Upcoming Series | The Beatitudes

Hey everyone! I’m super excited to let you know that I will be starting a new series called “The Beatitudes”. This scripture is one of those I learnt in my primary school days and just recited because I was made to without knowing what it truly meant. However as I started thinking and studying Matthew 5:3-12, I realised that there is so much depth to this sermon Jesus Christ gave Himself.

I’m happy to be sharing the hidden treasures I found in this scripture with you. Keep your eyes peeled!😬


10 thoughts on “Upcoming Series | The Beatitudes

  1. Yo! I know i am late to the party lol but i have spent the last 2 months sitting on the sermon on the mount and working slowly through the beatitudes, it has been life changing so I am looking forward to reading what you have shared with this stuff!.

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    1. Soooo late to the party😁😁
      How are you doing my bro? It’s been a long time. I personally need to revisit this series again because I think I need a reminder. It will be good to know what you think about the posts😊

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      1. Howdy, I am doing good thanks, it’s been an interesting year hasn’t it Efua? I think the biggest this for me this year has been the sermon on the mount/the beatitudes. I am thinking about blogging about it. I posted something recently. I am in no rush with the beatitudes as I am realising they must be deeply understood and not rushed through, I’m currently sitting with blessed are those that mourn. Crikey! Look forward to reading the rest of your series.

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      2. Good stuff! Yes this year has been one kind of year. I haven’t been interactive on here for a while because life has taken a different turn lately. But I sincerely miss the fellowship on here. I miss connecting with people and reading what God has laid on their hearts. I’m taking the remaining part of the year to settle into my new rhythm so I can be more present here.

        It will be great to read your beatitude series/posts if you go ahead with writing them. Please do let me know😊

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