A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

The word ‘friend’ is often casually thrown around. We meet someone on our way to work once and the next time we are intducing that person as a friend even before names have been exchanged. On social media, we find people we don’t know sending us ‘friend’ request. I always wonder, how can someone be your friend when you don’t know them or have anything in common with them. With that said, I have and still do fall into that trick of using that word loosely.

Apart from the friendship of David and Jonathan in the bible, there is another set of great friends that we probably don’t talk about as much as we should.

Until we go through challenges in life, we really don’t know who our friends are. Friendship comes with loyalty. Can you stick with your friend through thick and thin? Can your friend trust you? Am I a loyal friend? Or am I the type who is only there when the party is on?

The friends in Mark 2:1-5 helped their mate get his miracle. Jesus’ fame meant that crowd followed Him wherever He went. On this particular day He happened to be ministering in someone else’s house. These guys heard of this event and knew straight away that they needed to take their paralysed friend there. This was a life or death situation for them. All appointments were cancelled because they needed to sort their friend out. They have showed sympathy, it was now time to show empathy. Their paralysed friend’s need moved them to action.

Sometimes, sorry isn’t just enough. In fact you don’t need to be a friend to be able to say sorry. Anyone can say sorry. What makes you a friend is what you do after saying sorry. It can be hard to know what to do when our friends are going through a tough time. However, that isn’t an excuse to stay passive. Cook dinner and take to their home. Go spend the day with them. Help with groceries or laundry. Take him/her out for an event. Organise a worship and praise session to lift his/her spirit. Don’t just sit there saying ‘I don’t know what to do‘. Do what you would like someone to do for you if you were the one in need.

Friends show up!

Getting to the place where Jesus was would have been tough for these guys considering they must have hard to carry their friend there. Now there was another obstacle to conquer. There was no way to get through to Jesus Christ.

You see if they had left their friend there saying ‘at least we tried’ probably we could have agreed with them because to be honest they tried. But they didn’t. Do we leave our friend’s half way? Your friend is grieving. Do you only make the first call, first visit and disappear? Your friend is looking for a job. Do you only send the one job link and forget about him/her? I know life is busy. We all have our lives to live. However we might be the next person needing help. How would we feel if we were treated the same way?

Would I want to have a friend like me?

These guys were proactive. They made a hole at the roof top and brought their paralysed friend down to where Jesus Christ was.  This is the interesting bit. We are not told of the faith of the man in need. However we are made aware that his healing was as a result of the faith of his friends. How amazing is this! This means that our faith can sure help our friends receive their miracles too.

A lot of people are in need, not just spiritual but physical and emotional need. Let’s not only meet their spiritual needs but we should also meet their other needs. Human need moved these guys to act. Let it also move us to act. What are you doing about your friend’s situation?

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

17 thoughts on “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

  1. changeofheartjournal

    Thank you for this, it has come at a beautifully pertinent time for me.
    I have stepped back away from people as my giving was a one way street. I have had a lot of cold people in my life.
    I know that I need to use this God given gift of warm friendship but I have been hiding the gift and myself away from all the hurt I’ve been through.
    For sometime now I have been considering volunteering and giving my warmth and love were it is needed.
    I feel that one day I will need to minister and give love to the friends I have left behind but I will need strength to do that.
    Pray for me that I gain that strength.
    I have isolated myself from the world so much because of hurt.

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    1. Oh gosh! I can so relate to your comment. We sometimes find ourselves in parasitic relationships where we are being sucked by other people who really want to suck us dry. As much as it’s good to give, it’s also good to receive. Otherwise the well we are giving from will run dry.

      I love how you are considering volunteering so you can give love were it is needed most. I think that is a good idea.

      I also love how you still have a heart for the people you have left behind. It goes to show that you do have a good and a compassionate heart.

      Today we learnt about love in church and how we are not to pick and choose who to love. You have that understanding and it reflects in your comment.

      I did withdraw from a lot of people at some point in my life because of same reason you gave so I understand.

      I will be praying for you. That God will heal your broken heart and give you wisdom and strength needed to navigate through this.🙏🏾

      Thank you so much for finding my blog a safe place to open up. I am sure your honesty will help others. Blessings to you!

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  2. changeofheartjournal

    Thank you Efua!

    I have been told in the past that I am “too honest”, “too sensitive” and “wear my heart on my sleeve”.
    It took 40 years for me to realise that these are not things I should try to get rid of (despite years of trying).
    Sometimes what we perceive as weaknesses can be strengths if used with good intent and with God in our minds and heart.
    I realise that all these things are precious gifts from God.
    I was very close to him as a child and now I am getting closer to him again despite decades of having the truth knocked out of me by an increasingly ungodly world.
    It’s a sobering and humbling thought realising that you understood the world more clearly and accurately as a child than an adult.
    I guess this is why Jesus taught us to see faith through a child’s eyes, with the honest and no nonsense conviction of a child.
    I had stubborn views as a child but they were a stubborn fixity on God’s truth through Jesus’ example and sacrifice.
    I’m glad I have clung on to that stubborn side.
    I may be sensitive on the outside but am tough as old boots on the inside! :’)

    God Bless!

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    1. It feels like you are the kind of lady I would love to go for coffee with because you sound like me and we would have a lot to discuss.

      I am same. Brought up in a Christian home and loved Jesus Christ with my whole heart. All of that changed as i got into my late teens because of sexual molestation I encountered as a child. Even though I loved Jesus deep down, I felt not good enough to serve Him.

      But I thank God for restoration and for giving me another chance. I agree it is quite humbling to realise how we understood the world clearly as a child.

      And yes to clinging to ‘stubborn’ side. I am strong willed and now i channel that towards standing my ground in faith and in Christ.

      Cheers to continuing striving to live for Christ despite the names we get called from others.

      Love and blessings to you my sis❤️

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  3. changeofheartjournal

    Thank you Sis! :’)

    I’m sure that we would get on great!
    I am saddened to hear of the abuse you went through and can relate to this.
    I hope that you have not only recovered your love of God the father and his blessed son but also had good people around to also renew your faith in humanity.
    I believe that a world of pain can be healed just through one loving person and even solitary kind acts. Faith in Jesus magnifies these acts just as despair can be magnified without him.

    We’ll definitely have that coffee sometime even if it a virtual one!

    God bless and much love!

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    1. Thanks Sis. I have healed completely from that event all thanks to God. And I agree with what you said about pain being healed just through one loving person. I thank God for bringing that person into my life in form of a husband. Not only did God heal me from it, He also turned that mess into a message. All things truly works out for good when we love God!

      Have a lovely day sis❤️🙂

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  4. Yes! It is all about being there for each other. Growth comes in many ways, and I agree that some people jump too soon using the word, “friend.” Though I feel there are different degrees or levels of friendship we can have with people, and that has helped me be more okay with that.

    And speaking of this, I must apologize! Since I’ve been in and out checking on bloggers and their posts, I thought for sure I had seen your earlier posts, like this one, and when I checked and saw there were a number I missed, I felt bad ❤ I know you understand, but I just wanted to say supporting the branches in the body of Christ, and the amazing bloggers the Lord has blessed me with is important to me because you all are important to me. I've been reading out of order since I've been busy, but I seriously thought I had gotten to some of your posts earlier when I didn't, and I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you and your love for Christ, and His body of believers. 🙂

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    1. Absolutely there are levels of friendships. In this post I meant the people who we refer to as close friends.

      And hey you are a good and very supportive friend❤️. Don’t feel bad at all. You are very consistent and I truly appreciate your support. You are a blessing❤️

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      1. Okay gotcha 🙂 I wasn’t sure if you meant friends as in general or not. But yes, I totally see what you mean.

        Thank you so much! I just wanted to let you know you’re doing an amazing job.

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