Take Off Your Cape

Of late I have been thinking about the ‘can do it, be all’ trend that is almost becoming acceptable in our society. It seems to me that we are gradually forgetting that we are mortals and not immortals. There used to be a time I found myself unconsciously buying into this idea. However I have found out that it is not doable.

Superman is only for the screens. It doesn’t apply to real life. Trying to live as such will only result to us being burnt out. This isn’t what Paul was saying in Philippians 4:13. The power we receive from Jesus Christ is to do His will and to overcome the challenges that arise from our commitment to Him. This is what Paul was saying in this scripture. Jesus Christ doesn’t give us superman or superhuman ability to do everything thinkable. There is a limit to what we can do. Otherwise we won’t need Jesus Christ. Many people are walking around stressed and burnt out. Many are offering performance because they are now used to doing it. Performance doesn’t impact lives. It only entertains.

I once wrote a post on people bondage which i would strongly advise you to read if you haven’t seen it. I think a lot of people are under this kind of bondage. They do what they do because of what others will say. This makes them bite more than they can chew. I have been there. Saying yes to meetings, events, gatherings and everything, only to find out in the end that my plate was overflowing to the point where I could no longer handle. In order to stay and look like a good girl, I still had to show up despite I was running on empty.

I have realised, every yes I say is a no to something and every no I say is a yes to something. Saying ‘no’ isn’t a sin. Saying no in order to spend time with family isn’t wrong. Saying no in order to rest doesn’t mean you are no longer a child of God.

The cape we wear brings something we all call stress. It is heavy and weighty. We carry it about in church, work, home and everyone we go.

We are seen as goal-getters and role models because on the outside we are ticking all the boxes. These accolades pumps us up and makes us want to do even more. More not because we are led to or because we can, but because we don’t want to fall below the standards we have set for ourselves. Standards birthed from selfishness. The sad thing is that most times we do this, it has nothing to do with what God wants us to do really. It is more to do with what people want us to do.

Our kids are lonely. Our husbands needs us. Our wives have started confiding in someone else became their husbands are never there.

Stress, heart attack, stroke, untimely death are all lurking. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are to look after it. If we die earlier than we should have because we destroyed our body, we won’t be able to say like Paul, I have finished my cause.

Take a step back and look at the things you are doing. When last did you spend time with your children? When last did you spend time alone to refresh? When last did you attend to the souls God has placed under your care? Are you stressed? Do you really have to be involved with everything you are currently doing? Can someone else do a part of it? Don’t help the devil in sending you to the grave early.

This life we have been given is for us to live once. Let’s live wisely.

17 thoughts on “Take Off Your Cape

  1. Adebisi Adetunji M.

    Thank you for this! We really do get involved in every activity trying to present a superhuman front. And sometimes not wanting to let others down to our own detriment.

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  2. You are so correct in that we don’t set our priorities in the correct order. Three and a half years ago, I had the stroke that you warn about. Now I am retired and I spend as much time as I can with my children and grandchildren. Life is a precious treasure and I am blessed to have survived my stroke and be given the chance to re-order my priorities.

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    1. Thanks for sharing Sis. My mum had the stroke as well. Thank God she survived it too. I think sometimes we never realise how much we are doing to ourselves till something tragic happens. Thanks for sharing your story here. I am sure it has added depth to this post. Blessings to you!

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  3. “They do what they do because of what others will say.”—exactly! That is definitely a trap from the devil and he’s constantly goading people on, whispering in their ears, “But what will so-and-so think?” or “But look at all she’s done! You need to catch up!” Lies that draw us away from what’s eternally important to what’s worldly important, and burn us out to the point of ill health. Great post, once again, Efua!

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    1. “You need to catch up”. Yes that is exactly what he whispers to our ears. I pray we are able to discern what God truly wants us to do and stick with that regardless of what others are doing

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  4. I love this. Great reminder. Sadly, this can be a creeper in so many of our lives. I read Lysa Terkuerst “The Best Yes” and it truly helped me live differently. Quit being an “entertainer/performer” I liked what you said there in your article so true! Every example starts in the home and we have to live what we teach to our children, not just tell them how/what to do and drop them off at church, etc… we have to be involved. Also, the way we love our spouses teach our children more about love and marriage than anything else – it is so important! Great post! Keep up the writing and the girls ministry that you do! I love it!

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