Jealousy | My Confession

It’s all good when the flaws in others are revealed. It isn’t as cool when yours is staring at you. Jealousy isn’t something we like associating ourselves with. This was something the Holy Spirit revealed to me recently that I had to deal with.

It started off as a little seed. So there were people who will do amazing things and I would be like “it’s good… if they aren’t doing something bad in the background.” I will quickly backup my response with, you cannot really trust people these days.

The above statement isn’t wrong on its own. But the more this was happening, the more I wasn’t as excited about things they did. The issue of trust surpassed the good works they were doing. I was getting a prompt about this from the Holy Spirit and I ignored it. Quickly it went from me not being excited about what they did, to me having an attitude when their names were mentioned. It got to a point that I was feeling a heaviness in my chest when I heard their names. At this point I knew something was wrong but I didn’t want to accept the fact that I was jealous.

One day I was praying to God for more of His spirit and I was going on about how I want to surrender my life to Him blah blah. He said I needed to accept that I was battling with the spirit of jealousy. Instead of accepting, I was trying to prove to God why I was just being real because of the things happening in the world. I was like “God you know you said we shouldn’t trust people and these overnight ministries can be dangerous.”

He then showed me my heart in the reflection of a mirror. Eeeewwww. It was dirty and filthy. It was like the sight of a sewage. It was dark and thick. The thickness of it was what I was feeling as heaviness in my heart physically. At this point I was ashamed and embarrassed. I accepted my flaws and I begged God for mercy. And then that heaviness left.

The root cause of this was when I started finding fault in what these people were doing. We all are humans. We need to know that we are not perfect. No one is. Now and again you will see my flaws and I will see yours. These flaws doesn’t automatically make us bad people. We all are a work in progress.

I learnt from this experience that remembering how flawed I am makes me show grace to others.

It’s very easy to get trapped in jealousy. And it can be difficult to get out of it. The longer you stay in it, the more difficult it becomes for that spirit to leave you.

The practical steps i now take to avoid jealousy are:

1) I don’t over-process things. I have realised that each time I look for flaws, I find them.

2) I don’t ignore convictions. No matter how small they are.

3) Once I feel that spirit coming, I rebuke that spirit, pray for that person and celebrate that person openly

4) I now give room for imperfections in people

I am glad the Holy Spirit revealed this to me. He chastises those He loves.

Can you relate to this post?

How do you deal with jealousy?

25 thoughts on “Jealousy | My Confession

  1. Amen! ❤️ “We all are a work in progress”—definitely good to keep that in mind. Nobody’s perfect. We are all still loved, despite our flaws and weaknesses. Thank God for His grace and mercy! He will continue the good work within us until it is finished.😊

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  2. God has been dealing with me over covetousness. I find myself looking at other’s homes or cars or even clothing and think that I wish that were mine. But God continually speaks contentment into my heart. He tells me to be thankful for what I have and to move on. So, I try, until the next time that coveting spirit hits me and I have to push it back where it belongs. I know that God loves me; He healed me after a stroke and He has blessed me with three wonderful children and nine healthy grandchildren. So, I think of my blessings instead of what I wish I had and the coveting goes away.

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    1. Thinking of our blessings certainly does help us appreciate our portions. It does sound like you have been through a lot. And I thank God that you are able to focus on your gains instead of your losses. I love how you said “I know that God loves me”. That made me smile. He loves us, He is with us and He is for us. Thanks for sharing your struggles here. This helps others realise that they are not alone.❤️

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  4. Yes, sis! About 2-3 weeks ago I prayed to God to help me overcome the spirit of jealousy. Mine was more so jealousy through comparison and covetousness. So in addition to praying for victory in this area, I focus on being grateful for my portion. Has God blessed people I know? Yes. Has He also been faithful to me? Absolutely. This helps me to not be so jealous of others.

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  5. Amen. I know in my heart I want and need to celebrate people more. Have hope, let them praise the Lord if that is what they are doing. And if there is something I have an issue with, I need to give it to God. He deserves the glory, and I don’t want my focus to be strayed on things I’m struggling with when it comes to others.

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  6. Hallelujah Efua, this is a blessing to read. Your honesty is breathtaking! I love our LORD, who uses our own issues to heal and strengthen us into the children He wants us to be. I was chuckling a bit when you were reasoning with God as to why you felt the way you did. hehehe I have so done that, then realized, was I really sitting here lying to God? Trying to convince God of something that I know is not true, but only an excuse to justify my behaviour. My exact words to myself were, “girl, are you really sitting here trying to lie to the Almighty, Who knows it all before you think it? I stopped that real quick hehehe :):) Now, I am like, LORD, I’m not going to lie ’cause you already know I am feeling a certain way about (fill in the blank) Sorry to go on and on :):) This is a wonderful post Sister. LORD, thank You for continuing to bless Efua :):)

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    1. Haha! I am glad you could relate with this post. I love how you described your conversations with God. Sometimes we forget He is all-knowing. Coming before Him in sincerity is the only way through which He can help and heal us

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  7. Efua, Thank you for your honesty here and for sharing with us what you did about how God spoke to you. That was the part that really blessed me in what you said. I love how our Lord gently prods us when we are not going in the right direction. It reminded me of how he talks with me. The Lord and I have had similar conversations as yours with him, only over different issues. Yes, we are all a work in progress, and will be until Jesus takes us home.

    The important thing is for us to be receptive to hearing his voice speaking conviction to our hearts, and to follow his lead when he shows us what needs to be changed in our own hearts. For me, lately, it has been in the area of learning that he can do through me what I am not able to do myself, and that he is absolutely sovereign over every aspect of my life, so I need to trust him more and to not fear anything that may challenge me emotionally or mentally or spiritually. Where I am not able, HE IS ABLE! Amen!

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    1. Absolutely. His strength can only be made perfect in our weakness when we truly realise our weaknesses and allow Him to help us. I love how He loves us and keeps forming us into what He wants us to be. Thanks for stopping by Sue

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