What Value Have You Placed On Your Sacrifice?

The Holy Spirit has been teaching me a lot about utilizing The Secret Place and how it can impact the life of us as believers. Another thing He showed me in addition to  my last post, is how The Secret Place is a place of sacrifice. The Secret Place like I mentioned before is a place of consecration. It involves prayer, fasting, meditation and worship.

The value we place on our sacrifice determines how we handle it. You see the reason we are careless with The Secret Place is because we don’t have any regard for it.

In Genesis 15, God was having a conversation with Abram regarding the covenant child He was going to bless him with. As the conversation went on, God told Abram to get animals and sacrifice them unto Him. Abram got the animals as instructed by God. In verse 11, we are told that vultures came down to eat the carcasses of sacrifice offered to God. Abram didn’t allow the vultures to distract him from what he was doing.

The sacrifice represents The Secret Place. The vultures represents devourers that often come to devour our time in order for us not to focus on the sacrifice we are presenting to God. Life gets in the way to devour and eat up our time. But you see Abram’s sacrifice was valuable to him. He knew the importance of the sacrifice he was presenting to God. As a result he didn’t start having conversation with the vultures. He chased them away.

Do we chase distractions away when they come to attack our secret place? Or do we give them room to thrive? What value have we placed on our quiet time? How importance is The Secret Place to us? How protective are we of it? Have we allowed internet, friends and cares of this world to eat up our sacrifice? Do we even know when the vultures come? Are we sensitive to the spirit of God?

Another person who knew how to guard her sacrifice was the woman in Matthew 26 who came to anoint Jesus Christ. She didn’t allow the intimidation from Jesus’ disciples to prevent her from offering her sacrificial offering. The bible says after she broke the Alabaster box, the perfume was smelt in the room. That perfume I will liken to the smoke that came out of Abram’s sacrifice. A sweet smelling perfume that went straight to Heaven. She didn’t assume someone else was going to do it. Rather she went in and offered her best to God.

Have you allowed fear or complacency to continuously prevent you from offering Him your best?

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known God for. The moment you are able to utilize your secret place, God comes down with fire. And when the fire comes, He speaks. He reveals things to you. He brings you closer to Him. Your relationship becomes intimate and precious. Too precious to sacrifice on the alter of social media and other distractions

After Abram passed that test, fire came from heaven to consume what he offered. He presented the sacrifice and God provided the fire making him realise that his offering has been accepted.

No fire without sacrifice. The reason  some of us don’t utilise our secret place is because we have no fire in us. However the fire won’t come if we don’t have any sacrifice to offer. Bring your sacrifice and God will ignite His fire.

When we understand the power of The Secret Place, when we press into the place of prayer, God ignites a fire in the inside of us to consume our heart. Our hearts begins to burn for Him. We find ourselves having an unquenchable desire to press into God more.

What value have you placed on your sacrifice?

Is your secret place hot enough to ignite a fire?

21 thoughts on “What Value Have You Placed On Your Sacrifice?

    1. Beatrice

      Thank you for this Word. The exact confirmation of what I was meditating on. Really we succumb to so many distractions and lose out in The Secret Place.

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  1. Our time with God is so important, and you are so right that we have to guard it. The “devourers” come from unexpected sources sometimes; nevertheless, we have to remain focused so that God can speak to us just as we speak to Him.

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  2. I’m in a season of deepening my intimacy with God and learning as I go. One suggestion is to have a note pad handy and as stray thoughts come, jot them down; someone suggested it may be things the Spirit is reminding you to do later. Another suggestion is NO ELECTRONICS! I was using my phone/computer for worship music and found even this can distract. It’s hard to sit quietly with just the Bible, but I think it’s worth it!

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting sis. I’ve never thought of stray thoughts that way. That is something new I have learnt today. I agree with the electronic bits. I use my phone or laptop because I love reading quite a few translations when studying. But I agree it can be distracting as well especially with phone. It does take a lot of disciplining. Nothing like the presence of God!

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      1. He is slowly getting better. Said his first words a couple of days ago. Still extremely weak, so much so that he was unable to lift his arm to scratch his own nose until yesterday, but things are slowly improving. The family is still fighting the travel insurance company over a plane to get him home from Paris, since he’s in no condition to travel on a commercial flight. Still needs our prayers.
        Thanks for asking! ❤️

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      2. I am thanking God for the arm in the cloud because it’s a sign of an abundance of rain coming. God is working. And we won’t stop praying not just for him but for every member of his family that God will have His way.

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  3. Man, sis, I seriously have got to say your posts are ministering to my heart and I love it. You are so right. Action and focus are needed when we give our time to the Lord, and He will absolutely provide. ❤ ❤

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    1. I’m glad they’re ministering to you. This post and the secret place were very heavy on my heart and I believe the Holy Spirit wanted me to share them to let people know that He needs more from us

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  4. Melina Johnson

    Love this Efua, you see Mary of of Bethany give Jesus a her most valuable costly sacrifice because she knew who he was she knew that jesus was the Messiah saviour supreme being and most importantly the ultimate SACRIFICE. Mary didn’t take Jesus for granted, and that’s what alot of do these days ,and that’s why we give him any sacrifice. 🙏

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