It’s OK to Leave

As Christians i feel we sometimes find ourselves locked up in a place where we we know fully well that we are not productive. Now this isn’t about you being lazy or about it not being your time. You are doing everything you can do. You are giving this thing your 101% but you are not getting anything in return. You know this is not your purpose but you feel you have to do that thing to occupy that position because of ‘situation’ and what people will say.

Don’t waste your time doing what God has not called you to do. Destinies are tied to you obeying your calling. If you are busy mentoring women, when God has called you into music, you need to ensure that you are not wasting time and thereby not affecting people the way God wants you to.

In this post, i am not referring to you not doing anything or you doing something wrong. It’s important for us to know and understand that we can be busy doing the right thing that God never told us to get involved in. And God will not bless something He never called you to do. In order to fulfill your purpose on earth, you need to ensure that you are watering the ground God created you to water.

It can be difficult to say no to certain things especially when emotions and friendships have been built around it. We were not created to fulfill friendships or please emotions. We were created to fulfill destinies.

If you are mentoring instead of perfecting your craft in music if that is the field God has called you into for example, you will be worn out and wasting so much time visiting and mentoring that you won’t have enough time to master your craft in music or to even go to studio. And the result of this is you not succeeding in the thing God has called you into because you are distracted. You might have good intentions but that still doesn’t mean you are doing the right thing. Is what you are currently doing now aligned to your purpose and your destiny or is it a source of distraction (even if it’s a good thing?).

Not every good thing is for you. It’s OK to leave.

19 thoughts on “It’s OK to Leave

  1. Yes! It’d be a shame to waste a life walking down the wrong path when the people who could benefit from your gifts are on a different path. Both you and others lose out that way!

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  2. Confirmation right here! This also applies to doing something for longer than God intended. I believe God called me to work at a certain location for a season, but I truly believe that season is over however I’m still there (because the school year is not over yet). Things I was graced to do before I’m feeling exhausted when I do them. I’ve been saying no to more things as I am preparing to transition out. There’s a lot of things I can do well, but I know there’s only a couple things God has given me the grace to do. And that’s all I want to be involved with.

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    1. Sis i feel you and I like how you said you know the time is out. I feel that is the first step. I suggest you pray about it and obey God’s direction. There is something on the other side of your obedience.❤️

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  3. This is amazing! I’m currently in a situation where God is leading me to break from the things he hasn’t called me to. It’s a really tough situation, but I trust that He has greater plans for me. This really inspired me! ❤️

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    1. Praise God! I am glad this inspired you. And it can be tough to break out because we can get emotionally tied to things especially when we’ve been doing them for long. Follow God’s leading Sis. It’s so worth it!❤️


  4. Sis, I so relate to this! Ever since I was 12 I was gifted in advice. The very next year when I was 13, that was when I became a poet. For many years, I considered becoming a counselor, however, when I started looking at schools I knew I wanted to go into creative writing. This desire shifted me away from the Christian college I thought I would be going to since I was 13.

    But I had asked God for His guidance and it felt like He didn’t want me to go to the college, this was shown to be true. In school, I changed majors like many students sometimes do, and was two classes away from getting my bach in Psychology, but that too had to changed. As a housewife currently, I have the opportunity to write, and not only that but when God pushed me to start blogging on WordPress He opened doors to connect everything He has taught me, including guiding others. It’s like everything He has gifted me and planted seeds in me He has shown me how to do in writing, and I’m so thankful for it.

    It definitely isn’t what people think I should be doing. It sometimes stumbles me because I’m not making any money, at this time. But I also know fruit is growing and God is helping me get into the harvest and help other believers, the calling He’s given me.

    Praise Jesus! He truly does work for the good of those who trust in Him! I know all of this is part of His plan and He has continually provided. I’d rather go on His pace because what He plans will not break.

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    1. Wisdom in the eyes of God often looks like foolishness in man’s eyes. I love how you obeyed and now you can see how He is connecting the dots. As you stay in the place of obedience, He will continue to open doors that no man can shut for you. Regarding needs, God is the One who meets our needs. When we truly understand that our jobs and businesses cannot meet our needs, then we will be comfortable in doing what He has called us to do. He knows what you need and I am glad He is reassuring you of His providence daily. And I love your last line “I’d rather go on His pace because what He plans will not break.” Amen!!!

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    1. Great question. I believe we know by praying and paying attention to what gives us fulfilment. To help me explain I will share how I knew mine.
      From when I was young, I detest injustice in every form. And I always spoke out against it and not just speaking out, I find myself doing all I can to fight against it.
      Growing up in church, I didn’t have any elderly lady who I could speak to about everything. And I knew a lot of people like that. In my blog post titled “why I chose my blog name” I shared my struggles in church. I didn’t like the fact that there was no one people like me could go to freely for advise on issues I shared in that post.
      Secondly, despite me not having my life together, other girls always came to me for advice about life. I found even people older than me coming to me for advice.
      Where I work, non Christians are always asking me for advice as well. 90% of this questions are centred on relationships and brokenness.
      I am naturally an extrovert and I derive so much fulfilment and satisfaction from listening and advising people the way I can.
      I am also naturally good at keeping secrets.
      I love to talk to people and encourage them. All of these things have been in me even before I grew deeper in God.
      I prayed about my purpose and God began to show me that there was a reason why that void in church bothered me and God confirmed to me that that is the void He wants me to feel. That was the reason He brought it to my consciousness and laid it as a burden in my heart from that young age.
      He confirmed this to me in 3 dreams. So now I am walking in my purpose. I have a girls organisation called “The Pearls of Purity”.

      So you can pray and ask God and like I said before, pay attention to what you do that gives you most fulfilment. I don’t earn a penny from my organisation but I derive satisfaction from it more than anything else. As I started it, God began to open doors for me to speak with girls regarding this topic.

      I hope this long comment helps😊 but if you need more explanation let me know.


  5. bisimodupe1975

    Hello Efua, delighted to meet you. Thanks for following my blog. I enjoyed reading through this post. Great points here about doing what is right but not being where God wants you. God bless you. Hope to keep reading more of your posts.

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