A Letter Received from a Homeless Man

For my birthday last year I decided to do something for the homeless and God gave me a present through one of the homeless men I met. The interesting thing is that not only did this write up change my perspective about life, it also came in the form I love. I love hand written notes and I treasure them a lot.

Last year was very stormy for me and this write up couldn’t have come at a better time.

What I find fascinating the most in this letter is that he is still able to draw strength from the smiles on other people’s faces. This he said makes the staying in cold worth the while. Waoooo!

Do you have a roof over your head? Clean clothes to wear? Food on your table? If yes, then I suppose you are in a better place. You still can be thankful and hopeful.

So today I decided to share this treasure with you guys. Hopefully it will help someone see things differently.

Be encouraged❤️

23 thoughts on “A Letter Received from a Homeless Man

  1. What a beautiful poem or letter, Efua. For me, I enjoy doing something for those less fortunate than myself and even if they don’t say anything back; it’s amazing to see someone’s day be better with just one act of kindness.

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  2. That was really sweet for someone who had so little, to give a piece of his heart, life, and talent in the form of this cool poem to you! I’m sure you blessed him, too—with a smile 😊, if nothing else.

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      1. Being homeless would have been very hard. I am praying for you that you will experience the love of Jesus Christ and that your heart will be warm towards Him. He is the only One who could fill my void and I know He can fill yous too. I pray He will provide all you need and bring people that will help you into your life. He does have a plan and a purpose for you. You were not born into this world for nothing. God brought you here for a reason. He cares about you and want you to know that He still loves you. Please ponder on these words and feel free to contact me should you want to hear more about this loving God. Also let me know if you want me to pray for anything in particular for you 🙂

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