Gone Too Soon

Can you recall a time when you had something so precious and dear that didn’t last? Can you relate to a time when life was good and pleasurable however that good life was snatched away even before you could enjoy it to the fullest? Life can be very cruel and even as a christian there can be seasons in our lives when it feels like we have been moved from a fertile land to a desert. This is worst especially when you know that the change from good to bad isn’t because of anything you did wrong.

Have you ever experienced a time you had an unexpected miracle? Have you ever been in a situation where you got a miracle you never asked for, not because you didn’t need it, but because you didn’t believe it could happen to you? To be honest, there are certain things in life i admire but they i don’t keep in mind because ermm.. you know how the saying goes “it’s almost like if wishes were horses….”. So imagine that very big thing you never asked for happened and before you could blink your eyes, it got snatched away. Does it feel like God or life is taunting you?

Let me share a story of a woman who knew and experienced this. She happened to be very wealthy and she lived in a beautiful home. She and her husband seemed to have an amazing life and from the way her story was narrated, i believe she was a kindhearted lady who always looked out for the needs of those around her. She hosted a prophet who in turn decided to pay her back.

It’s important to note that she never asked the prophet or God for anything. The prophet was the one who told her that she will have a son the year after. Her response was quite normal i would say.

It gets to a point in our lives especially as we get older when we like to be told things the way they are. I mean there is no point in beating around the bush or getting hopes up. Despite the way she took the news, which didn’t sound like faith to me, the words spoken by the prophet came to pass. Amazing news isn’t it? What a blessing! I can imagine the joy in her heart as she gazed into her sons eyes, holding him unto her chest as she sang lullabies to make sleep. She quickly started making memories with this precious gift. The child grew to be a good boy because the bible records that he went out to help his dad. With all these happening, she never knew that her joy will be short lived.

You might be reading this and thinking about a similar incidence that happened to you. Maybe in your case, it wasn’t a child. Maybe it was a job. A relationship. A gift. You were doing very well without it. However when it came, it did make your life better to the point where you couldn’t believe how you survived without it. The arrival of that gift made you complete and filled a void you knew was there but didn’t know if it could ever be filled. Situations like these hurt differently. You don’t grieve what you never had. You now know what it feels like to have a child. You recognise the smell of your child. But before that child could call you mama, he/she died. You love to hear the voice of that friend, wife, husband, brother, grandma, sister, grandpa. But before you could spend a holiday with them; something you’ve both have been planing for years, you got told, they’ve been hit with a terminal illness. And now that person you once knew is no longer available. You knew how it felt to have a steady flow of income. But just as you began planning your next big move, everything crumbled.

“Why did you taunt me God? Why did you even give me this blessing in the first place knowing fully well that it will be short lived? Why did you deceive me? Why did you get my hopes up?” You ask.

The Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 4:8-44 asked same questions. As i read her story, i couldn’t imagine her level of pain. It’s almost like she predicted this happening when she told Elisha in verse 16 not to get her hopes up.

But there is a contrast in her story that i love. Her story is very relatable. There are moments in our lives when we sometimes see ourselves focusing on the facts instead of the truth. One minute we are asking God why did you taunt me? And the next minute we are declaring the word of God in the midst of that darkness. Like the Shunammite woman, with tears rolling down our cheeks we are whispering “it is well”. Those are the moment when we push through the nos of life. The moments when we shift our eyes from the darkness in the now to the light at the end of the tunnel. The times when our eyes sees a glimpse of the dawn coming ahead. In those moments, faith pushes through. We declare truth instead of facts. And we suddenly find ourselves coping better. We hold on to the good memories and build on that. Those are the defining moments of our lives. The seasons when books are birthed and ideas are pushed out. Times when our purpose becomes clearer because we now know what we are talking about because of our life experiences.

So my friend, if this post spoke to you, hold on to hope. It might not have been God’s will for that thing to have happened. But because you love Him, He will make it work out for your God. The Shunammite woman got her joy back. So can you. She couldn’t do it on her own. God did it for her. He can and will do it for you too. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Hold on. The dawn is breaking.

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