Feeling Left Out?

It can be difficult to stay motivated when it looks as though things are happening for everyone around you except you. It’s good to have goals. However it can be discouraging when many of those goals are not reached within our desired timescale.

You wanted to be married before 30. Now you are 31 and there is still no sign of this happening soon. You wanted to get into university but it hasn’t been possible. Friends you graduated with have gone far in their career ladder but you are still sat at the bottom. Those who got married after you have kids but you have none despite your desire to have one. All your friends kids seem to be doing really well. It’s like you keep doing something wrong with yours. Your age mates have been able to buy their home but you are still living with your parents because you are not in a financial position to be able to pay rent.

If you can relate to any of the above or a kind of delay in your life, you will agree with me that it does put a strain on us. It feels like a weight we can’t shift. One minute we are strong in faith and able to pray. The next minute we are trying to think were we are getting it wrong. Giving up seems to be the easier route to take. It seems as though we can’t be strong any longer. Our strength is failing.

This post today is just to encourage us all. It hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it won’t happen. We all have different routes to take in time. Our speeds are different. Our timescales are different. This doesn’t make us less than in any way. At some point, I had to stop comparing myself to others because i realised it was putting unnecessary pressure on me. We need to accept that there are certain things we can’t control. Our hope lies in the fact that we have a Father who controls seasons and times. He loves us dearly and He has engraved our lives in His hands. He knows when things will happen for it. He knows the perfect season to unveil that gift we’ve been waiting for.

I am not very patient with waiting. But realising that being frustrated doesn’t help the situation is helping me see things better.

So today stop being hard on yourself. You are doing well. Stop putting undue pressure on the precious life God has given you. Stop wearing off you body with stress. If you’ve played your part, rest and allow God do His. Remember He alone gives the increase. We are all on different lanes in life. Yours is different from mine. The same place you get to in 1 year, might take me 3 years to get to. It could be that there are things God wants me to learn in those extra years. It could be that I need to experience that delay to be able to walk someone who will go through a similar route in the future.

So get up. Dress up and live life.

Social media hasn’t helped at all when it comes to comparison. To be honest, I had to unfollow certain people who I felt I was comparing my life to in a negative way. This helped me become content with my portion. Oftentimes I take social media breaks too to clear my head and mind and also to help me focus on things that are more important. Life is too short to be wasted in regrets and comparison.

Be encouraged.

19 thoughts on “Feeling Left Out?

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I regard this timely and I strongly believe this post is not a product of social media pressure as you pointed out in your post.
    During our morning devotion today. What are read Ecclesiastes 9, and much emphasis was laid on verse 11. #MoreGrace(OverPain)

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. This dropped in my spirit this morning hence I decided to share. I am glad you found it timely. I love Ecclesiastes 9. Thanks for referring to it. I will use it today for my bible study. Blessings to you.


  2. Oh sis! I have done the same! I’ve had people hurt me in the past, and then I see how “successful” they “appear” on social media and I take it way too personally. That’s not Christlike. I’ve unfollowed people because it was pointless being friends when there were no connections. Praise God for conviction.

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