation where shame has become fame. It’s unfortunate.
    May God help us.

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  6. So true!! This actually gave me a post idea to explain how we are to honor our bodies and what that means exactly to be a temple for God.

    The only other problem I see with the rise of this “celebrated” focus, is the distance of discord among believers. Those who know better…many are just that. We know “better” and it causes more judgment and condemnation.

    I’m not saying every believer is like this of course, but we do not always know how to reach out to those who are deceived. We don’t know how to love beyond the sin. As I was reading this, I just kept thinking of the woman Jesus saved from being stoned, and how He came to call sinners who know they are sinners, not those who think they are righteous. And this was not the direction of your blog post, I just wanted to add to it cause it really did get me thinking. 🙂

    We need to be proper examples for others embracing how Christ wants us to look on the outside and have His love radiate from the inside. Because I fear people may look “holy” and act “righteous” on the outside, but their heart is full of judgment. The deception of the world is growing, but it is the deception of a believer that really worries me. People’s hearts are becoming hard against this world as a believer…and that is not being Christlike.

    And again…I just felt this on my heart which is why I wanted to share ❤

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    1. Thanks for your contribution T.R. I see and agree with where you were going with this. I think the challenge we have in the church today is the fact that we struggle with grasping the principle of hating the sin but loving the sinner. The bible talks about us restoring those who are drifting away. Oftentimes we don’t achieve this because of the demarcation we have put between us and those who need our help.

      The area I was looking at with “those who know better should do better” is the fact that some modern churches in terms of dressing aren’t different from clubhouses. This I believe can create confusion in the heart of growing believers. As a youth leader, if the youths I am leading are always seeing me with revealing outfits, they’re going to assume this is ok and follow suit.

      I believe a certain level of spirituality and fruit bearing should be attained before any leadership position is given to anyone in church. If I dress like that, naturally I won’t want to talk about topics surrounding modesty. I feel this is the reason why this topic isn’t heard of in most churches.

      Whilst that is said, I absolutely HATE the idea of policing people in the church for reasons mentioned in your comment. This idea only focuses on solving the outward problem while neglecting the heart issue. I strongly believe that the more intimate our relationship with Christ gets, the more we will want to honour Him with everything including our dressing.

      Love without truth will lead to death and truth without love will lead to self condemnation.

      I am eager to read your post on this Sis because I know that the Holy Spirit will talk through you as always.❤️😊

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      1. Amen!!! We are accountable to so many things not just with ourselves but with others. My pastor is the same. He chooses people who have the right relationship with Christ to be leaders so they can be proper examples, and I think that’s wise. I so see which direction you went with your post too, I just felt that tug, you know, to dive deeper into conversation, and I’ve been wanting to leave longer comments when I can on other posts to really engage in talk. 🙂 ❤ I miss it and I'm so thankful God was like, "Hey, I'm going to put these things on your heart, talk about them."

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      2. Thank you for obeying that voice. And thank God for a pastor like yours. I pray we have more of those mounting the pulpits. If we all are transformed from the inside out, a lot of things will just come as a result of that❤️

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      3. My dear sister, I wrote it! I am going to post it Thursday…my goodness…it is NOT what I intended…but it is packed full of what it means to honor Him, and why we need to understand that deep connection. I hope…people are not thrown off by the title.

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  7. This is an issue on my heart, I have a post coming up shortly on it. We are going to be judge for everything, absolutely everything, and it will hurt to know you did not commit a sin but rather lead someone blindly to it.

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      1. Me too. I am of a belief that modesty isn’t restricted to certain environments. If you can’t leave your house dressed naked, I don’t see why you should then do it just because you are at the beach. It bothers me too

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  11. I so agree and also I feel that Uncontrollable and foreseen in modern day, this emotion is gaining a lot of weightage as people are revolving around it I’m talking about Lust of Life. The other ‘L’ orto further call it the sacred one is now being replaced and lust has taken over. Love is now a very rare phenomenon and only those who feel it with their heart and not with their bodies experience it.
    My recent post is about lust and I feel that it will be great if it gets your inputs. Do drop in.


    1. Hi Piyush. Thanks for your comment which i totally agree with. It’s sad seeing how fast this is creeping into the body of Christ. The bible warned us against this and the current momentum it’s gaining is a sign of the end time. I will check out your post as well. Blessings.

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  12. Crissy

    Hi Efua, I love your post. This subject is close so to my heart. More often than not I see many very young girls, “almost dressed” and the lustful looks that follow them. I always wonder how their parents can let them go out dressed like that. No one to protect them. Then I see the older ones wearing more flesh than clothes add to that the underwear shops with photos that border on pornography + so much more and we have a world that is hard to be in as a Christian. We are grieved at every turn.

    Thank you Efua for letting me comment. I am new to your blog.
    You are doing a great job keep up the good work to honour our great God and Saviour.

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    1. My heart aches and bleeds each time I visualise this. Very sad. Very very sad. Even if we can’t control others, maybe if I control my home and my neighbour does same, then maybe our street will get become and then community and then nation and who knows the world might as well. But is this a wishful thinking? Can our nation and our world be healed of this plague?

      I appreciate your comment and your kind words. Modesty and purity is very close to my heart and I try to address it anytime I can. Your kind words are highly appreciated. God bless you indeed.

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